Should Hope Go Public

It would seem that the world doesn't know what is going on with mutants right now. Many are just hating on the X-Men and Utopia. It was once an excepted fact that mutants were people that had a mutant gene that activated at puberty, this is no longer the case since M-Day and the Second Coming of Hope Summers. Since Hopes return to the present we have found that mutant genes are unstable and that the only way for a mutant to have their powers fully activate and be controllable is to have Hope make contact with them.  
However it does not seem like this information has been given to the general public. The team seems to almost work in secret and take the mutants that have changed, as we saw with the " Trial of Primal" this is not really an affective strategy. If the parents knew that their sons mutation was probably going to result in his death if Hope had not saved him, do you think that they would have been more understanding from the start? 
Should the X-Men have made some kind of announcement to the world to say that the people with an activating X-Gene are in a form of danger unless they can be "treated" by Hope? Would this cause a panic among the people that were on the fence about mutants? Could knowing that he had a chance at a normal life have saved Zeeshan, the Seventh mutant signature from activating, life? He killed himself partially because he did not see any hope for the future, if he knew that the girl named Hope was on her way to save him he might have been able to hold on long enough to have a full life. The Five Lights were tasked with one goal, save the new mutants of the world, that job may be easier if the world knew they were coming.
Is there a responsibility to alert the public to what is going on with mutants or should it be hidden on this mysterious island known as Utopia?

I'm Officially Back! (If you didn't notice)

So yeah I'm back. 
But that is probably from the last two blogs I wrote, the fact that the Five Lights pages have all been updated (and corrected), and a bunch of new images.
But If I am returning from the ashes of another awful summer that can mean one thing..!

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New Micro

My ninetieth Micro is none other than the daughter of the great Jean and Scott Summers from an alternate reality, RACHEL SUMMERS
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Mato Out
My next project is going to involve my team the Five Lights.

Then and Now: Teen Mutant Suicide

I will be analyzing two suicides inparticular, both of them were mutants and the two stories are very similar. The two mutants are Zeeshan and Larry Bodine. 
Lets start with some basic information on the two.  Skip this if you know the characters.

Larry was created in 1986 and appeared in one single story in the pages of the original New Mutants. Larry had the ability to bend light to his will and create statues, these statues would be destroyed if they were touched. Larry was unpopular but met the New Mutants and Kitty at a dance. Him and Kitty hit it off. He had no idea that Kitty and her friends were mutants and he made a prejudiced joke at their expense. The team left him. When he got home he found a note that X-Factor was after him, what he thought was an organization that hated mutants. He became incredibly depressed and decided to hang himself instead of being caught by X-Factor. 

Zeeshan was created in 2011 in response to the rash of gay suicides that reached the news and spurred on the "It gets better" project. Zeeshan was hanging out with his two friends and while they were playing truth or dare the topic of mutants came up. Zeeshan spoke of how mutants weren't always lucky with their powers that they may be disfigured and live a horrible life. It is during this that his own powers activate and his flesh begins to turn into goo. His friends begin to take pictures of him and post them online. Realizing what his future would be he decided to take his own life. 
The death
While neither is seen, we are told that Larry hung himself and Zeeshan killed himselve with a blade. 
The cause
Zee after his mutation
Zee after his mutation
Larry was being tormented by his peers that did not know he was a mutant, but only said he was to scare him. Larry believed that X-Factor was going to come and take his powers away or wore. Zeeshan was betrayed by his friends and treated like a freak. He took his own life because he did not see anyway for it to get better. 
What could have been
 The Eulogy
 The Eulogy
Larry lived not to far from the institute, it is possible that the Magneto (the headmaster at the time) would have let him come and become a New Mutant since X-Factor was actually the original Five X-Men. Zeeshan would have been touched by Hope and his powers would have plateaued. This may not have restored his face, but possibly given him control over the mutation.  
What others do
In both cases we see how others respond, for Larry it is Rahne that wants to attack the kids that caused his suicide. She almost goes feral and it takes the whole team to stop her. Zeeshan's friend is almost attacked by Kenji in his sleep but is stopped by wolverine before he does. In both situation we hear that the bully is now stuck with the guilt of what they have done. 
And finally 
Larry gets a brilliant eulogy delivered by Kitty where she speaks about how we treat each other and how much pain it can cause. For Zeeshan, Kenji and Wolverine get a drink. 
 Larry's death was powerful, moving. We got to see inside his mind, she the thoughts that went into making that decision. We see a lot of emotion around that character. Zeeshan we get nothing of the sort. He wasn't a character we felt for and everything happens so fast that it just became a quick read. Zeeshan was thrown together as a quick "It will get better" comic using a character that does not appear to be gay. Larry's stands alone, unprompted. In the end Zeeshan meant nothing.

Sixth Light Page: Argument for its creation.

The sixth light has appeared technically in issue 7 of generation Hope, he was born and made contact with Hope making it an actual appearance. The only problem is that he was not directly named in the issue. Is it possible to create the page under the name "Sixth light" until the name is given? I sincerely doubt that the character will never be seen again.  

Generation Hope 7
Generation Hope 7

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Just because you read it here doesn't give you the right to make the page, this is a discussion and I am looking for inport from both users and mods on the topic, if there is a rule against the page please don't make trouble by making the page until it is cleared up. Thank You.

Youth of the X-Men Apearances: May Update

If not a true Jordama follower, it is okay, you have just made a poor life decision.
But if you are, you probably have seen my list devoted to the young/new X-men. The list has 30 of the characters that I defined as the X-Kids. For a long time I was not sure how or what method would be the best way to rank them, alphabetical seemed lazy for me. So I decided to rank them by the number of appearances they have.  I update this every month so I can see how the kids appearances have changed month to month. I just finished the update and I thought I would share some of the more interesting details that I have noticed from the update.

Top 5

Some basic details that came out of the creation of the list was the top five. In my mind I would like to think the top five are the most influential of the young students. What surprised me was who the top 5 were. 5-3 are the three living cuckoos. That shocked me a little until I really thought about how long they have been around compared to the other students, so makes sense. In second place, the real shocker, Rockslide! Wait what? Rockslide has appeared in an outstanding 233 issues since being created in 2003. And the number one spot is, not surprising, X-23. She has been so out there for so long, she is the clear front runner having just cleared the 300 issue mark.

Big Jumpers

There were two characters that had a huge jump in the number of appearances since last month. X-23 is the first. She jumped 20 issues since last month. Again, not that surprising considering her own on going and appearances in Wolverine's and Daken's books. The BIG jump and I mean huge was a thirty issue jump done by, drum roll, DUST! She jumped from 160 to 190 in one month. Not only that she jumped from 12th place to 8th. Now surpassing Surge and Anole and knocking Armor out of the top 10.

Bottom Five

The bottom five are clearly the least used, but it isn't really that big of an insult. 26th is Cipher the Young X-Men that hasn't done anything since that book was cancelled, except for the occasional cameo. 27th-29th are three of the Five lights that are included in the list. They have only existed for less than a year, they are allowed to have less than 20 appearances. And last place, and one of my favorites, is Crosta. Doesn't sound familiar? That's because he only appeared 3 times, and one was a reprinting.

I hope this has been informative, Thanks if you read it :) 
PS if you think this type of blog is useless, let me know and I wont do it again. I think it is interesting to see but I might be alone.

Leaving the Vine...Again.

On Friday the 13th, I know lame I didn't plan that, I will be leaving the vine, again. Summer vacation means that I will have to go home and sadly I do not have internet at home.

 Sad Marvel Girl
 Sad Marvel Girl

Lucky for some of you, if you have a twitter I can maintain contact because I will still have my phone which allows me Twitter access, CV is not as nice. So Dark Huntress, SC and a couple more will still talk to me. But my twitter will still be synched most likely so if you want to read those I guess you can. 

If you really like me(why), I have enough material posted throughout the site for you. Plenty of blogs and images for you to look through. You can comment on my Micros or tons of Five Lights stuff. 

I won't be reading comics over the break so I wont be able to update the Five Lights pages (or know what they are doing for that matter) and I really hope that no one ruins them before I get back. I should be back in August at some point, if I live through the break that is. 

Micro Blog Set 18: Five Lights


So if you did not know, ever since the very first appearance of a Light I have been saying that I would make the full team, I kept putting it off and not having the motivation to complete the team. But now I finally wanted to procrastinate my other work that I made the Team :)

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So, The Team

Five Lights
Five Lights

Hope: I made two, and went with this one. Deal with it. ;)
Laurie: Very different from the original Laurie that I made, I really should have waited for more art.
Gabriel: He is white now, I don't get it but I am rolling with it.
Idie: Ha still a child but to be accurate midriff is showing.
Teon: So paranoid to make him, no templates for that posture so I made it on the fly and he was the first one I made here.
Kenji: New name "Cl*ster F*ck" I was really worried about making him but I just said effe it and did it and I think It came out pretty good.

So those are the Five Lights, This is most likely the last Set for a while and I hope you like :D

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Mato Out

"What happens when a Light goes out?"


Spoilers may ensue

Out of boredom I was flipping through some CV pages and ended on Kieron Gillen's. I clicked his work blog and began scrolling through his posts. That is when I found this:


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This is the X-Men comic that will have people talking for years! Some candles burn twice as bright and half as long. Some candles don’t get a chance to burn at all. Generation Hope discover what happens when a light goes out.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Is it possible that they could be killing a Light already!?!

Could this really just be to hype up the book or would this be a permanent death (as permanent a comic death is)? Would this develop the team and make them realize that they are playing in the big time? Will Hope fall apart from the death or will the team stop listening to her as completely as they were? 

 First Five
 First Five

Who Could Die?

Hope: Very unlikely because she is needed to help all mutants, if she was dying, it would be a huge event. So not going to happen.

Laurie: It is possible. Her powers had a nice twist but she may be expendable.

Gabriel: As I have seen from some users, he isn't as popular as some other characters. Plus he may give his life to save Hope considering he seems to have a crush on her. Plus with a name like Velocidad, it is only a matter of time before he gets picked off.

Idie: She probably provides the most interesting story line of all the characters, hating being a mutant and feeling like a monster. I really don't see them killing of the 14 (12) year old just yet.

Teon: The issue before is proclaimed to be the "Trial of Primal" (don't add the alias), could he be taken into custody and killed while trying to escape? I know at least one user that would scream as loud as she could about this.

Kenji: The outsider of the group. His powers are probably the most useful of the group and his death may be the easiest for the team to handle.


Six Light Baby: If you did not know yet there is a sixth light, a unnamed unborn baby. Could the baby die before it is born? This would probably be the big coup out of the options, but make the most sense of all the lights. Especially given what the issue is said to be about.

So what do you think? Honestly it seems like they would kill the new baby to make the first mission a failure and make the team more serious.


Liasion Change

 It is her Team and Don't Forget it
 It is her Team and Don't Forget it
If you did not read Generation Hope #6, you missed that Cyclops decided that Rogue was not an appropriate liaison between the X-men and Hope's team. He said that she was too close and consistently made poor judgment calls that put Hope in greater danger than he was comfortable with.

Fish Bowl Respect
Fish Bowl Respect
Kitty is supposed to be the best that the X-Men have and would be a great influence on Hope. Hope seemed less than thrilled that Kitty would be following them around.

How do you think this change will affect the team?

Hope still runs into buildings and is risking her life, does the shift to Kitty actually change anything. Is Kitty a better moral compass for the Team? Will Hope accept Kitty or is this just going to cause more conflict between Hope and the rest of the X-Men? Can the tether between Hope and Rogue bring the two back together?
Not in the Emma Fan Cub
Not in the Emma Fan Cub

I honestly think this was a smart move on the writers part. For once a character is not going to dominate two books that could easily be used to spotlight another great character. Kitty really is the best that the X-Men have to offer and she has been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good, I think they might want to eventually have Hope make the same sacrifice to save the mutant race. I also think this could be used to drive a wedge between Kitty and Rogue, causing strife between them could be fuel to the Schism fire. Plus Kitty always disliked Emma, but they moved past their issues and now respect eachother. We have seen that Hope also hates Emma and maybe Kitty can help show that Emma is not entirely evil and morally corrupt.

I think that might be a Burn on many levels
I think that might be a Burn on many levels

Fear Itself, MMXI and Juggernaut

Unless I am mistake, I would assume that the images that have been released from Fear Itself of this guy

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Are Juggernaut, aka Cain Marko.
Has anyone else noticed that in the teasers for MMXI, we see Colossus holding a very familiar helmet.

Uncanny X-Men #540
Uncanny X-Men #540


Can it be that Colossus takes on the Juggernaut mantle after Fear Itself? I could believe that Peter would do anything to save Kitty and if that meant being the avatar for Cyttorak, I think he would do it. Is it possible that Cain dies or losses his cyttorak powers when Fear Itself is over?


Could these events be less connected and less thought out than I am giving them credit for, or is this part of the master plans to change everything we know about these characters and to forever keep Peter and Kitty apart? 


MMXI seems to want to change a lot of what the X-men have been, this could be a huge shift for all characters involved.