Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed part 21

Doomstadt, New Latveria

7 stands looking at Carol Danvers on a throne, "He's there because he was helping save the world and you can't spare a damned transport?"

She glares down on the Creed, "I'm in no hurry to start another war, my people are telling me The Supreme Commander has quadrupled security at the cannon. There's no way to get in or out and quite frankly i can't risk it."

7 lets a low growl slip out causing a few of the guards to tighten their grips on their weapons. Carol sighs, "I'll do what I can to get you back to North America but after that your on your own."

David chimed in, "You know I'm coming."

The Shield logo disappeared from his suit as he spoke, "Gotta go check in with the family anyway."

Later as David and 7 gathered supplies Molly approached, "I know you're angry but Danvers has a whole country to think of now, I got a glimpse into her mind and trust me she wants more than anything to bring the fight to the Iron Army."

7 looked to her, "I assume you're staying? David told me you've been spending a lot of time with Fry."

She gave David a stern look before continuing, "Its not your business who I stay with, little brother."

That got a chuckle from David. 7 looked over to him and shook his head, "Just remind the little runt he owes me a rematch."

They then grabbed up their packs and headed for their ride.

Les Mattes, France 3 days later

7 and David had been dropped off and told to make their way to the shore. As they walked on 7 heard a familiar voice. A woman calling her self Colette was talking to a man about a job. 7 shook his head at the sight of Raven working another con. David walked up to 7, he looked up and instinctively 7 blurted out,"No."

David looked confused,"What?...Oh crap its her."

7 pushed David in the opposite direction, "We are not getting involved in that we have more important matters...."

"Oh god its you."

7 let out a frustrated sigh as David waved to Raven as she approached, "Not this time boys, I have a sweet deal going and you're staying the hell out of it."

7 nodded, "For once we agree, we're just passing through."

David cut in, "Hold on a second."

7 rolled his eyes, "We don't have time, I'm sure whatever she's doing will work itself...."

David hushed him, "I'm just curious."

Raven looked him over, "Okay, something's up with you two. Where are you headed?"

David replied, "We're heading back to America to get our friend out of a jam."

She narrowed her eyes, "What kind of jam?"

7 shot David a hard look,"None of your business."

David glared back, "We could use her on this, a master thief would be very useful."

Raven interrupted, "Useful for what?"

David answered, "In getting past the security at the Bifrost Cannon."

She to 7 and back to David in disbelief, "Goodbye."

7 then noticed the man she'd been speaking to came back with a few Iron soldiers, "We should go, now."

Raven looked back and saw the soldiers, "Crap." As she turned she noticed 7 and David were nearly out of site already. She quickly changed her hair color and skin tone and ran after them.

(To be continued)