Lessons I learned from 90's saturday morning cartoons

1. (from Eek the cat) If you are nice, polite and self sacrificing you will be severely punished for it 
2.(from spiderman) Vampires drink plasma through suction cups on their hands and for some reason insidious is a more acceptable term than sinister  
3. (from Xmen) its perfectly OK to leave a naive 15 year old girl alone with a mass murderer as long as you think he's refomed 
4. (from Batman TAS) You can't copyright fish 
5.(also from Batman TAS) There are very few problems that can't be solved by a vicious beating 
6. (from Avengers United They Stand) this show was a bad idea 
7. (from Silver Surfer) Thanos is kind of a creepy guy 
8. (from Samurai Pizza Cats) working at pizza hut will never be this awesome  
9. (from Ren and Stimpy) sometimes you don't need to understand whats going on 
10.(from Animaniacs) TRIP TO TAHITI  
I'm sorry to the younger crowd who won't get the humor here