Splicers Redeux: The Prophet

This is the first chapter in a reboot for an original fic universe.


A reporter named Jane Thomas stands outside a clinic with a long line of expectant mothers behind her. She smiles as her camera man lets her know she's on air, "It has been a week since Nexus pharmaceuticals rolled out a process that allows parents to, in their words, customize their legacy."

She walks over to a woman named Casandra, "Could you tell our viewers what made you decide to come here today?"

Casandra looks a bit nervously toward the camera, "Well, my family has a long history with cancer and my doctor says that if I did the process my son would be immune to cancer. I know there are some people against this , but how do you say no to that?"

The reporter gave an approving nod, "Well, you can't argue with that."

The reporter then walked on, "In the seven days since the process became available to the general public over 4 million moms to be have undergone the treatment. In less than nine months our first generation of gene spliced children will be here and I for one will be happy to greet them."


2026 Nexus Labs, Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Emil Rossini glares at the T.V. as anchor woman Jane Thomas speaks, "As more of these stories of these so called 'Splicer' children developing strange abilities emerge, don't we have to ask ourselves what these parents were thinking when they did this to their children?"

Rossini rolls his eyes as he turns off the set. He then looks to an assistant entering the room, "They have the boy and his mother here. Whenever you're ready, sir."

Rossini rises, "I'll be out in a minute."


A woman named Casandra sits worried next to her son gripping his head and mumbling to himself. As Rossini came up she stood, "Thank you for seeing us. I know you must be a busy man."

Rossini gives her a smile, "Its my pleasure, Ma'am. Our company is responsible for this, the least we can do is help when we can. Now what is the situation with..."

His assistant whispers, "Charlie."

"Yes, what is the situation with Charlie?"

She shrugs, "I wish I could tell you. He was fine until around two weeks ago. We were at the park and he seemed to become very uncomfortable and after a while he started talking about what was going to happen in the future. The scary part is, everything he said was right."

Rossini's eyes widened a bit, "Would you mind if we examined your son?"

She sighed, "Whatever you can do doctor."


Three days later

Rossini listens as a lab tech reads a report, "Its full blown precognition. But he claims he doesn't see just one thing, he sees multiple outcomes and says the one that seems most likely. Thus far he's been spot on. Apparently the kid is a bit of a math genius so he's worked out a statistical formula in his head for his predictions."

Rossini walks into the room, "Well Charlie, it seems you have an impressive gift."

Charlie looks up, "Your goal has an 85% possibility of success."

He gives the boy a curious look as he continues, "15 million children born under the process in three years, the numbers got smaller as the fad aspect faded but still high. In America alone that makes roughly 25 million potentials, if half that number develop abilities a world wide panic is all but guaranteed. The government will look to you for a solution."

Rossini smiled, "I will do what I can to prevent...., you already know I'm going to lie, don't you?"

Charlie nodded, "I have a 27% chance of escaping in the next three days, you'll try to kill me today."

Rossini chuckled as he left the room, "Have a lovely day, Charlie."


Rossini sat at his home when the phone rang. He answered, "The boy escaped, didn't he?"


2036, Nexus Headquarters, Manhattan

Dr. Emil Rossini watches a monitor as Jane Thomas leads a discussion, "Have you been keeping up with this guy, this so called, 'Mad Prophet'. Seems he's outed a fraudulent psychic that had been conning the FBI for over a year, drawing a consultant fee for false information. You know, I've never been all that supportive of these 'Splicer' people, but if they can be of use to us I don't see why we can't take advantage of those abilities."

Rossini sighs as an executive sits across from him, "He finally slipped up, we can have him dealt with by the end of the day."

He looks to the man as if he were a pitiful child, "Charlie has always been a clever boy. He went and made himself famous. If we touch him now it will bring too much attention."

"So what do we do?"

Rossini shrugged, "We continue our work, let him have his spotlight. In a week the news will have gotten over this and he'll fade into the background again."


Washington, D.C.

Charles Daily stands before a room full of military officials, "War is coming, you'll need an army like the world has never seen to fight it."

He points to a man named General Frank Monroe, "You're son is needed, there is a blue skinned man in a prison as well. I'll make you a list."


Kick along saga #5

Continued from here #4

The Kick-A-Long Saga is several writers' project where each writer takes turn in writing a chapter, each taking it in whatever direction they want, then kicking it along to the next writer for their chapter until it comes back around. All the characters were created by the group members.


Ed Johnson stood on board a massive warship floating just past the moon with the chest plate of Ulysses hanging open as several dozen alien creatures stared angrily at him. An especially intimidating one calling himself Commander Braggin stepped up, "Get that ape out of my armor."

Ed replied, "Hey, its not like I wanted the stupid thing. By the way what did they mean about the fate of the solar system?"

Braggin sighed, "Your world has become host to the last of the Nagith worms, an invasive species of aquatic worm that once conquered half the galaxy. We're going to scrub the planet to ensure we finish them off for good this time."

Ed looked nervous, "What do you mean scrub?"

Braggin gave a wary look, "Are you monkeys really this dumb? Apparently we're doing the universe an extra favor here."

Ed suddenly realized Braggin was talking about killing everything on Earth to get rid of these worms, "You can't....."

He then looked to a monitor aboard the Ulysses and noticed nearly every creature on this ship was equipped with the same tech as him. The horror of an armada raining death on his home hit Ed causing the Ulysses to close up and step back.

Braggin looked to the machine nervously and then heard the hum of its plasma cannon and roared, "Breach!" as the cannon blew a hole in the side of the ship.

Ed then launched himself toward Earth as he asked the Ulysses, "Where are those worms?"

A synthetic voice replied, "The hive is currently being held in the U.K. by an organization known as the Cove, setting coordinates."

Ed nodded, "Right, get rid of the worms and they have no reason to be here. Then I get back home to Emma."


Marcus Blackwell sat on a bench waiting for Dot Comelon to get some information. As he sat eating a bag of chips his ear piece chimed, "Still working on the chemical spill but I got that info on the Deitech janitor you asked for, Edward Johnson, 30, wife Janice Johnson, deceased, daughter Emma Johnson, 12. She goes to an elementary school about 10 blocks from where you're sitting."

Marcus looked up and noticed a black SUV being driven by someone he recognized, "10 blocks, which direction?"

"East, why?"

"Because I just saw Vince Martin driving East. What are the odds a Deitech thug heading that way are a coincidence?"

"You know Martin is much stronger than you, right?"

Marcus nodded, "But what happens to that little girl if he's heading her way?"

"Nothing good."

Marcus sighed, "Well, looks like the other thing is gonna have to wait."


As Suehpro dodged the attacking Cyclops she noticed herself seem to slow down. Her punches began to halt a bit allowing the cyclops to strike her hard sending her through a nearby window. She became frustrated when she heard Robbie's voice, "Were you planning on telling me you were killing me?"

She seemed angry, "What difference does that make?"

"That's a pretty damned important thing to forget."

"You're mortal, you're going to die anyway."

Robbie was now furious, "So you didn't forget, you just didn't care."

"We can discuss this later."

She tried to run but her body froze, "If we don't move I'm going to die."

"Why the hell should I care if you die?"

She roared, "I am a goddess."

"Oh, so us lowly mortals just don't matter. You aren't a goddess, you're a goddamned parasite."

She glared at the approaching Cyclops, "How dare you?"

She shook with rage as the Cyclops scooped her up, "What no fight left in you?"

She screamed to Robbie, "Let me fight, please!"

"Maybe your dad can get you away from me before you kill me."


Eunice stared blankly at the idiot attempting to psycho analyze her as she waited patiently for what was coming. She looked down as the new born Nagith worms crawled from her feet and bored into the bugs on the floor before scurrying out the nooks and crannies the bugs had entered through. She smiled to herself as a silent invasion began.


To be continued.

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Marvel Iron Age: Fry and Molly part 1

Castle Doom

Queen Carol looks up from a datapad to see Agent Fry in a tuxedo. She gave a curious look, "Can I help you?"

He looked angry, "I was just told that I was refused promotion, on your orders."

She shrugged, "And your point?"

He sighed, "Is there a reason?"

She put down the datapad, "You want a reason, Fine. I don't like you much, you're not that bright and frankly if it weren't for Augustus Holland you wouldn't even be a Shield Agent. I'm not comfortable putting someone like you in command of a division. Stick to field work, its what you're good for."

Fry was tempted to reply but thought better of it. She then looked back to the datapad as she waved him off, "By the way, congratulations on the wedding."


Molly stood next to Madam Web as they waited for some guests to arrive. 7, David and their group appeared before them. Molly looked on with a grin, "About time."

Madam Web noticed the grim look on David's face,"You saw her?"

David looked up almost angry, "You know about Mel?"

She put a hand on his shoulder, "What you saw wasn't your friend, that assassin killed everything good in her a long time ago."

He sighed, "We'll just have to deal with that later."

7 looked around, "Where's the runt?"

Molly chuckled, "He's getting fitted for his tux, and you'll be joining him."

She looked to David who had the symbiote take the form of a tuxedo, "I'm all set."

Molly then looked to the rest, "I know Walker, and the thief. Who are the others?"

David looked back, "That's Curtis, Tiffany and The Prince of Orphans."

He then looked back, "Do you actually have a name?"

The Prince nodded, "You can just call me John."

Madam Web gave a slight bow, "It is an honor. Its not often you meet 2 of the Immortal Weapons at once."

The Traveler suddenly appeared behind them, "Interesting group you have here."

David looked back nervously, "Why is he here? Is there a space monster here?"

The Traveler shrugged, "Nah, I'm just here for the wedding. Me, Molly and Web are old poker buddies."

He nodded, "Okay. Umm, what's with the fan club?"

The Traveler looked back to the four he'd arrived with, "I'm teaching them to be super heroes, tho for tonight I was hoping to pawn the girls off on these two old biddies while we have a good old fashioned bachelor party."

He looked over to Madam Web, "They're old enough to drive, but too young to drink."


7 and David entered the small tailor shop to see an angry looking Fry grumbling as the tailor added some finishing touches. Fry gave a nod as Agent Quartermain directed the tailor's assistant toward them. David pointed to 7, "I'm good, he's your guy."

The assistant looked up nervously at the large Creed, "Well... let's just get those measurements."

As he was being measured 7 looked down to Quartermain, "What's with the runt?"

"The Queen basically dubbed him a worthless thug, and he's too nice to punch a woman."

7 huffed, "Not surprising, he's lucky she doesn't keep him in a dungeon until she finds him useful I suppose."

Quartermain wanted to argue but was having his own doubts about the Queen, "Oh, well. Its supposed to be a happy occasion."


As they finished up The Traveler appeared along with a confused looking Curtis, Prince and 2 boys named Steve and Barry, "All righty, I was promised a bachelor party."

Fry looked on confused as he and the group suddenly found themselves in what appeared to be an open air bar on a different world.

David glared, "You have to give me some warning if I'm leaving the planet."

The Traveler stepped back, "Welcome to Ciegrim-7, a whole world dedicated to perfecting and enjoying alcohol."

David nodded, "All is forgiven."

A small alien then began passing out large mugs to the group as the Traveler continued, "Just keep in mind, even if you forget everything you do tonight, I will remember and possibly mock you mercilessly for it."

David sipped the alien beer nervously then smiled brightly, "I want to live here."


Back on Earth, Molly and Madam Web along with Agent Walker and Raven and a few others sat around a table drinking and playing poker as Tiffany, Mary and Casey sat off to the side feeling a bit out of place. Molly looked across the table to Raven, "How do trust a thief not to cheat at cards?"

Raven shrugged as she picked up the cards, "Asked the mind reader."

Madam Web chuckled, "She has a point there."

Tiffany looked to the sisters,"Do you know anyone here?"

Mary shook her head, "No, but we didn't really have much else to do. You?"

Tiffany shook her head, "Nah, I'm only here because I decided to try to keep my little brother out of trouble."

Casey looked over, "We got mutated by a cosmic powered dude and then dragged off by a space god who decided to make us super heroes or something."

Tiffany nodded, "My brother is the Iron Fist, so far he's gotten me mixed up with a goofy Iron Army general, a crazy assassin and werewolves."

Mary's eyes narrowed a bit, "And now both of those guys are together at a bachelor party?"



A drunken David Hardy looked up to a rocky skinned alien, "And what are you?"

He looked down, "A kronan, what are you?"

"Human, from Earth?"

Fry and 7 sat at the bar drinking quietly when a staggering Skrull shoved Fry off his stool, "Animals sit on the floor."

A mix of anger from his day and the alien liquor caused Fry's temper to flare as he rammed his shoulder into the gut of the skrull who fell back into a large blue skinned Kree who was offended that the Skrull had landed on him. He yanked up the skrull and hurled him into a table where several baddoon and kree were playing a game.

Suddenly the whole place erupted into a full on brawl as Fry jumped over and punched the skrull hard in the face. As he sat there a badoon hit 7 in the back. The Creed sighed, "Fine."

He then finished his drink before turning on the alien and swatting him to the floor."


Back on Earth

Molly and the rest had taken Madam Web to a hotel for the night and decided to check out some of the night life. Raven seemed to almost instinctively locate the seediest part of Doomsdadt. They stepped up to a bar playing very old music as drunken latverian men drunkenly sang along off tune. Tiffany and Mary looked a bit put off by the place but Molly and the rest seemed to fit right in with the crowd.


Ciegram 7

The Prince of Orphans and the Traveler looked on curiously as a drunken Curtis Cage stood infront of a group of Centaurii trying to sing an old Earth song, "Rao, rao, rao your bat..."

Curtis shook his head, "No, its row, row row your boat...."

The Traveler then looked over to see 7 being held in a headlock by a large Kree who also held a badoon in the air by its throat and Fry still locked in a fight with a skrull.

David was now leaning on the Kronan called Harg, "You know what, you're a cool rock guy."

The Kronan began to nod but fell to the floor and began to snore. The Traveler looked back to the wary Prince,"I love this planet."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Fantastic 4 part 7

Continued from here part 6

Mary appeared alongside the Travler. She looked for the rest of the group but they were alone. She looked to the Traveler with a wary sigh, "So, are we still pretending we're looking for anything that matters?"

He looked sheepish, "I get that you're some powerful entity, but why the wild goose chase?"

He sighed, "I knew you'd be the one to figure it out. Thought it'd be a bit sooner honestly. I made up the thing about the world eating monster, though there actually are a couple out there. Your friends needed motivation."

"And how are you going to motivate me?"

He took on a serious expression, "You don't need motivation, you just need to decide what side you're on. Even tho that soldier fired on your sister for no reason, you still have it in your head that they're the good guys."

She grew indignant, "They keep us safe from monsters and terrorists."

He sighed, "Terrorists, like her."

She then noticed they were on Earth but in the past. Chicago was still alive and bustling. She looked down on the street and saw her father walking next to her mother as the Traveler spoke, "Laura Milton, loving wife, mother of 2. She never once broke a law, never hurt anyone in her life. She was just a good person."

The Traveler put his hand over Mary's ear letting her hear the conversation going on below. Her mother looked on a soldier harassing a young woman. Without thinking Laura blurted out, "Damn bullies."

As the soldier turned she held her hand over her mouth in fear, "What was that?"

Her husband Frank stepped forward, "It was nothing."

The soldier shoved him aside, "Wasn't talking to you."

He then stared down on her, "You disrespecting an officer of the Iron Army, what are you a Spider or something?"

She was shaking with fear, "No...sir, I didn't mean it. I'm, I'm sorry."

"I don't think you are, hey Stan, she sound sorry?"

Another soldier who'd just arrived replied, "Come'on, we get off in like 15."

The soldier who stared down on her shrugged, "Good point."

He then fired a repulser blast into her chest. The other soldier grabbed Frank who tried to run to her, "Just stay, we'll call it an accident and you get to go on with your life."

Tears welled up in Frank's eyes as Stan sighed, "Sorry, man. Its just the way of the world."

Frank went to Laura and held her as the soldiers left them there.

Above them Mary looked down shocked, "Why would you show me that?"

"You needed to see it. Haven't you ever wondered why your dad was never supportive of you wanting to work for Ferrum?"


The Traveler and Mary returned to the group. Casey jumped up as she saw Mary crying, "What did he do to you?"

She looked up, "He lied."

Casey nodded, "Yea, we figured that out."

She looked over as Steve spoke, "The surfer basically told me he lied."

Barry nodded, "Yea, and the thing I was looking for just happened to be right next to my foot when I finished up my thing."

The Traveler grinned, "Good, frankly I was beginning to think I overestimated you guys."

The 4 then gathered together and glared at him, "Then why exactly did you really make us do this?"


The group suddenly found themselves in the throne room of Castle Doom as the surprised Queen Carol looked over to the Traveler, "What is it, now?"

The Traveler looked back to the 4, "Well kids, this is Queen Carol Danvers of New Latveria. Your highness, this is Mary and Casey Milton, Steve Carlin and Barry Orwell. I'm training them to be super heroes."

"That's nice, why are you here?"

The Traveler shrugged, "I have a bachelor party to go to. Oh, and I should also mention Kang is coming."

Carol's eyes went wide.

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy, Creed and Cage part 3 of 3

Continued from here part 2

Dodge City Kansas.

7 stood being pelted by the pixies and tried to remain calm. He fired off repulsers which caused the pixies to emit energy shields. He concentrated the blast but stopped as the pixies were forced to take a moment to recharge.

He threw up a small metallic sphere that explodes into silvery dust that settled on the pixies. They moved in to attack again but started falling to the ground as the dust hardened. 7 then wiped the blood from his mouth and glared a bit before jumping out the hole in the wall David had made.

David pulled himself free of some rubble and noticed Raven, along with Walker and Tiffany fighting the woman in red as Curtis fought Balain. 7 dropped down beside him. David looked over to the catatonic Prince of Orphans, "He's supposed to be a big badass right?"

7 nodded, "Not much good to us right now, tho."

David stood, "You're the genius, fix it. I'll go help them."

As David walked off 7 looked to the Prince, "If you're just being lazy, its time to knock it off."

Balain had managed to rally and force Curtis to fall back. The two squared off as Balain surveyed the area. Curtis moved in to strike but she shot back and shot out several small explosives. As they went off, Curtis was forced to dodge shrapnel coming from every angle.

Red Widow punched Tiffany hard in the face, knocking her out as Raven and Walker charged. Raven went to kick Widow, who caught her by the ankle and twisted throwing her down to the ground while blocking Walker's attack with her psionic blade. Raven shouted up, "I should've ran."

As Walker was thrown off she looked to Raven, "Me too."

Red Widow moved in for the kill but two black tendrils wrapped around Raven and Walker pulling them to safety as David spoke up, "Sorry I'm late."

Red Widow stood with her back turned to him and spoke, "We shall not suffer a Spider to live."

The voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it. As she turned David went in to strike but stopped as he saw her face, "Mel?"

She drove a fist into his face knocking him down then reached down and lifted him by the throat. Her blade moved to her knuckles and she moved to stab him in the gut but the symbiote caught her wrist as David put a foot on her chest and pushed himself free.

"What the hell are you doing, Mel?"

Walker looked over, "You know her?"

He didn't get a chance to answer as Red Widow kicked him in the gut and grabbed him before hurling him into a broken wall. He stood still in shock as she moved in. The symbiote sensed David's reluctance and moved to protect him as she went in for the kill.

It struck her hard, drawing blood. She then reached into her cloak and pulled out a sonic grenade. As it went off the symbiote screamed in David's mind, snapping him back to his senses.

As Balain fired on Curtis he stopped running and began to gather energy around his feet, remembering an old lesson. He darted off toward a tall wall. Balain was shocked as he ran up the wall and launched himself into the air. He then charged his fist with chi and slammed into her from above.

They crashed down hard as Balain sighed to herself, "Ok, lets see what happens."

She lifted Scalphunter's device and hit the button. The assassin's voice sung out loudly from the device, "The itsy, bitsy spider went up the water spout....."

Red Widow suddenly began shaking with pure rage as her body seemed to light up with psionic energy. She glared to David with glowing eyes. His eyes went wide, "Oh, stark me."

Energy blades erupted from Red Widow's arms and legs as a massive psionic web surrounded them. Walker, Tiffany, Raven David found themselves trapped. Curtis managed to dodge the web and attempted to strike Widow. She dodged and drove a knee into his gut. She then swung her arm down and attempted to behead him.

He managed to evade her but was on the defensive as she attacked. He ducked another slash but she drove her elbow into the side of his head. She then kicked his legs out from under him. He caught himself before hitting the ground.

Meanwhile 7 slapped the Prince hard across the face in frustration, "Wake up, damnit."

He was about to give up to aide the battle when he remembered something. He snatched up his bag and began digging. David shouted to him, "If you got a minute, I could use some help."

7 roared back, "I'm working on it."

He found a small bottle with Kree writing on it and slid it into an inoculation gun, "Hal said, if this doesn't wake you up, you're already a corpse, good a time as any to test that."

He then shot it into the Prince's neck.

Balain looked on amazed, "Gerald, what in God's name did you do to that girl?"

Red Widow kicked Curtis hard in the gut sending him to the ground. She then yanked him up and delivered several vicious blows to his face and chest. He attempted to fight back but was overwhelmed by her pure ferocity.

Again she went in for the kill but a green mist surrounded her. A hand formed in it and caught her's. The mist then solidified into the form of a man. He drove a palm into her gut hurling her back. She practically roared in frustration as she charged back.

The Prince of Orphans side stepped her attack and chopped the back of her neck with the side of his hand sending her to the ground. As she rose she went into a feral attack but found herself futilely slashing at mist. A knee slammed into her gut as his elbow smashed into her back. She tried to stand again but the Prince struck her in the temple knocking her out.

As the psionic web dissipated Walker ran over to finish off the Widow but David stopped her, "Don't."

Walker glared, "Do you know who this is? She's killed almost as many agents as Scalphunter, she's a damned animal."

A pixie suddenly appeared over Widow and teleported her away. They looked back to Balain but the general was gone as well. Walker yanked her hand away from David, "We aren't done with this."

7 then looked on the group, "We need to get moving. They'll be coming back in force now."

The Prince looked down on Curtis, "Not an exactly auspicious introduction, Iron Fist."

Curtis sat up, "Should have been around a couple months ago, I was much more impressive against goblins."

He gave a curious look, "They have goblins now?"


Mark Twain National Forest, Missiouri.

The group appeared amid the forest under a dilapidated ranger station. The Prince of Orphan's looked a bit shaken by the teleportation. As he steadied himself he looked over, "Sorry, been in a can for too long."

7 nodded, "Rest up a bit, need to try to mask the energy signal on the teleporters anyway."

David dropped down on a log as Walker glared at him. He pulled out his holo-phone and noticed a message. He opened it and the image of an invitation appeared, "You are cordially invited to the wedding of James Fry and Molly Creed."

Walker looked surprised as she checked her phone. David looked to 7, "We're heading back to New Latveria."

7 nodded and looked to Curtis, "We'll drop you off. Might save you some travel time."


Sacremento Iron Hall

Balain stood outside a cell and looked to Marcum, "What's she doing?"

"Apparently, she's punishing herself for her failure."

Red Widow sat in the cell, nearly in tears while she dragged a blade across her flesh muttering to herself. Balain looked on disgusted.


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy, Creed and Cage part 2 of 3

Continued from here part 1

E.A.D. training facility 2197

Melody O'Neil had been here for 6 months every day thus far had been the same. She was trying to climb her way up and out of a long tunnel. As she approached the last ten foot stretch the voice of Scalphunter was piped in as he sang, "The itsy, bitsy spider crawls up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out."

A high pressure blast of water came down on cue blasting her back down the tunnel. As she hit bottom Scalphunter's voice continued, "Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again."

She looked back up the tunnel then to the half eaten rats off to the side as her stomach growled. She dropped down to eat like an animal. Her clothing was shredded, what was left laid over her covered in old blood stains and mold from the constant dampness of the hole. As she picked up a bit of near rotting rat meat a slot opened in a near by door. She picked up the scent of fresh roast beef wafting in as Scalphunter asked for the last time,"Who's your god?"

She looked on the rat then back to the door, "Scalphunter is my god."

The assassin chuckled, "That a girl. Now your training can start."

The door swung open and Scalphunter walked away as Melody practically leapt on the half eaten roast beef sandwich he'd left on a table. He looked back, "You can eat and walk."

She meekly followed behind as he merrily whistled a tune.


Dodge City, Kansas, Now.

Walker and Tiffany seemed to slap David and Curtis on the back of the head in unison. Walker looked to 7, "What do you think it wants?"

7 shrugged, "The Man-T...."

He shot David and Curtis an annoyed look as they began to giggle again. He sighed, "The creature is supposed to be the guardian of something called the Nexus of all reality, I assume its important."

The creature stood and walked over staring down on Curtis who seemed transfixed as the Man-Thing placed a hand on his chest. Suddenly Curtis seemed at ease, "He knows where we can find the Prince. He's gonna take us there."

Tiffany looked to him, "How do you know?"

Curtis shrugged, "I just kinda do."

7 seemed suspicious, "Why would he?"

"A ghost asked him to."

David sighed, "Well, ghosts were bound to show up eventually."


The Vault

Suddenly the group found themselves standing around 5 containers filled with green mist. Someone from behind shouted, "Freeze."

They turned to see several Shield agents with guns trained on them. Walker raised her hands and stepped up, "I'm Agent Elisabeth Walker, we're on official business."

The agent in charge looked skeptical, "I'll have to clear this."

Tiffany looked to David, "Did the cat guy do this?"

7 glared down, "Once again, I'm fully capable of speaking and understanding what you're saying. And no, I didn't."

Curtis pointed to Man-Thing, "He did it."

The agent marched up to Walker, "You have no clearance to be here."

David stepped between them and pointed to 7 and Man-Thing, "We just need the guy in the cans, if you want to stop us talk to them."

The agent looked to 7 and the swamp creature and his hands shook a bit before trying to act confident, "Whatever..its one less thing I gotta deal with."

7 then quickly broke the code lock and the green mist shot out and took the form of a man. The Prince of Orphans fell over into 7's arms. As the Creed put him over his shoulders suddenly the group found themselves in Dodge City again.


Farmington, New Mexico

Red Widow and Balain set down next to the truck Curtis and Tiffany had left behind. The pixies then fluttered over to the middle of a street. Red Widow walked toward them and one seemed to whisper in her ear. She turned to the General, "They teleported from here."

Balain sighed, "So the trail is cold?"

Red Widow had a bit of a grin, "Its a unique signature."

Most of the pixes gathered in a pocket of Red Widow's robe but one fluttered over to sit on Balain's shoulder. They then began to glow. The light expanded and teleported Balain and Red Widow away.


Dodge City

The group sat around a fire as Curtis looked on the catatonic Prince, "I don't see how he's gonna help anyone."

7 held a scanning device over him. Curtis looked over curious, "What's that?"

"A field body scanner, I picked it up while working with the Kree."

He looked over the readings, "There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with him. He's been trapped in those tanks for god know's how long, can't be good on the mind."

Curtis sighed, "Wish the swamp guy would have stuck around. Maybe he could have used some mojo on him."

7 shrugged, "Maybe he didn't have the ability."

As David sat on a rock his wallet fell from his pocket. Tiffany grabbed it and noticed a picture had fallen out. She handed it to David, "I recognized Fiddler Back, who are the others?"

David had a bitter sweet smile as he looked on the picture, "Ah, the slingers. That's what we called ourselves. The big man is Danny, you know Dennis, then there's Syn, Ed and Mel."

Tiffany nodded, "Let me guess, one of those girls is an ex?"

"Nah, the girls were into each other. Mel and Syn were damn near inseparable back then. They were just really good friends. Then Ed and Syn went and died on us, Mel just kind of disappeared. Dennis and Danny are still runners for the resistance, but I haven't seen them in a couple years."

Tiffany noticed the hint of a tear welling up, "How'd they die?"

David shrugged and wiped his eye, "Run went bad. Loosing Syn crushed Mel."


Just outside Dodge City

Balain and Red Widow appeared in a flash of light. Balain looked to the pixie on her shoulder, "How'd they do that?"

"Pixies can track and copy energy signatures."

Balain was unnerved by her tone of voice, "So is the creepiness a side effect of your power or is that just a personality thing?"

Red Widow ignored her as she followed the pixies into the city.


The group went silent as 7 sniffed the air. David started to turn but was his hard by something. He looked up surprised to see the small fairy like creature. It then struck again as two others grabbed his shoulders and took him into the air. They hurled him through a window into a crumbling old building.

7 roared but was cut off as three of the creatures attacked him. One slammed into his face while another hit him hard in the ribs. He fell back a step then the three snatched him up and hurled him through a wall.

Balain landed behind Curtis as he looked on the Red Widow.

David was in a large room of the old building trying in vain to swat down the pixies as 7 was launched up through the floor. As he landed David shouted, "Are we seriously getting our asses kicked by fairies?"

One struck 7 in the face knocking out a tooth. As 7 spat out the tooth he looked to David and threw up his hands before trying to regain his bearings.

Balain threw an easily dodged punch at Curtis who stuck back sending her to the ground. Red Widow moved toward him but Walker tackled her. Widow caught her and flipped her to the ground as Raven moved in. She kicked Widow in the chest sending her to the ground.

Walker tried to press the attack but Widow swept her legs sending her crashing to the ground. Tiffany stood behind her with her gun to the back of Widow's head. The assassin turned grabbing the gun before driving the butt of it into Tiffany's gut and then punching her in the face.

Walker suddenly drove an elbow into Widow's gut while Raven drove her forearm into the assassin's throat. Before she hit the ground she caught her self and flipped back to her feet. Tiffany went for her gun but a psionic blade cut through it.

Widow then kicked Raven in chest and punched Walker in the head. She then raised the psionic blade again and swung down. Walker managed to stop the blade with her knife. Widow noticed the energy around the blade, "Mutant."

Walker stood ready to strike, "And you're Wimple's pet."

Her eyes filled with rage as she glared at the agent, "You do not call him that."

She charged toward Walker. Walker barley managed to block. Widow then head butted her and turned to deliver a round house kick to her knees sending her down. Walker blocked caught Widow's arm stopping the psionic blade an inch from her face.

In the building David was now enraged, "Enough of this."

The symbiote shot out tendrils catching the 3 attacking pixes. One turned from 7 and shot out a blast of energy that knocked David outside. 7 noted that the pixie had to rest for a moment after the blast. The 3 pixies freed from David's tendrils turned on the Creed who roared, "I am not being killed by fairies."

Balain was on the defensive as Curtis picked apart her armor, "I hate doing this, this armor looks really sweet."

Balain nodded, "You can stop anytime, I won't mind."

She then fired a quick repulser shot causing Curtis to jump back to avoid it. As he readied to come at her a pixie dropped something into Balain's hand. It had a picture of Scalphunter pointing to the button on the device with the words,'Push and watch what happens' written on the side.

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy, Creed and Cage part 1 of 3

Continued from here H and C v2 part 12 and here Cage, the Fist part 9

Farmington, New Mexico

Agent Walker sat outside the remains of an old high school in the abandoned town, she was speaking to a Shield agent on a holo-phone giving her report. As she finished Raven looked down to her, "So basically your job is to tell Shield what they're up to? Like a gossip columnist for the broke and aimless?"

Walker looked up, "Have you seen the type of things that happen when nobody pays attention to those 2? They took down the Bifrost cannon, fought in Asgard and against Thanos, 7 even helped resettle the Savage Land. I was with them for less than 24 hours when thanks to you they stumbled across a damn Cosmic cube. Can you think of anyone more in need of a babysitter?"

Raven nodded, "Fair points. So, what are we doing here?"

Walker shrugged, "Spider business, I guess."


David and 7 sat a few yards away from the women.7 spoke as he fiddled with his gauntlet, "Who are we meeting?"

David looked at the message on his holo-phone, "A couple of folks my buddy Dennis asked me to look out for. Apparently one of them is The Iron Fist, whatever that is."

7 dropped his arms and stared incredulously at David, "You don't know what the Iron Fist is? Do you Spiders pay attention to any history that doesn't have a web attached to it?"

David shrugged, "I'm sure some do."


3 miles outside Farmington, New Mexico

Tiffany drove as Curtis nodded off in the passenger seat. She swatted him in the back of the head, "You're supposed to be navigating."

He lifted his holo-phone, "Holly, how close are we to our destination now?"

A sultry feminine voice came from the phone,"2.5 miles."

Tiffany gave Curtis a hateful look, "Did you have to set it to porn voice?"

"Its called, femme fatale."

She glared back to the road and muttered to herself, "Could have let someone else come with him, but No, just had to come watch my nitwit little brother."

"You know I can hear you right?"


Lake Tahoe

General Balain stood over looking the remains of the camp which was Curtis' last known whereabouts.Lt. Marcum looked over as he heard a hover bike coming to a stop, "Scalphunter's little gift has arrived."

Balain nodded, "What'd he say to call her?"

"Red Widow."

Balain turned to see her and noticed several small human-like creatures less than 5 inches tall with insect like wings fluttering around Red Widow, "What are those?"

"Apparently Scalphunter had Essex make them for her a while back. I'm told he called it a graduation present. She calls them her pixies."

Red Widow walked to the general, ignoring the Lieutenant, "This was his last known location?"

Balain nodded, "I didn't get the chance to do a thorough check, aside from the werewolves, the Supreme Commander had a mass of red tape waiting for me at home."

Red Widow looked to a pixie standing in her hand as she asked,"Do anything you know his energy touched?"

Balain lifted a bit of scrap armor, "He shattered this with it."

The pixie fluttered over it, memorizing the energy signature. Red Widow then leaned down and ordered, "Find him."

The pixies darted away as Red Widow hopped on her hover bike. Balain started to lift off but Widow glared, "I need no assistance."

Balain walked over and stared down with a smirk, "You're assisting me, if you don't like that you can go back to picking up Gerald's scraps."

Red Widow stood forming a psionic blade and holding it to Balain's throat, "You aren't allowed to call him that."

Balain didn't flinch as the smirk turned into a full grin, "I starking dare you."

The two stared into eachother's eyes for a moment but Widow backed down. Balain then turned to Lt. Marcum,"You're back on desk duty."

Marcum nodded as the general and the assassin followed the pixies.


As the truck stopped Tiffany looked to 7 nervously, "Is that thing tame?"

Curtis looked out, "Looks like it."

They got out of the truck. David came up and gave Curtis a friendly hand shake, "Fiddler Back sent us."

7 was still working on his gauntlet but looked up to Tiffany, "No,I'm not tame, but I have great hearing."

She seemed shocked that he could speak. David cleared his throat, "I'm David Hardy, the grumpy cat is 7, over there we have Shield agent, Beth Walker and Raven is the blue one."

Tiffany looked around, "Where's your transport?"

7 tossed them armbands, "Put these on."

They did as instructed and 7 spoke, "Bodyslide by 6."


Dodge City, Kansas

The group appeared just outside the town. Tiffany looked over, "What just happened?"

Curtis looked amazed, "I think we just teleported."

Tiffany looked to David, "How'd you do that?"

"I didn't, 7 fixed up some teleporters so now we can pretty much hop where ever we need to be."

She gave an almost condescending grin, "That's awful nice of you."

7 looked to David, "If she keeps talking at me like I'm a dog, I will maul her."

Curtis chuckled as David grinned, "He takes some getting used to."

7 marched past them but halted at the site of many charred corpses of former goblins, "I think I know why we're here."

The group stepped up beside him as he looked on the man shaped pile of swamp mess stood up before them.David asked nervously, "What the Stark is that?"

7 knew vaguely of this creature, "Its the Man-Thing."

They then turned to see Curtis and David giggling at the name. Walker rubbed her temple with a sigh, "Oh, god, now there's two of them."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Slingers part 4 of 4

Continued from here part 3

Spider camp, 2195

The old man skidded to a halt as he jumped from the truck, "I need a medic, fast."

Several men jumped up as a few stretchers were brought out. Orbweaver nearly fell as she got out. Fiddler Back caught his sister as she cried, "We have to go back, we can't leave her."

Dennis held firm, "We go back, we die. Widow wouldn't want that."

She looked up with blood shot eyes and attempted to speak but was ushered away as Redback, David and the body of Funnelweb were taken out.


After several hours of surgery a doctor stepped out of the tent to talk to the old man about Redback, "He has some pretty severe damage but he's gonna pull through. I'll be honest tho, his powers are more to thank for that than I am."

David walked out on crutches and made his way over to Orbweaver and Fiddler Back, "The big guy is gonna be ok."

Fiddler Back cheered up at that but Orbweaver stared at the ground, "I should have let you handle the lock."

David looked her over, a bit angry but he forced a smile, "Look, you made a mistake, any one of us could have done it."

She gritted her teeth a bit, "I thought I was better, I should have been better."


The next day Funnelweb was placed on a pyre along with some of Widow's belongings as is tradition for fallen Spiders who couldn't be retrieved. The camp stood quiet with bowed heads and said a silent prayer.

Orbweaver walked away and went into a tent. David found her packing her things into a bag, "Orbweaver?"

She glared back, "Don't call me that, I'm not a hero and I don't need a code name."

He sighed, "Okay, Melody. What do you think you're doing?"

He then noticed a blood soaked knife sitting on the table. He grabbed her hand and turned it over to see the web tattoo on her palm with a bloody x carved through it. He grabbed a cloth and wrapped it, "Christ, Mel. What are you thinking."

She gave David a teary glare, "I'm leaving. And you can't stop me."

She then shoved him down and walked out as he reached for the crutches she kicked away.


Outside Las Vegas, 2196

A girl stood over a dead soldier with hate in her eyes as the assassin Scalphunter looked her over. He noticed the scarred over web on her palm as a soldier raised a repulser behind her, "We won't suffer a..."

Melody looked on shocked as Scalphunter holstered his gun. Jessica Mongoose gave him a hateful look, "What the hell are you doing."

He ignored her and walked over to Mel, "I know that look, that's a killer born. How bout I show you how to do it right?"

Mongoose was unnerved by the unusual calm in Scalphunter's voice. He looked back to Jessica, "She's gonna fit right in."

He then teleported away, leaving Jessica to deal with the clean up,"Damn it, Gerald."


Upstate New York, Iron Army training facility 2199

Stryfe stands over looking 2 dozen captured Spiders while Scalphunter stood next to him, "Why haven't they been executed?"

Scalphunter grinned, "Give it a minute."

A soldier dropped a bag filled with enough knives to arm all the Spiders. Stryfe's eyes narrowed at the assassin but Scalphunter raised a finger to hush him, "Just wait."

A woman in a long red hooded cloaked entered as the Spiders looked on nervously. She formed psionic scythe blades from her forearms. Stryfe sighed, "Another mutant?"

Scalphunter chuckled, "Former Spider, too."

Before the supreme commander could comment she dropped her hood with a hateful glare, "We shall not suffer a Spider to live."

As the Spiders readied to defend themselves she charged. She expanded the blades as she moved through the crowd. One man turned to face her but the rest were horrified as his torso slipped away from his legs. A huge puddle of blood had formed as the men began to fall dead. She had killed them all before they had even felt the strike.

Scalphunter laughed, "May I present, The Red Widow."

The end.


Marvel Iron Age: Slingers part 3 of 4.

Continued from here part 2

Outside St. Louis, M.O. 2195

The group looked on the city walls nervously. Aside from the old man, none of them had ever been inside a city.The old man sat down on a log, "You need to be ready to run at a moments notice. The soldiers here aren't like the ones in the wilds, they have up to date tech and most likely an officer to force them to maintain it properly. They are better armed and there are more of them."

Fiddler Back packed as much ammo as he could carry as he looked to David, "You ready?"

"No, but I'm gonna do it anyway."

Black Widow put a hand on Orbweaver, "You good, Mel?"

Orbweaver narrowed her eyes, "I'm fine. Wish people would quit acting like I'm about to snap."

Widow sighed,"Yea, must suck to have a bunch of people who genuinely care about your well being. Sounds like a nightmare."

Orbweaver couldn't help but laugh at Widow's mocking tone, "I'm good, now can you shut up. We got work to do."

Funnelweb was rambling to Redback, who ignored him as he focused on the task. He cut off his team mate, "There's a sewer outlet about 50 yards from here. Looks lightly guarded, if we wait about an hour it'll be dark enough to slip in unnoticed."


The old man stayed at the transport in case they needed a speedy get away while the rest of the group moved as quickly and quietly as possible. They dodged a spotlight and made it in before the guard patrol made it back around. They walked along the tunnel for about a mile before finding their exit.

Redback pushed up a man hole cover just enough to see out, "All clear, come on."

As they made it topside the group headed out of the alley and stared in awe at the bustling city. They'd never seen so much light after sunset. Redback checked their map, "The storage facility is about 6 miles east of here. Stick to the back roads."

David nodded,"Still not sure why those Shield guys couldn't handle this themselves. Ain't they supposed to be super spies."

Redback shrugged, "You know the deal, we find the intel, they do whatever it is that makes the elders like them."


They managed to make it to their destination without incident but had to reassess when they noticed 5 Iron soldiers on guard. 4 standard and one Hunter class. Orbweaver made a psionic blade, "We can take them."

David and Fiddler looked at her and whispered in near unison, "Are you out of your damn mind?"

Widow put a hand on her shoulder, "Let's try to get around them first.They seem to be following a regular patrol route."

Redback looked to David,"You're on."

David crept along the fence for a few yards, he had to duck out of sight twice but found the least secure part of the fence unnoticed. He used a heat lance to slice open a gap without setting off any alarms and commed the team, "We have our entrance."

Fiddler Back took up roost in a tree a few yards from the fence gap to cover the team's exit in case they were discovered. The rest of the team crawled in. As they hid behind a storage unit, Redback pointed to a warehouse marked,'22', "There's the building we're looking for."

David ran ahead looking for a way in. He commed, "I need a web line. Only way in is a vent near the roof."

Orbweaver got ready to move but Redback looked to Funnelweb, "Get moving."

She gritted her teeth a bit but Widow whispered,"You'll get your chance, just relax."

After David had climbed up Funnelweb waved the rest of the team over. They darted between the buildings and followed David up the line. As they entered Redback looked at the description of the device they were looking for. Orbweaver and Widow made their way to a small office and retrieved a datapad with a manifest. As Widow thumbed through the files Orbweaver stood watch, but seemed distracted.

Widow looked up, "Comm, Redback and tell him, row 18, lot 12."

She looked off to the side with her finger in her ear, "Redback says we're clear lets move."

Across the room David noticed the girls moving, "Where are they heading?"

Redback glared toward Orbweaver as he heard a door slide open as a soldier beamed a light in,"Damn it."

Widow yanked Orbweaver into the shadows as the light nearly landed on her. As Widow crouched down Orbweaver crept toward the crate they were there to find and noticed the coded lock. As Widow arrived she glared at the lock, "He didn't send us over here did he?"

She looked up annoyed, "I can handle opening a box."

Widow shook her head, "I'm getting David over here."

Orbweaver then made a psionic blade and cut open the box, "See, I can..."

She was cut off by the alarm going off. Fiddler Back called Redback, "What the hell just happened?"

"Your sister. Hold your position."

The guards descended on the warehouse as the one inside rounded the corner and spotted Widow and Orbweaver. He charged his repulser and took aim at Orbweaver. Widow shoved her down but took the full blast. It ripped through her chest. As Orbweaver shrieked Redback ran to them. He slammed into the soldier catching him off guard as he slung him to the floor.

He bashed in the helmet killing the man as 3 others arrived. Funnelweb caught them in a trap that allowed David to deactivate their power cells locking them in their now useless armor. Redback looked down horrified at Widow's body but he threw her over his shoulder and ordered Orbweaver, "Move, now."

As they exited the building the Hunter arrived. He didn't hesitate to blast Funnelweb in the gut. Redback put Widow's body down to attempt to help. David tried to pull Funnelweb away but took a hard kick to the leg shattering it. Redback took a blast as he moved infront of them. He grabbed the Hunter's gauntlets and managed to turn his repulsers back on him as he fired again. He then looked back to Widow and then to his two immobile teammates. He put David and Funnelweb over his shoulders and yelled back to Orbweaver, "Time to go."

Orbweaver looked horrified, "We can't just leave her."

"If we take her we die too."

As they escaped Fiddler Back hit the ground running. They jumped down the first manhole cover they found and fled toward the outlet. As they made it back to the transport Redback put David into a seat and then moved to do the same with Funnelweb before noticing his body was cold. The old man felt for a pulse but pulled back when he realized the boy was dead.

He then noticed blood streaming down Redback's body. He looked to Fiddler Back and Orbweaver, "Get the kit, Now."

After the big man had been bandaged they loaded into the transport and hurried toward the nearest Spider camp.

(To be concluded.)


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed vol. 2 part 12

Continued from here part 11

Zemo's base

Walker looked on the killing machine before her,"I starking hate you Gerald."

Lash grinned as he raised a tendril. As he brought it down she dived away and attempted to run. Lash caught her ankle and yanked her back.

She tried to gut the tendril but even with a charge they barely scratched the carbonadium. Lash then leaned down and lifted her by the throat and began to squeeze. She struggled to breathe as his hand held her like a noose. As she started fading she remembered the voice of Ngumi from a long ago lesson,'That's what happens when you don't pay attention. Now tell me was you see."

Walker had a moment of realization,"The tendril."

Lash gave her a curious look but she kicked his tendril up into her hand and charged the tendril with energy. Lash roared in pain as energy ripped out of his arm. As he dropped her she grabbed an explosive disc and planted it on his chest. The blast shot him into the wall. He managed to survive but he was knocked out.

Walker stood catching her breath for a moment then walked off in the direction of Scalphunter.


7 was holding up a hard light shield as Tinkerers armor bombarded him with plasma from his arm cannon. The Tinkerer shouted, "Come on Creed, I thought you were supposed to be impressive."

7 looked around for a moment then dropped the shield and rolled away. He threw out an emp device that knocked out the lights. Tinkerer laughed as a spotlight shined from his armor, "Did you think I wouldn't have an emp shield. I'm not some idiot soldier."

He then kicked 7 in the gut knocking him down the hall. 7 pulled himself from the ground and adjusted his repulsers and made a hard light blade. He looked to Tinkerer, "Well, get on with it."

As he neared 7 opened fire hitting various points on the armor. As he came within striking distance 7 jumped over him dragging the light blade across his back. He felt the blade stop on the shield but felt his foot drag against the armor for half a second.

He grinned a bit as Tinkerer turned. He turned off his repulsers and let the hard light blade fade out. He pulled out his adamantium knives. Tinkerer looked at him with contempt, "You think those primitive things will help?"

7 waved him forward. Tinkerer rushed but 7 side stepped and dropped down slicing into the leg tearing through several hydraulic cables. He pulled away and landed as he attempted to compensate for the damage. 7's eyes darted around the machine before hurling the blade which destroyed the cpu and rendered the armor useless. As he walked past he pulled out his blade as he pushed over the armor with the belligerent Tinkerer trapped inside yelling obscenities at 7.


Scalphunter stood firm as Zemo and Claudia came for him. He batted away Zemo's sword and kicked Claudia in the gut sending her back a bit. He then jammed the but of his sword into Zemo's gut as Claudia stood and attempted to slash at him but he casually dodged.

Zemo returned angry and went for the assassin. Sclaphunter blocked his sword and was actually having a bit of trouble keeping up with Zemo. Then Claudia returned attempting to help. He blocked with the old cutlass he'd pulled from Zemo's wall and looked down on the covered hilt with a sly grin. He looked to Zemo, "You're about as good as me, might even be a little better, but she's not."

He then shifted dropping the cutlass down catching Claudia's blade and twisted it out of her hand. He then headbutted Zemo sending him back as he drove a blade into Claudia's gut. Zemo was enraged by this and punched Scalphunter hard in the face and grabbed him by the throat lifting him off the ground. Scalphunter pulled two small knives and stabbed them into Zemo's collar bones and pushed him away.

Scalphunter then picked his sword back up, "You know you're gonna buy me a beach house."

Zemo gave a hateful glare, "I wouldn't be so sure."

Scalphunter turned at the sound of pulse rifles charging and saw nearly a hundred Hydra agents. Zemo ordered, "Leave nothing but a charred corpse."

Zemo was confused by Scalphunter's almost giddy reaction, "I finally get my ultimate action movie moment."

He gave a fist pump and then kick up Zemo's sword into his free hand, "Gonna borrow this for a minute."

The agents opened fire. He blocked several rounds and then moved. Two agents were shocked as he seemed to appear in front of them with two agents impaled on his blades. An agent behind one of the impaled men leaned back just far enough to avoid being stabbed, "Oh s**t."

He then turned and hurled the men off the swords and slashed into the next agent. He kicked another away and stabbed one in the head. He let out a chuckle, "This is gonna be fun."

Several agents attempted to tackle him but he jumped over stabbing two more while in the air while catching a third by the neck with his legs. He dropped down flipping the man to the ground. He then twisted snapping his neck as several more rushed in.

He placed a sword between his teeth as he pulled a pistol and shot 4 down. He then put back his gun as he hopped back up and grabbed the sword back. The agents pulled back to regroup as Zemo sat stunned.

Scalphunter twirled Zemo's sword and then looked to the now frightened agents, "Round 2, boys."

He ducked down and cut the legs off the first agent to come in striking distance and sliced the head off the man behind him and then drove a knee into another's chest hard enough to shatter several ribs. One aimed a pulse rifle at his temple but he twisted away and jammed something into the power cartridge. He then jumped away as the gun rapidly overheated. The explosion took out 5 agents.

He noticed the agents backed off and he gave a glare, "Boo."

The agents started backing away before finally breaking into a run, "Awe, come back. You starking p***ies."

He then turned back and started walking toward Zemo. He stopped at the sound of something large crashing through the walls.

5 minutes earlier.

Raven stood nervously looking at Cutthroat. She tried to punch him but he caught her fist. He then tossed her away and pulled a knife and looked to David, "Tell you what Spider, you start talking and I won't make you watch this."

David looked to Raven and thought he saw actual concern for him,"This is a bad time to try being a good guy."

She nodded, "Didn't really have much choice in the matter."

She darted away as Cutthroat came at her. He slashed away but she managed to dodge several swings before his blade cut her arm. She felt an intense burning pain from the wound. Cutthroat had a broad grin, "Hurts like hell, right? Had this special made for Scalphunter but you'll work as a test."

She managed to dodge as he came at her but her arm was now stiff and could barely move. He caught her by the hair and yanked her back as the stiffness began to spread. Out of sheer desperation she kicked at a control panel. A cup of coffee fell over shorting out the system and releasing David's restraints.

He fell forward and noticed something fall from Raven's hand. She had stolen the key to the restraint collar that held David's symbiot at bay.

Cutthroat didn't notice as he looked on Raven like a psychotic child holding a defenseless animal. David lunged for Cutthroat but was easily swatted away. Raven fell down but used the last of her strength to slide the key over. David caught it as the killer turned back to Raven.

He stood after unlocking the collar, "I'm tired of this s**t."

Cutthroat turned as David spoke, "I am a fifth generation member of the Spider resistance, I was trained to fight by the starking Mandarin and my suit is the descendant of Carnage. This is the last time I get used as bait."

The symbiot suit formed around him. It copied the large tarantula tattoo on David's back and covered his face, "Now take your damn hands off her."

Cutthroat laughed, "You think you can take me, boy?"

He charged but David caught him. He then punched him hard in the face sending the killer crashing into a wall. Cutthroat wiped a bit of blood from his lip,"Guess you do."

Several spikes popped up on Cutthroat's hand and he launched them toward David but the suit reacted forcing David to dodge. He then ran forward and delivered a savage kick to the killer's gut and punched him in the temple.

Cutthroat backed away for a second and chuckled a bit, "Got some fire in you."

As David moved to strike again Cutthroat dropped a small device that let out a sonic shriek. David fell back as he felt the suit screaming in his mind. The assassin put some plugs in his ears then walked toward David looking down on him like a hyena standing over a gazelle. Before he could finish off the Spider the wall behind him exploded just as 7 kicked open the door.

Cutthroat was hit by the Juggernaugt's flailing body and launched through a wall. David pulled himself up as 7 tossed Raven over his shoulder. The three then looked to the pissed off Juggernaut who held 7's shattered device in his hand. David looked to 7,"Time to go."

They bolted as Juggernaut charged. After they'd made it out the door the wall was shattered by the angry beast of a man.

Walker arrived behind Scalphunter as she watched the fleeing Hydra agents. She looked over at the sound of smashing walls. 7 ran past Zemo with Raven over his shoulder with David close behind. Scalphunter gave a curious look before noticing the Juggernaut barreling toward them. he took off running behind them but was quickly keeping pace with 7. Walker didn't ask questions, just ran after.

before Juggernaut could follow them out Zemo roared, "Stop. Help me get her to the infirmary."

Juggernaut gave a hateful look to the exit but Zemo roared, "Now."

The group stopped running about a half mile past the base before stopping to catch their breath. Scalphunter stretched his back and turned, "Well, guess its your turn now."

7 stood up before him and tossed a small disc that magnetically attached to Scalphunter's teleportation device, "Enjoy the Savage Land."

Scalphunter attempted to remove the device but was already gone, "Stupid, starking Creed. Somebody outta massacre the...."

He turned at the sound of heavy breathing behind him. He noticed several Creeds eating the remains of what Scalphunter was sure was a dinosaur. He sighed and went for his teleportation device but it threw a spark and went dark, "Son of a..."


As the sun rose Zemo looked out on the Hydra agents flanked by the Juggernaut and Callous, "Kill them all, they aren't worth the Hydra name."

He then returned to the infirmary and placed a hand on Claudia's head as she slept under sedation. "I promise you, that assassin will die screaming for this."

(To be continued.)