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Posted by arrowfan237

I hope you don't mind, but I took a lot of these and put them on my list if that is okay. Please check it out.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

  awsome list
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

here is my list for marvel i think you missed a few but a i really like what you did:
1.  Mimic--lives with almost everyone on the list and can at any time use these powers to pay for anything he wants.  
2.  Magneto--control over all magnetism means he can pick up any metal he wants from anywhere in the world.
3.  Polaris--same as Magneto
4.  Metal Master--same
5.  Madison Jeffries--can make all sorts of metals.  Gets rich easily.
6.  Alchemy--same as Jeffries
7.  Ultron--hacks a bunch of bank accounts each day so money is never a problem.
8.  Bling--break off a chunk of her regenerative body and you have a superstrong diamond.  Ka-ching!
9.    Human Torch--can turn coal into diamond with his powers of heat.  Definatly rich       
others have potential but these guys  have it all.  :)

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I have a similiar list too. 
Though yours is multi-times better and cooler.
Posted by davefergie3

R. J. Brande lives 1000 years in the future and makes suns wouldn't he have like trillions of dollars cuz a inflation and he makes suns

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Very nice list you forgot the Penguin. though very nice list.

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What about Vandal Savage? The dude has spent some 40,000 years collecting treasures. How could he not be uber-rich..?

"Vandal Savage acts as the main villain for the animated film Justice League: Doom,during which he plots world domination by killing off half the world's population through the use of a solar flare. He ultimately forms the Legion of Doom consisting of Bane,Star Saphire, Mirror Master, Metallo,Cheetah and Ma'alefa'ak offering each 100 million dollars for each member of the Justice League they kill. To this end he modifies Batman's various contingency plans to become lethal and sets his team against the lead and although they get the best of the League they ultimately fail because of the intervention of the young hero Cyborg. The Legion is then defeated, by the efforts of Cyborg and Wonder Woman, and his plan to cull the world's population thwarted by the League using his own intangibility technology and the Hall of Doom itself."

Posted by Bad_People

Hey, Does Talia have to pay Bruce child support? Seems kind of pointless.