help me powers

DANG all the good super hero powers are taken at least the kind that make sence im tring to create my own super hero but i just cant figure a good power for him that hasn't all ready been done and redone a thousand times before if you guys can think of any post a coment please :) i NEED help


should marvel give Storm her props... and give her her own movie?

           Yes i belive that storm SHOULD get her own movie, becuase storm is the first black  superhero to appare in an xmen comic. i am mad they didnt cast a better actor than holly berry (no offence holly but you didn't exactly show storm. Your proformance didnt show the motherly, sexy, african american tht she really is) they should have picked some one like beyonce or tyra banks. Then blew her off, didnt give her any camra time. the whole xmen trilogy was based all around wolverine. like Wind rider1622 said "wolverine should not have been the focus in all 3 movies... they work as a family, as a team.... not as a group following the outcast... wolverine was always portrayed as the side lapdog.. that wanted to disobey orders or... wanted to slash first talk later, but he never LED why does he in movies... " so i belive storm should get her own movie it should start off when she is born in africa and a plan crashed into her house, killing her parents and her getting her mothers ruby. it should have her growing up on the streets of africa becoming a pick poketer and thief. This movie should have either beyonce or tyra banks as storm. this movie should be jammed packed with lightning bolts flying and tornatos, this movie should incude her living in a trib and being worshiped as a goddes of rain. and finnaly this movie should have storms realationship between T'chilla(black panther), and hopefuly lead up to a black panther movie thats thrie talking about making!.....................................................feel free to comment
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