Splicers: Prologue, Playing God


A pharmaceutical company called Nexus developed a new process for genetic engineering that was both effective and no more expensive than a regular check up. Due to the inexpensive nature they even managed to convince insurance companies to cover it. They promised the ability to make perfect children. Stronger, faster, smarter. They promised a completely customized children.

Many complained about the suspiciously speedy approval by the FDA but by then it had become trendy. Millions of parents worldwide flocked to Nexus clinics to have their unborn children upgraded for over a decade. Eventually the trend faded, the children born from it were for the most part exactly as promised and people started to just see it as another passing fad until the oldest of these children began entering puberty.

It started small, a 12 year old boy in Texas made headlines by breaking a land speed record on foot. A month later a 14 year old girl in Germany shocked her family by lifting a truck above her head. At first people marveled at these children but as the stories began to become common and wide spread people started to get scared. This fear quickly turned these upgraded children into outcasts, in some cases even the parents of these children turned on them.

The government began to pass restrictions, splicers as the children had come to be called were now forbidden to join in sports with the so called normal children. They were forced into segregation, and denied government aid. There was even serious discussion among politicians about having them declared non human.

As these children became adults anger and resentment toward what they called the Norms began to grow as colleges and employers refused splicer applicants condemning most to poverty and the most menial of jobs. Crime as it turns out is an equal opportunity employer. As the rate of splicer crime increased it became obvious that normal police were incapable of handling them.

After much debate the federal government came to the conclusion that the only way to bring these super humans under control was to form an organization to police them made up of their own kind. The Trans human task force was formed and a nation wide recruitment drive was initiated.