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he is a Puertorican the hes name is Miguel Masters that grew up in an violent city, where he was taught to "to steal" and alone he learn to control himself, pacifist, and survive. he move to a apartment close to San Francisco and started to see hes cousins and they grow up together. Knightwolf-X rarely saw her Famaly and grew very detached from them. Soon after her 16th birthday, he when to a concer with hes 4 cousins and hes nephiuew. the concert was just a trap to young kid to kidnap them and experiment them. in Miguel the put wolfs parts in him and a core that was name chaotic core and to finish it up the put a sirum of inmortality. 2 yeah later Miguel escape from the lab uderground with hes 4 cousin and nephiuew but the did no change a bit it took the only 5 hours to find out there powers and to see that they are inmortals. they became greedy and ambition. they made a gang mob and after a time they became Godfathers of the mobs. trew the time Miguel saw the evil they where doing so miguel made a combat upon himself and the mobs and the mobs broke and ended. but there cousin where not please so hey started to become villians to concert the world like god they belive. but miguel became a knight of the night of the cities and so he became a hero name Knightwolf-X. and miguel felt bad so build a apartment for poor people and he find job and food all for them. made alot of friend and meet a man name Dick Grayson and a some other friend of him. and a beautiful girl name Rachel Roth.

he felt in love with her and she ignored him but trew time she got use to him and made a romance with him. and trew time she move with Miguel in the apartment.