A few words about All-Negro comics # 1...

...and a few things linked to it.

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Year was 1947, and racism was common (much like it is today, but not as much, hopefully). Black/brown skinned people (or African Americans, because it sounds a bit more fitting) sick of it. Suprising, isn`t it?

That`s why a bunch of them, who also happened to make comics, decided to fix some kind of an antidote to it. Or maybe they didn`t think it like that. Maybe they simply wanted to have black comic characters.

The product was this. The world famous first ish of All-Negro comics, which started up a series that lasted for 223 issues, before its cancellation. The series that influenced thousands of other series like it, that easily outsold all kinds of DC-and MARVEL-books, and continue to do so today.

But that, of course, happened in a different universe. In this one though, the series was cancelled after the first issue. You can guess why*...

The stories for the second one were already made, and one can wonder where they are hidden. That is, if one doesn`t know.

I really wish that they could`ve gotten the chance to make more.

But anyway, as for the first issue and its stories, parts of (almost) all of them can be seen on Digital comic museum, if you`re interested. And you should be interested. The stories in that one are pretty good (there`s also a few gag strips on one page), and radiate that 40`s "what the hell"-energy, that can be associated with the most entertaining ones of them.

You can view 16 pages of it, and 12 of them are comics. Because that`s all that seems to have had been found for the site.

The characters aren`t all that original, but if you like archetypes, they`re worth a look.

I especially like the water pixies, because they remind me of African folk tales. I haven`t heard or read many, but because I`m fascinated with folk tales in general, they interest me.

But, how should I conclude this? I have no idea of what would be most fitting.

I could end in to a sour not,e about the most visible American comics still being filled with mostly white protagonists, even if there`s more than one nationality living there. But that`s an old subject and also a bit irritating. Or really irritating.

I could also tell you to buy and/or read more comics by African-Americans. But that sounds like as if their lives would still be as difficult as they use to be, and for most, that`s not true. Or is it? Nah, a stupid question

Maybe I could simply write:

So, a comic like this exists. And if you didn`t know that before reading this post, you do now.

*The answer is, of course, because everyone of those creators were hijacked by 10 aliens that looked like oranges.

PS. All the characters in the comic are (supposedly) in public domain nowadays. So, maybe they shall resurface some day. Maybe I shall be the one to make them resurface, even if I`m not a negro myself. As you can probably already note from the text itself, which is obviously written by a scrawny white kid.


Link to the comic site.

Digital Comics Museum.