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120119 Corey Taylor Person Overview Put in year of birth changed his gender from N/A to male and I added a image so if you could put it as his thing instead of that weird default. 06/22/13 09:27AM 3 Approved
48380 Constantine Drakon Character Overview Changed a grammar mistake. 05/04/13 06:49PM 1 Approved
24653 Fistpoint Character Overview Changed her to he since it's a dude and it makes absolutely no sense the way it was written. 04/16/13 06:11PM 1 Approved
24580 Leslie Thompkins Character Overview So Sorry in my last submission I added the wrong Azrael to the friends tab fixed it this time around. 04/16/13 04:56PM 5 Approved
24479 Leslie Thompkins Character Overview She was a mentor of sorts to Azrael in no mans land so he was added under the friends thingy. 04/16/13 02:30PM 3 Approved
23414 Graymalkin Industries Location Overview A small edit just added a "s" to avenger to make Dark Avengers opposed to Dark Avenger. 04/15/13 05:49PM 1 Approved