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First: Thanks to linking to my X-Men Guide! I'm always happy when it can help other fans figure out what they need to know about X-books.

Second: TStarnes is doing a brilliant and difficult thing by cataloging things issue by issue, and I've definitely referred to his site many times!

Finally: My site does feature a Reading Order guide that goes from pre-X-Men #1 stories through the end of AvX. The key difference between it and many other reading orders is that it groups issues by story or arc, as I don't believe in splitting up stories and even single issues just to place a flashback or single panel appearance in the right place.

If you have suggestions on how to make it better or more useful, I'd love to hear them!

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I don't see the point in collecting monthly comics if continuity is increasingly going by the wayside. Then comics become a disposable distraction that you pick up occasionally if they look cool. While I know continuity can be a barrier to new readers, the lack of it dooms the industry to an even worse fate - irrelevance.

Consistent, reasonable, well-managed continuity sells more books than its absence.

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It's clearly Storm. She is unique, classic, and well-saturated across different forms of media.

She is followed by some combination of Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, and Mary Jane. None of the female Avengers are widely-known enough outside of their own comics to count, and Elektra's in-continuity footprint is too minor by comparison.
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This thread is made of win. You guys pointed out all sorts of stuff I've forgotten or missed - Longshot not knowing Spiral is Rita, Shatterstar being set up as a Cable-like baby, etc.
As to the title question, I'm of two minds. Dazzler and Longshot is another nostalgia coupling (a-hem, Rogue and Magneto), and I don't want to see it return just for the purpose of sending us all back to the 80s. On the other hand, if it meant that Peter David would borrow Dazzler from Uncanny, I'd be all for it (though, Kieron Gillen claims he wants to use her, and that intrigues me). 
Ultimately, the way David is writing Longshot I don't think I really need to see him in a relationship. I feel like it would be slightly repetitive of what he's doing with Shatterstar.

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I absolutely re-read! Sometimes I just love a story and want to experience it again, but recently I've found that I'm enjoying re-reading things after I get a better understanding of them - usually from reading more of the comics leading-up-to or resulting-from the graphic novel in question. Right now I'm re-reading X-Men Legacy all in one run, which makes some of the Professor X stuff much less confusing than it was the first time around.

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I was thinking Spiral was a non-human mutant, but it turns out she's just a genetically modified human. However, her creator - Arize - fits the bill! 

    Being a mutant of his kind, he was more humanoid - with actual hair, and even a fully developed spinal cord...
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@muhabba said:
" In the Joss Whedon run of Astonishing X-Men, it's revealed that Cyclops can't control his powers because of a psychological problem.  He's using the head injury as a excuse.  He's so uptight that he needs a psychological release of something he can't control.  That's his excuse. "
I was really happy with that retcon, because it's the best of both explanations. If Elixir (or anyone) healed Scott's physical brain damage, he wouldn't necessarily be able to shirk the psychological issue. Meanwhile, even if he completely eliminated the psychological issue, there would always be the threat of his physiological condition causing him to lose control. 
Ultimately, even the combination of Elixir and Emma can't cure Scott's need for control - it's intrinsic to his character. So no matter which way you approach it, the visor stays. 
Also, what Xerox-Kitty said ;)
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@Aqua11500 said:

Storm is THAT powerful.Any being that can destroy a planet, channel cosmic energies of million stars and planets,manipulate and adapt to any atmosphere,or even play with energy on molecular levels deserves to be classed as powerful.  

The only objection I'd make to this is that Storm's powers are written very much in context to their use. She's not like Jean or Rachel, casually reassembling the atoms of her clothes. We've seen her do big things, but it's when the situation calls for it and usually with great effort. If anything I think they overuse her in space adventures, where I'd expect her to be more hamstrung. I remember thinking it was really cool in X-Men #3 that she could barely wring a meager updraft out of the Earth's atmosphere to power the X-Men's stealth jet enough to get to Asteroid M!  
Lately I have been annoyed with how powered-up Emma Frost has become. I appreciate that she's matured as a character in the past three decades, and that merits growth in power. However, some of the psychic tricks she pulls are Xavier-level, plus she has diamond form! And, I believe they've referred to her recently as "Omega-Level," which was news to me.
My complaint might simply be a function of the modern X-writers simply being savvier about what to do with psychic characters. Back in her first arc in Uncanny she was flinging psi-bolts - effectively, fighting like everyone else with a energy discharge power. Now she's posed as an expert in laser-keen brain manipulation - and I dig that. I'd just like to see her rely on teamwork a bit more.
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@kingoftheworld said:

" @War Killer: I would have liked it had it been more like the last arc in Captain Britan and MI:13. but it just felt cheap. "

Quoted for truth. The Captain Britain Vampire State arc was an awesome page-turner. It got a little silly at points, but it drew on the histories of so many characters to weave together its narrative (including Blade - much better than X-Men did). I love comics like that!
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I dig the rare Spider-X mashup, but I'm sick to death of  Bachalo on X-books. He's got a very small wheelhouse of characters he does well and, despite his good moments, he really can't handle action or complex page layouts. It's all an utter mess.