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Kayle Aurorez sat in the escape pod trimming and modifying one of the flight suits to be more to her taste. She'd recently lost most her guns and tech from a fight that was arguably far outside her range. Kayle was just a bullet conjuring pirate with a series of unique guns from her own inventive mind. Perhaps then she shouldn't cross paths with the likes of the Destructor. Trinity Blue had shown the capacity to tank some of the most volatile of weapons. Still through skill and luck Kayle had survived the encounter her one that was a near light speed attack that bombarded the body with forces almost escaping comprehension.

Covering her violet skin and tatted figure the princess of piracy set about fixing the weapons she still had. The Rasputen and Hammer were safe of course do to being made of a durable sort do to what they had to fire. Through a mixing of parts Kayle was also able to repair the Aces, wrist holstered pistols. It was a farcry from a full ensemble but it'd do. And content with her situation she strapped in preparing for the inevitable impact.

The earth rocked and vermillion sand shot into the sky as the escape pod landed on the outskirts of an empire. Climbing from the wreckage the siren found herself greeted by the sun and barren landscape that was Mars. At least it was a recognizable world in the distance though she could tell it wasn't to be a hospitable one. Knowing there was but one survivor from the wreckage a pack of Viddea began to race her way thinking an easy meal was coming their way. A frustrated sigh escaped the bounty hunter as she brought Aces up to bare.

(Wanted to do more but settled for an intro sense I've only got so much time before other things to do)

Viddea Andrast

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To many ideas never enough time

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@_drake: does sound like it was cool, but not much I can do to change missing it lol

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@daughter_of_nordok: @trinity-blue:

Shields were a great thing but they only went so far, taking an antimatter charge was well beyond their limit. And if it had been a direct hit as opposed to hitting a crate it was likely to have led to a far more grievous result. Still standing though and noticing the acidic residue of her last round was about as useful as everything else Kayle dropped the gun. It's sling keeping it near by as the siren went for her next choice. With her left hand she gripped Glacier and with her right she took hold of a pair of nanite grenades. And with these in hand the siren looked to close the distance, but she wasn't met by anything she could prepare for.

Her one saving grace was that the move was a clap and not say a punch, as the mass of such a blow would have left nothing in its wake. A direct blow generated a force so incredible it could shake atoms apart. Even without physical contact though the ferocity of the clap generated the kind of energies that were hard to fathom. It made thermonuclear weaponry recorded look minuscule by comparison, generated heat that surpassed stars at their hottest points. It was a motion that could leave a kilometer wide crater and Kayle was forced to endure it.

Armor was blown apart mixes of silver violet and obsidian attire scattered and then faded away into its most base components. Acidic explosive and incindiary ammunition was detonated and dissipated in little more then a millisecond rainbow of discoloration. Grenades blew up in small secondary exsplosions juggling the siren in the blinding light. Flesh teared like wet tissue and muscle peeled away, showcasing boiling blood and splintering bone. That was untill the icy shotgun and nanites detonated alongside the previously shoulder mounted Vamps. It worked as a counter acting trinity of life support.

As the shotguns ammo was set off it looked to freeze the area but without a means of direction it was radial. It instead of heading to a target looked to encompass its imediate area in ice. Frozen within this tomb allowed the Vamps to go off in a controlled environment looking to heal what was within the ice. Meanwhile the nanites used to devouring materials were instead met first by revitalizing energy. Thus leading the machines to take on a medicinal component. The ice would melt at a rapid pace as well given the force it was subjugated to, within that time though was all Kayle needed.

Luck had been on her side and instead of being dead she was only knocked out of the fight. Near an escape pod the siren strained to grab the two guns fortunate to survive and throw them into the pod. Her hands cooked by just touching them pain only tolerable because most pain receptors were as fried as her palms. Her exsposed figure bloodied and broken to a point of near of being unrecognizable continued to function. Strictly do to the silver that flowed over her in vital places, a fist strikes the panel and the escape pod rockets away. Kayle Aurorez known as one of the most wanted and luck imbued pirates managing an escape. Likely to use her tale of loss as instead a bloated tale to enchant alluring aliens. Because she was to damn proud to say she'd gotten her ass handed to her.

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@daughter_of_nordok: @trinity-blue:

The sound of an incredibly fast Destructor was surprisingly small thanks to the cloaking gear. More a howl of wind, that might of gone unnoticed in a different situation. The only other high octane sounds though was the zapping hum of Noir. In addition to keep up with the movement the stealth tech gave off a blur one the pirate could follow. To tight of an engagement to run from it appeared Trinity moved instead for a surprise attack. She was fast, but more by flight then combat it appeared. Still her speed and strength could be an issue if tactical enough.

"Easier to fix a ship then your face if she mucks it up." The siren remarked in retort to the authoritarian child of an emperor. Already jumping up a series of crates the siren wouldn't be pegged by any thrown people. However as soon as she'd gotten to position she was knocked aside. The shot wasn't clean hitting crate rather then her. But the explosive force was still relatively point blank. Imediately shields were gone and the cobalt skinned siren was flung onto a scaffolding. Her shields imediate reaction to depletion was wasted given the range, and the Hammer returned to Kayle's back. The fight was however not over and instantly the siren had grabbed a different gun. Three to be exact would come into play.

Looking down the iron sights of a gun emitting neon light Kayle squeezed the trigger of Slick. The sub machine gun spit forth a stream of emerald plasma of a bubbling like texture. The plasma hit rather weak in kinetic impact or heated collision instead the boiling fluid splattered almost more like a paint ball then it's energy apearence. From this lime hued energy came a corrosive compound designed to eat away at the hull of space craft or advanced vault doors. In collaboration with the corrosive plasma moving at three thousand miles per hour at a similar speed came violet plasma. The shoulder mounted guns known as Vamp shot an energy that looked to leach life. This stolen vitality would then be sent to Kayle if it was effective, an act that'd likely boost her shields seeing how she was still in good shape.

(Bit rusty on using her but damn did I miss the tech gun play set ^.^)

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@daughter_of_nordok: @trinity-blue:

In trade mark fashion of the powerful possibilities of the universes finest the opposition still stood. Despite a bombardment hard to rival force fields haulted the volatile attacks. Wounding as they might be the mark wasn't exactly reduced to nothing. Anti matter met matter and exploded violently leaving nothing in its place but Trinity still stood. And while the frustrating fairy of gunfire chuckled a glare of annoyance marked Kayle's face. Even her F.A.K.K grenades while effective were not leaving a husk deprived of all vitamins and nutrients.

And then came a stealth unit, quiet enough to resist sonar. Balanced temperature or at least simulating it so as to ignore things like infrared. The Arsenal queen flipped through a variety of visual spectrums and found no existing target. Rather then give time to get away or wait however she went for another gun. Patience wasn't particularly her game of choice. The Hammer fell onto her slender shoulder its barrel briefly humming before it roared to life.

A black sphere raced to where Trinity had been, and then in a spiral of beautiful oblivion came to life. A temporary gravity well opened looking to draw in the target exstensive gravitational forces looking to crumple and tear apart whatever fell within the radius. After a brief vortex of a gravitational nightmare the anti material charge would go off. The weapon intended more for going against ships then humanoid targets. Kayle wanted to get the job done and go back to recieving payment and getting high.

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To many ideas/wants but only so much time to commit

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@trinity-blue: @daughter_of_nordok:

Plenty of impacts, a cachophony of roars from ammunition that most worlds would outlaw. A couple misses leaving craters in thick plating of the ship. Hopefully nobody would jump down her throat to heavily. As bullets found a home though an attack came that couldn't be seen. A bullet stopped at the end of the barrel. But Kayle she was the princess of bullets a gun themed queen, she didn't have weapons she had children. And she knew them, when they screamed and spat led, and when they slept in a holster. She knew when they were sick, be it jammed or over heated. The gun hadn't kicked like it should, and so she tossed it into the air. Thankfully she need not risk the gun integrity.

Noir had caught the gun using her unique gear to send the gun back in time to before the round was jammed. And as the gun was sent back it snapped to its holster back where it belong. Of course in combat there was no time to wait for such things. Paying no mind rather Kayle went for grenades on her belt. She retrieved a pair of F.A.K.Ks. Tossing them like wicked curve balls to either side the pirate hoped to encompass the mark in the radius. Two clouds of a hazy yellow substance.

But what was a F.A.K.K grenade? It was a small sphere that burst into a cloud of about three yards in radius. It's components functioned like chemical leaches, seeking to take a series of components from that which was in the radius. It's target was things like calcium, magnesium, fiber, vitamins, sycroplasm and so on. Usually a skeletal husk of being was left of those impacted.

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@trinity-blue: @daughter_of_nordok:

"I was trying to streamline my gear. Looking over the report the mark is above my armaments." Kayle remarked over the comm as she walked down the hall. She'd heard what was said by the destructor and so the pirate princess told a bit of a lie. One most would find hard to read given it was mostly true. And as the number named commander lost her shit barking orders and doing commando things Kayle strutted.

Sounds of chaos filled the hanger a theatric intro by the woman in a heroic choice of clothing. A bit of rocking could be felt through the ship and the pirate undid a sucker of crystallized materials. Her narcotic substance savored in her nonchalant stride as she removed a bulky underslung revolver. Spinning the cylinder playfully Rez reached the doorway which of course hissed open, and slightly groaned from damaged gears. "This is Rasputen, and I'm Kayle. We both say hello."

Striking the trigger with rapid succession the bulky revolver barked looking to plant bullets in the pretty face of the bounty. Each bullet moving at three thousand miles per hour outclassing that of most fire arms Kayle hoped it would be enough to land a hit. Each bullet of course was a distinquished sort when it came to Kayle's arsenal. For Rasputen the ammunition had the blast radius of a grenade, it's explosion containable but the nature of it grievous. Through the technology of the space faring universe each bullet exploded as a nuclear bomb. Allowing the pirating bullet princess to drop A-bombs on a bounty in unfair gunplay.

(Not my best still gota do Noir's bio to, I'd feel dirty using her minus one, but I didn't want to hold things up <3)

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To be fair I would off my alt lol. She ain't easy to kill, but someone who's anger equals reckless light speed moves is kind of an issue xP