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Posted by lvenger

That's still more than I buy. Nice pull list. Though I'd suggest Action Comics instead of Superman if you're looking for a good Superman comic. The quality of Superman has really fallen through the roof. Morrison's doing a much better job on Action Comics IMO.

Posted by kingdomenic

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have been reading AC but I just decided to drop it. It's not really doing it for me. Superman isn't much better. I think I want to like those comics better than I actually do. But with my OCD I will probably end up buying AC again next issue. I have a hard time quitting.

Posted by lvenger

@kingdomenic: What is it you don't like about AC if you don't mind my asking? Admittedly Morrison isn't everyone's cup of tea but he's not going too over the top like he sometimes does IMO. And also can I ask what your thoughts are on the new TMNT series? I've just added it to my pull list but the issues haven't arrived yet. Suffice to say I'm very annoyed.

Posted by kingdomenic

I just find myself having more moments where I am confused than ones where I am wowed. I think it also has something to do with the fact that I would like to see someone do Superman a little more dark.I guess I am picky.

My thoughts on the turtles is that it is really cool. It does start off a little slow but I really like what they have done as far as explaining everyone's connection to each other. The micro-series add some good insight to each character and I would recommend them, although they are not necessary. I can understand you frustration. I had my guy order issues 2 and 3 for me and it took like 7 weeks. It was nice to have a bunch of issues backed up once I got those though.

Posted by lvenger

@kingdomenic: I see. Morrison's writing does tend to do that for some readers. Fair enough though I still don't feel Superman is better than AC.

Nice insight on the Turtles. My next order will probably come at the end of July so I imagine issue 10 or 11 or hopefully both will arrive with the rest of my pull list. I have some major catching up to do on the previous 10 issues though so that I understand what's going on when TMNT finally arrives.

Posted by fables87

Love Fatale!