Comics I`d like to make for DC, but shouldn`t. Part 1.

Hopefully wont. Unless they decide to act more kindly. Which isn`t gonna happen.

So, my previous post was about me telling what comics I`d want to make for MARVEL. But wont, because they wouldn`t be fair to me. And haven`t been, with other creators, either. Same for DC. But, these are the comics I`d wanna make, starring their characters.

Obviously, doesn`t happen in the "New" 52.

DC 80-page giants.

A 80-issue limited series. Each ish, 80 pages. Depending in for how many issues would be published in a year, I could draw all the pencil art myself. But, I would probably let others make stories for this too.

Issue 1: Gotham is the narrator in this story, which follows a few peoples lifes in Gotham city, for one night. Also has every hero operating in Gotham city, and a few villains in chameo roles.

Issue 2: Bulleteer has a few adventures.

Issue 3: Deadman fights against Gentleman ghost. Etrigan the demon does something else. And so does Spectre. And Phantom Stranger.

Issue 4: Manhattan- and Golden guardian team up to fight against a new menace who can control urban legends.

Issue 5: Worlds finest`s. Takes a new outlook on the duo formed by Batman and superman, and why it`s not their sole right to be its only members. Also has heroes like Booster gold, Captain Marvel/Billy Batson, Wonder woman, Bulleteer, Steel, Batwing and many others.

Issue 6: Various super pets fight against Ultra humanite and Gorilla Grodd.

Issue 7: The current seven soldiers of victory (Zatanna, Manhattan guardian, Klarion, Shining knight, Bulleteer, Frankenstein and Mr. Miracle III/Shilo Norman) save an entire city from complete destruction, separately, without even knowing that they`ve worked together.

Issues 8-9: Metal men fight against Brainiac with other robot heroes. Also has other robot villains.

Issue 10: Plastic man, woozy Winks, Iris and Elongegated man team up, to fight against Funky Flashman and Clayface. Depending in whether EM is alive or not, this is either an untold story or happens in the present.

Issues 11-15: Shilo Norman escapes from traps you never expected him to escape from. Also has Master jailer and Darkseid as antagonists.

Issue 16: Wonder woman!

Issue 17: Krona vs. Metron! An untold story, that happened billions of years ago.

Issue 18: A DC/MARVEL-crossover. Don`t know what characters to use.

Issues 19-20: Hawk and Dove!

Issues 21-22: Mind-grabber-kid/-man wants to become a big shot superhero.

Issue 23: GL-corps vs. Solaris, the most evil sentient sun ever!

Issue 24: Martian Manhunter as a secret investigator. Metamorpho vs. Dr. Alchemy. The first Vigilante vs. a strange menace.

Issue 25: The Rogues have an ordinary week.

Issue 26-27: JLAs all over the world vs. a gigantintinormous threat.

Issue 28: Vigilantes 1 and 2 and Jonah Hex in a decades crossing, interconnecting adventure.

Issue 29-30: Bulleteer saves the world.

Issues 31-33: Steel, Mr. Miracle III, Tammy Fox, Manhattan guardian, John Stewart, Vixen, Cyborg, Vykin the black, Crimson avenger II, 4-D, Bumblebee and other black heroes vs. Black manta, some skinheads, resurrected Blue Ice and Harvey Dent of universe...I don`t remember what one. But, he`s that Harvey who is SUPERpowerful and pretty evil.

Issue 34: Hawk and Dove! Again!

Issues 35-37: The Megaheroes from JLA issue had a little (from their point of view) adventure 500,000 years ago. In these issues, it`s shared.

Issues 38-41: More DC/MARVEL-crossovers!

Issue 42: A JSA adventure.


Gonna be concluded some other time.