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Sierra is all yours. I'd say the teams would probably be easier to write if we limited it to teams of like 4 to 6 and I'd assume all the teams would have a military commander to keep tabs since its ran by the Marines.

@tommythehitman this was meant for you but I forgot to @reply.

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@cbishop: Its a full reboot, I'm using the original as a loose outline but this is pretty much an Ultimate Universe type thing (Only without the whole everyone is a sociopath credo Marvel went with.)

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Bump in hopes that someone takes interest.

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@koays said:

Character I hated and grew to like- Bishop/Cable. Does anybody remember X-Men: TAS where Bishop showed up and started blaming the X-Men for screwing stuff up in his future? Remember when Cable showed up and did the same? Remember how they were both wrong, but disappeared forever afterwards?

Jeez I hated them....and Bishop even more because when I started reading comics he was pretty much doing the same thing. Blaming Emma Frost and the Angel Salvadore for things they didnt do.

Cable I got over because he had a interesting backstory, Bishop took ALOT of reading.

Character I liked that I grew to hate- Beast. Use to be in my top 10 X-Men....nowadays I'm convinced that the dude could shoot a puppy in front of the X-Men and no one would care. Hell they probably wouldn't even wipe the guts off the floor.

Uncanny 600 just made it worst because they basically said-

"Hey Beast you may have a problem"

Beast- "Pfft, bump that I'm going to live with the Inhumans...screw consequences"

"Aww man"


Thought Claremont was this awesome guy who I had to read for the crazy hype when I realized he was writing Uncanny (mid 400s) and X-Treme X-Men (which i thought was eh). Then I heard about X-Men Forever finishing his original run.....myself an Claremont no longer see eye to eye.

I thought Fraction was gonna suck horribly before he started....and while as a monthly it was pretty hard to sit through, his run is my single guilty pleasure within X-Men.

Considering how bad the X-Men have treated Beast over the years, I find it confusing that people are mad or even surprised that Beast has gone against them. He's a founding member of the group, yet he's always been treated like a red headed step child. He's always the one the rest of the team s**ts on with the only vague justification being that he tried to become human one time back in the 70s, which he paid for by getting further mutated. He cured the damned Legacy virus and no one ever even gave him a proper thank you.

People should be far more shocked he hasn't gone full Dark Beast on the X-Men.

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Okay, a while back I started a fic group set in an original universe called Splicers. Its set in the future and the basic premise is that in 2013 a pharmaceutical company called Nexus came up with a process that allowed people to basically customize their children and due to some shady dealings they managed to turn it into a world wide fad leading to millions of children being born under the treatment.

Once these children hit puberty an "Unintended" side effect appeared. The children began to develop super human abilities which terrified the general population and led to these people being persecuted and relegated to second class citizens.

Our story begins around 2038, the persecution of what came to be known as Splicers has led to a massive surge of super powered criminals. In an effort to combat this the government charged the Marine corps with assembling the Trans Human Task Force in order to police the Splicers with their own kind.


Task Force teams

There are 26 teams, each named from the military phonetic alphabet.

Phonetic Alphabet

Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

(I have dibs on Foxtrot)


General Info

All splicers are peek human and immune to several diseases such as Cancer and Aids (One of the selling points that helped make the process successful when created.)

People spliced with animal DNA do exist but they are much more rare than those with simple enhancements.

A very small percentage of the population (I'm talking like one or 2 in a billion) have powers despite not being spliced. These people were the inspiration for the process and in this world were responsible for a great deal of our ancient mythology.

For the purposes of simplicity, there is no magic involved here and no aliens (At least not now, if we can figure out something good later, the door is open but for now its Earth bound.)

If you're interested in writing for this project let me know here.

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@silkyballfro94: I literally just heard about this less than an hour ago. I have no idea how I missed this.

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I just came across a rumor that Nathan Fillion will be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as Wonder Man. If true this is the most amazing thing I've heard all week.

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Chihuahuas are way worse. I'd rather be mauled by a pit than listen to those yappy bastards.

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@bruxae said:

No they don't. They get their muscle from living life - some animals can produce more chemicals (forgot the name) to naturally increase in mass if under stressful conditions. Ever had a cat and then brought a dog into the home? I swear they turn into mini hulks for a while, at least some of them do.

@dshipp17 said:

Actually, yes they do, at least in some cases; look at documentaries on Animal Planet such as Big Cat Diary; that's what lions are doing, when they claw on trees. And, in the case of chimps and orangutans, they spar with one another (and, they climb trees all day in various positions of amazing dexterity) and they're at least 5 times more powerful than the strongest humans.

That's not working out it's practice fighting. And sharpening claws in the case of the lion.

Unless you consider a nail file gym equipment the tree thing doesn't really count.

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They don't really need to given that in the wild your options tend to be chasing down prey or running for your life.