Marvel: A.E. part 5

continued from here part 4

Ark 13, day after Earth Fall

Morbius looks into a recording device, "Warden's Log first entry, we barely escaped the onslaught. The Ark launched just as Colorado started to shatter. The ship took minimal damage all cells still secure."


2 A.E.

Morbius looks bored as he looks into the camera, "Warden's log entry 500, cells still secure, supplies of cloned blood still abundant. Still floating in space, to pass the time I've been watching the library of films archived on the computer. I stumbled across some tripe about vampires that sparkle in the sun, a magnificent comedy if that was the intention."


5 A.E.

Morbius stares into the camera agitated, "Warden's log 702, We finally landed on the surface of Mars. Had a bit of a rough landing to to several meteor strikes. We seem to be jammed into a rock formation barring any access to the outer doors and two cells were ruptured but the occupants are still secure inside."


16 A.E.

Morbius holds his hands over his ears as the sounds of blood curdling roars and fists slamming against metal ring out, "Baron Blood and Blood Scream still frantically attempt to get in my quarters. They smell the cloned blood and their hunger has long since drove them mad."


90 A.E.

The Camera rolls as scheduled as Morbius sits clutching a pack of cloned blood with a wild look in his eyes, "They finally broke in, they took it all but this. I saved it just for me. Now they want my controller to release some prey. I won't give it."


91 A.E.

Morbius sits silently on the floor rocking back and forth clutching an empty blood bag and eyeing the remote in his hand muttering, "Just a few, just the bad ones, tide me over till help comes. No, no I am in control."

Ark hall

Morbius stands before a cell block holding the remote as the other two drop down behind intending to take it. He turns to them, "I will release several at random when the need is great, if you catch them before me so be it."

Enough clarity remained in them to understand and they pulled back into the shadows as Morbius hit the button to open the cells.



As the group walks Janet looks to Gargan, "How do you know what's happening? You can't have been out long."

Mac nodded, "Been out a couple days, but Mad Thinker managed to avoid them for a couple years. He helped my first night out he showed me his hiding spot and told me bout what they do. The Baron stumbled into the place and Thinker was just too slow."

Further back Pike and Jack flanked Sabertooth who remained in shackles. He looked back to Marcus, "Hey, what are the odds on me getting a gun?"

Marcus glared, "I can give you some bullets."

Sabertooth chuckled, "Even sounds like the runt."

The group went silent at the sound of someone passing and sniffing the air. As they all sat crouched down Marcus noticed one of Creed's shackle cuffs was dangling free. He looked up and saw Creed grinning as he moved behind Gargan. Before Marcus could react Sabertooth shoved Gargan out of their hiding spot. The Baron and Blood Scream both went to pounce but Sabertooth reached out and wrapped his shackle chain around Blood Scream's neck and dragged him back into the shadows. He then reached down for Blood Scream's belt and grabbed the knife that was hanging from it.

As the vampire began to fight back Creed put the blade to his throat and pulled the chain forward to aid in slicing his head off, "Thanks for the blade, bub."

The Baron locked eyes with Creed for a moment as he kept a foot on Gargan's back to hold him down. He seemed to be measuring up the situation and decided to feed elsewhere. He snatched up Gargan and flew up.

Rhodes grabbed Creed and slammed him into a wall, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Improving the odds. Relax I did you a favor, he'd have stabbed you in the back in a second to save his own hide."

She glared at him, "And why should I think you won't"

His grin returned as he poked her back with the tip of his blade, "You shouldn't."

Several levels above

The Baron landed a few yards from where Morbius was draining a victim of his own. He sat before a cell with many arcane symbols scrawled on the outside and inner wall as well as the heavy chains and bars holding the prisoner inside perfectly still. This was his favored spot to eat since he'd thawed the prisoner out. He looked up, "Would the mighty Count like a taste?"

Dracula turned his gaze to him, "A prince does not beg a peasant, regardless of what title he bestows on himself."

Morbius looked to the count with envy for his self control knowing that the hunger likely gnaws upon him more fiercely than the rest. How he stood in chains for so long unfed without turning into an animal was a mystery.

The Baron shrugged off the insult and looked over to Morbius, "It would appear that Victor Creed has managed to free himself, he killed Blood Scream."

He lifted the corps of Mac Gargan, "Used this as bait."

Morbius looked confused, "No one sets themselves free from these cells."

Dracula began to laugh, "Have you allowed your senses to dull that much? Did you not smell the fresh blood that entered not more than an hour ago? Pathetic excuses for vampires."

(To be continued)

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