Valiant Comics...They Are Still a Thing, Folk.

So yeah as some of you may know Valiant is relaunching their more popular properties. X-O Man of War was the first book announced. Well today it was announced that Joshua Dysart (of Unknown Soldier, BPRD, Swamp Thing fame) will be responsible for relaunching Harbinger and his partner in crime will be Khari Evans (of Carbon Grey, Immortal Iron Fist). I don't have any concrete memories of the Valiant books as a kid aside from seeing them on the shelves but I've looked into the concepts/characters and gotta say they really had some interesting stuff going on over their. I've heard form other readers that the books were actually quite, quite good. If anything I've heard that the concepts were so big that the original writers never got the chances to fully explore them before the line folded. The fact that they are putting talent like Dysart on these books makes me feel very optimistic about their reemergence. I look forward to seeing what the new blood brings to these cult favorites. I mean just look at what's been done by the writers on Image's Extreme titles and those book didn't have as nearly solid a foundation as this to start with.

Edit: here's a recent Ifanboy interview with Dysart about his take on the cult classic.