My Dream Outsiders Team

What i believe to be the best pick for an Outsiders team

The series went off the rails after issue 25, but up until then it was only average at best.
And with the 52 reboot, it seems that it won't be returning which may be a good thing.
With given better creative vision i can see the Outsiders team being a really good book.  

-My idea-
By focusing on it as more of a Justice League without the scope it could make for a really interesting arc. Have the team solving small scale crimes that the Justice League assigns them in order to keep them out of the way. The are not young and inexperienced like Young Justice, but they are dangerous to be left to their own devices. They look up and see huge battles happening above the earth while they're done solving a gang problem. The scope is so small and that's what messes with them. They operate out of an apartment building in which they all live in a floor/single apartment (with comparison to the JL's satellite).  They would stay as a single unchanging team that would develop in a way that is needed, only changing the lineup in the event of a death. They talk to each other by their real Names, no secrets. The members are all siblings/equals. A team formed and funded by Batman, but not run by him, a team of newcomers and old-timers who are seen as people that need to be preoccupied in order to keep them out of trouble. A team that supports and respects one another even if they don't always get along.

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