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The one complain I have is the costume, god awful. I wish they could've put in his costume from War of the Supermen.

Broadie, YESSSS!!!

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Nope and have not been since the kids who grew up reading them in the post Watchmen/DKR era started writing them and took all the wrong lessons about "mature stories" from the above mentioned.

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Very conflicted on this one. Some things I loved, liked, disliked,& hated in this movie. Overall I'd give it a 3.5

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As with most costumes in this game, not a fan of the design. I know it's nit picky but I really need Zod to have hair, it's simply the way I've come to know the character. And I was hoping for something more akin to his New Krypton costume. Gameplay doesn't give much to go on, but hey, the "Kneel Before Zod!" sounds pitch perfect. I'll likely buy him, I've enjoyed all the other characters I've purchased thus far. Hopefully Manhunters coming soon as well.

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@traces8: Batgirl I actually love. Scorpion I'm passing on. Zod, I gotta see some gameplay footage if he's going to even be included that is. I really hope it's MM, but Boon is a notorious prankster who gets a kick out of doing stuff like this, so we'll see.

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Also, like pretty much all Jim Lee designs in the DCnU, this is terribly 90s in the worst kind of way.

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I rather enjoyed playing as her. She suits me pretty well, I like chain combo characters with "tricky" special attacks that you can link. Those worried that she'd play too much like Bruce/Dick can rest assured that she's definitely got her own style. I'm not so fond of a good bit of the cast being "Batman and his amazing friends" but I can say that as far as that goes they all do play uniquely. My only knock on Babs is that I can already tell that people will be spamming he smoke bomb attack that was ironically created to punish spammers like Superman/Sinestro. No big deal though if you learn the timing/range on it you should be pretty able to cancel it out with a well timed anti aerial attack of block and start off a combo or get a throw in. Liked her ending, hopefully we'll see some Star Lab Missions and some additional costumes in the near future.

PS anybody else find it a bit off when she does that hip swivel during her taunt? Does not match my conception of her character AT ALL, folk.

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Time to buy!