Splicers: The Corps Chapter 18

continued from here chapter 17

Little Odessa Vodka Bar, VIP room New York

Emil Rossini sits at a table with a drink as Ivan enters. He looks around and orders to all in the room, "Out, now."

Rossini looks slightly amused as people march out in a line. Rossini then looks to his body guards, "You should do as he says, I'll be fine."

Ivan stands looking down on Rossini, "I am fine with taking your orders, and I am appreciative of your assistance in gaining my current position but I must protest your decision to keep Kirby breathing."

Rossini shrugged, "Protest noted, though to be honest considering how much you hate him I assumed you'd like the idea of him living out the rest of his life in a test tube."

"I gave him my word, I would kill him."

Rossini chuckled, "Your pride is not my problem, he's an anomaly that needs to be studied. You be a good little dog and I'll keep throwing you bones but Kirby is going to my lab."

The insult enraged Ivan who moved to grab Rossini but he fell over in pain as Rossini rose, "You think I'd be dumb enough to build a race of super humans without a personal insurance policy. Every single child that was spliced is given a small genetic marker that prevents them from harming the source of a specific pheromone that's only produced by myself and my brother. A side effect of what the Nazis did to us, if you had actually touched me with hostile intent you would have died."


Nexus HQ rooftop

Emerson and Hollis stood on the edge of the roof with rope hooked to them. Hollis turned to Emerson, "Its five floors down, if we get separated its connected to Rossini's office but you can get in from the elevator shaft."

Emerson nodded, "Any idea how many guards?"

"Ten in the building total, the real problem is the automated system."

Emerson sighed, "So trip an alarm, take a bullet from a robot?"

"Pretty much, time to go."


Rob sits in a tree in Central park as Ellis comms in, "Rossini just left the Vodka Bar"

Rob hit his comm, "Keep a tail on him, and try not to get caught."

Kirby then chimes in, "How exactly did I become bait?"

Rob chuckled, "Rossini told Drake he wants you alive, means Ivan's out so Krol is the next most likely candidate to catch you."

Kirby shrugged, "He wanted you alive as well."

"You're easier to spot."

As Kirby walked a man raised a gun on him, "Gimme the wallet."

Kirby slapped the gun away, "Get the hell outta my way."

The mugger looked stunned when he got a full view of his intended victim, "Umm, hey man, it was just a prank. Seriously, sorry. Have a nice night."

Kirby stomped on the gun smashing it as the mugger ran off, "I hate this damn city."

From the trees Sergei stalks the blue man, "He hadn't arrived in time to hear the conversation over the comm but suspected Kirby wasn't alone so he watched to see if he met up with anyone. He watched for nearly 20 minutes before dropping to the ground and crept up to him.

Just as he readied the power inhibitor he heard Rob on the comm, "He's right behind you."

Sergei then leaped at Kirby to get the restraint on him but was caught by the throat. Kirby then grabbed the inhibitor, "Well, you're only the second ugliest thing I've seen tonight."

He then tried to put it on Sergei but he kicked the inhibitor out of Kirby's hand and punched him in the face. Kirby's head moved slightly, "Impressive, I actually felt that."

He then drove a fist into Krol's gut and dropped him, "If you run, you'll get shot down. It'd be easier on the both of us if you stay down." Sergei growled before leaping to his feet with his claws bared and slashed across Kirby's chest. He was shocked that he was actually cut and returned the favor by kicking Sergei hard in the face sending him back through a tree.

Sergei charged back at Kirby enraged. Kirby ran to meet him swung to hit him in the face but Sergei managed to dodge barely allowing Kirby only a glancing blow that cracked his cheek bone.

He then jammed his claws into Kirby's arm attempting to nick a vein to weaken the big man. Kirby grabbed his hand and crushed it, "I have just about enough of this sh*t."

He then slammed his fist into Sergei's face knocking him out and clapping the power inhibitor on him. He then hit his comm, "Got him."

Rob then hit his comm calling the New York division of the THTF, "We have the man who murdered General Frank Monroe, you want credit for the arrest then I suggest you get down to central park."


Nexus HQ

Hollis and Emerson stand in the Helen Keller room planting the listening devises. Hollis looked over, "That should just about do it."

Ellis then called them on his comm, " Rossini just walked into the lobby."

Emerson looked to Hollis, "This was too easy."

A large screen then activated with Rossini's face on it, "I'd appreciate it if you don't run around too much, I have a lot of very nice things in my office and wouldn't like bullet holes in them."

Hollis watched as the listening devises crawled off like insects to find better hiding places. The two raised their hands in surrender.

A few minutes later at street level Ellis commed Rob, "Hollis and Ellis just got loaded into a van, how's your part going?"

Rob replied, "Krol is in custody, head to rendezvous point and we'll follow them together."

Kirby looked down on Rob, "How's getting two of our team captured going to help?"

"It'll make sense soon."

(To be continued)