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@ Babs 
Take solace in the fact that you're happy doing a career you love. While all of those girls that bullied you are probably fat from all of their pregnancies, emotionally scarred from abortions, physically burned out from one too many bleacher bust downs with the football team, or drugged out on anti-depressants to escape the emptiness in their souls. And if it was guys doing it they were cowards and are probably closet homosexuals who wished they were women ^_^ 

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Not a fan of this new format, but maybe it'll a grow on me.

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I'm thankful that Morrison has stopped raping Batman and now is only violently molesting him...

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They don't bother me all that much. I mean after years of reading comics it's very, very, very, hard to surprise me anymore especially in hero comics. Much like pro wrestling we seen this dance before, and we can almost with exact certainty tell who's going to die, or how, and when they'll be back. 

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No, no he isn't. Marvel has made it clear that he and characters like The FF, Deadpool, Etc. are MuTATES.  And throughout the years it's been hinted that the spider bite may not actually be the source of Pete's powers, but may be supernatural (The web and all of that)

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Same with Avatar/Last Air Bender, folk. I definitely understood, and supported the outrcy of the Asian/Inuit communities when it came to the casting decisions. But as far as that abomination of a film went, I was more disturbed by it's blatant disregard for all things truly DB than by having a white Goku, though that played a part in my disdain as well. I get that Goku's an alien and him resembling a homo sapien of any ethnicity is an astronomical stretch, however, there was never a single doubt in my mind as I watched the show growing up that Goku was in fact Asian. He was based on a famous Asian folk legend and I can't really see him as being anything else. I mean in the anime/manga world. The only people who's ethnicity is clear are really blacks due to the over exaggerated,  almost racist ways we are portrayed. Generally it's assumed by Japanese readers/viewers that the characters they are seeing are Asian, specifically Japanese unless noted otherwise by the story.
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I tend to like the way the villains are portrayed in the films more than in the comics (Bullseye/Dr. Oc being) examples. At the end of the day we gotta recognize that comics are nonsensical at their core (at least the cape and boots stories are). Therefore People running around in spandex suits is normal, acceptable, and to be expected in their universe. I'm all for villains wearing suits, as long as they're not too stupid looking. A perfect example of this would be your boy Electro up their. Pretty cool, powerful villain. Lame, lame, lame, lame LAME ASS outfit, folk. One of the worst in the history of comics.

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Yes it matters, make the character who they are in the comics, that's what I'm paying to see and that's what people are expecting to see. Whatever their ethnicity is it should be reflected by the casting. Example, Lucy Liu  should be cast as Psylocke and not Angelina Jolie (fine as she is). And while I think MCD's portrayal of Kingpin was on point, it was distracting having a black actor in the role, and I'm saying this as a black man. To people commenting on Nick Fury being black in films, well that's based on Ultimate Nick Fury who was literally based on Jackson. In fact marvel's films borrow more from the Ultimate U than from 616 continuity. Also, to those that said DC/Warner did a bad job of explaining the Corps must not've watched JLA/Unlimited or any other DCAU property very closely.  
I more than understand some people's frustration with Hal Jordan, not John Stewart being the Lantern in the film. Many people have come up seeing Green Lantern as a black man & have never cracked open a comic book in their life to see otherwise. Many people, blacks especially are speaking from the perspective of individuals who have routinely been under/misrepresented in all forms of media for centuries. Their/our frustrations are understandable. I really question the choice to go with Jordan seeing as the general populace seems to connect GL with Stewart and Reynolds is looking to screw this up royally. Also if it was about filling seats then it was in their best interest to attract that general audience with Stewart. Comic fans pre or post Rebirth were going to show up regardless.

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If this arc leads to the death of Kitrina Falcone, I'll give it that much credit