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    220305 Post. That's crazy!
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    King Saturn I have spent hours writing not just a list of superpowers but list with a history of the superpower can you spread the word? https://foxhugh.com/2016/04/05/superpower-list-250/
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    Happy new year, friend. Hope this new year gives you the strength to rewrite the story of your life the way you want it to be =)
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    Inactive user.
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    Are you single or taken? I'm single
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    Hey dude, what do you think about MGS V?
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    Glad to see you back.
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    I have one thing to ask how fast superman and thor can fly faster however superman body he faster and other hand thor does not have body flight ability he use his magic hammer made him fly fast
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    Deep within the wall of time a creed shall thus be born
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    @Ferdan Why not?
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    whats with the porn sluts as avatars
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    After my doom runs a gauntlet thread i believe doom one shots SF verse a billion of times

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    I mostly get most of my issues in TPB unless it's overpriced and I only buy digital comics if they are firsts or exclusives.

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    @comicsrulebutdbzdoes2: 0_0 really?

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    @lunaticredeyes: I don't think he was that adept but I pretty certain he (at one point) buffed up with power by striking a deal with mephisto. most notable feat that comes to mind is the secret wars

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    @zaniel:"Oy, bruv! You see 'at weird little fing?""Wot the piss're you on about, mate?""Dat little f***in' shadow, ya didn't see it?""No, you right git, I didn't see nuffin'!"Exiting the London pub, ...

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    ZA WARUDO GGif dio cant freeze time before gil gets close gil Godstomp

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