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Summerslam Predictions


Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

The New Day vs. The Club

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Jericho/Owens

The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

John Cena vs. AJ Styles

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Richard Pryor is widely recognized as the GOAT Comedian

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They ain't no Black Panther Party (60s-70s) is all I'll say.

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Just uploaded a new story

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The Batcave, Outsiders HQ

Batman looked at Black Canary shocked "But how?"

Black Canary replied "The feds locked him up after he went to go talk to the President. The Gulag has stasis field technology so advanced, that even a human's skills would be diminished"

Batman nodded "Superman must have some way to shut it off in case there's a prison riot. But that's another story. Right now, Green Arrow and whoever else is locked up could be essentials to our victory so let's take a 4 man team of me, you, Question, & Huntress. Once we can successfully free the prisoners, we call all out of the Outsiders and possibly the Titans to meet us at the Gulag. Once there, we destroy the prison and get ready to fight. Just like the old Cadmus prison base I broke into last time, it's most likely near the CADMUS HQ in NYC"

John Stewart piped in "It isn't, the Gulag is an island that's off the coast of NYC. I knew because I heard Luthor discussing it with Superman"

Black Canary nodded "So what are we to do?"

Batman responded "If we go to break Green Arrow out the Gulag, it's possible, CADMUS will use this as an opportunity to capture us. I say we make this escape our last stand instead of a simple recovery mission. Every single one of the Outsiders are going to fight this fight. I'll have Gear & Oracle work on hacking the statis field from the Gulag, & the HQ respectively, so we can get our abilities back then we'll have me, Canary, Green Lantern, Shayera, Static, Orion, Aquaman, Zatanna, Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, & Beast Boy leading the forces. I figure some of you want your rematches. Grodd, Slade, Flash & Steel all have personal vendettas with Luthor so I'll send you four to take him on."

Slade, Steel, Wally and Grodd all smirked and nodded in agreement

Bruce pushed a button on his belt that unveiled his new suit. Soon he was covered in a new Batsuit, that had features ready to combat Superman

No Caption Provided

Bruce pressed the center of the belt, to send a message to all of the Outsiders to get ready for their mission, along with sending the coordinates of the location.


No Caption Provided

The Titans HQ, Bludhaven

After 5 years the Titans decided to move their base to Bludhaven. Or at least it was Nightwing's decision. Not only was it so he could be closer to a city he sworn to defend (Both cities-With Batman giving him the position as Protector of Gotham, he wouldn't be able to do double duty. Someone like Jason would be more fit for Bludhaven which was a grittier city than Gotham), but to establish themselves as contemporaries of the Justice League they would have to compete for territory. It did seem as if there were too many teams on the East Coast. Both the Titans & The League had formidable rosters with the Titans slowly but surely beginning to outmatch the League in numbers as teams such as the Outsiders (original) and Young Justice began to merge with the Titans. After 5 years, the core Titans (Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, & Beast Boy, Terra later regained her identity and use of her powers but decided not to rejoin the team), decided to expand, recruiting and training young heroes. They even managed to add Static & Gear to their roster as part-timers, two heroes who were offered League membership after graduating high-school. On top of that, young heroes were more likely to go to the more family like team structure rather than the employee model the League focused on.

The Titans Tower stood strong as it encompassed a large assemble of teen and young adult heroes. However these heroes were growing bored. Ever since the outbreak of the Civil War, Nightwing made sure only the founding members would assist Batman. It wasn't because he didn't see them as ready, but because they were partially responsible for the MRA being conceived in the first place they didn't want to hurt more lives on both sides. After all with the combined numbers of the League & the Titans, the media would bill it as a superhero apocalypse. Other than his own personal beliefs, that was Dick's own reason for registration. With him cooperating with Luthor, that proved that some heroes were cooperating with the government.

Each of the 5 Titans sat in the conference room determining what their next stance would be. Cyborg despite his cybernetic enhancements which were now state of the art, began growing hair and a goatee. Beast Boy gained more muscle mass and wore the same uniform albeit with sort sleeves. Nightwing was almost the size of Bruce just slimmer, wearing a new cowl but a leather black combat suit with a large bluebird. Raven wore an alternate version of the uniform she wore in her teen years, just more fluid like and less of a robe. Starfire wore the same uniform, but it now further emphasized the curvaceous figure she developed in both her chest and bottom over the years. Although her and Dick still remained good friends, he was too concerned with his job to really settle down for a love life. And just like Bruce's experiences with women although he loved Kori, he also loved other women as well, mainly Barbara Gordon, a member of the team. He had known both women since childhood, both getting him through lots of tough times. Nightwing was a notorious playboy himself. He had relations with Zatanna and Donna Troy in his teenage years.

Finally he spoke up "We need to figure out something, we can't keep denying the Titans combat. They feel just as passionate about the Registration Act as we do"

Cyborg in a somber tone countered "We can't do that. Not only does it risk too many of our team but you we're the reason for this in the first place. With you registering, we're on Waller's good side. Let's just stay out of this, we may be metahumans, but I think everyone knows, this is a plan to bring down the League"

Starfire piped in "And while that may be true, the League are our allies, our mentors. Surely you can't forget that the Flash was once a member of our ranks, or that Green Arrow is locked in the Gulag. What about when CADMUS apprehended Robin, Static, & Gear. What about when they imprisoned the Doom Patrol who've been underground for years. I don't believe CADMUS are intentionally malicious, but they've been prepared for war".

Raven in a tranquil voice added "She's right. Frankly I'm getting sick of this whole MRA talk. By it being destroyed everything can go back to normal. "

Beast Boy smiling "Yeah, let's go down to the Gulag, start a riot, and beat CADMUS once and for all"

Nightwing sighed "It isn't that easy, guys"

Cyborg nodded "I usually don't agree with Dick but he's right. We aren't kids anymore, we can't just meddle in business that we aren't capable of"

Beast Boy's face grew with tension "But we have. Are you forgetting who we are. You're damn right Cy that we aren't kids anymore. We are the Titans. We have the largest superhero roster in the world, and defeated the Brotherhood of Evil when we were just teenagers. Don't tell me you two are afraid?"

Nightwing glared at Beast Boy "No one's afraid. Batman has Aquaman, Orion, & The Flash on his teams, He doesn't need our help, we'll be fine"

Starfire said "That still doesn't mean we just sit back and watch our kind fight each other, or more young heroes captured by the authorities. It isn't guaranteed the Outsiders will win. Aquaman, Orion, & The Flash still have to abide by US Law, and won't murder their own comrades. So why can't we fight?"

Cyborg angrily responded at Starfire "Because we're no match for Luthor!. We may have the numbers but these are experienced heroes and villains we're dealing with. We can't win"

Raven still in a solemn manner " Who said we couldn't. I'm the daughter of Trigon & Nightwing is the son of Batman, we can win....just like we always have. No one thought we could beat Slade, but you bested him in combat, Nightwing. When Atlas had you beat Cyborg, did you give up? No, you defeated him. What happened to giving 110%?"

Cyborg nodded " You're right Rae"

Nightwing nodded "Beast Boy, tell the Titans to get the T-Ships ready, when Batman gives us the word, we're going to the Gulag"

Soon a beeper started flashing on his suit

"I guess that's now"



General Wade Eiling stood in the middle of the CADMUS office with his muscles heaving, eager to slay some metahumans.

Luthor grinned at Amanda Waller "So this is our secret weapon, that will win us this war?"

Amanda Waller smiled "Yes, General Eiling is a true patriot of the United States"

General Eiling nodded angrily "I said I would be back if the Justice League became a major threat and it seems that Batman and his forces aren't going down easily"

In walked a familiar stranger phasing in from the ground up
In walked a familiar stranger phasing in from the ground up

Amanda, Lex, & Eilng both looked at the Martian Manhunter in amazement.

In a solemn voice, J'onn spoke "Wonder Woman has kept me aware of the state of dealings in this Metahuman Civil War, I must say I'm disappointed in both sides for the unnecessary bloodshed."

Lex smirked "Join us my Martian friend, and let us enforce what is right"

J'onn replied ominously " I know your true motives Luthor. After all I am one of the universe's greatest telepathy. This war is just a game to you. It is only to keep the metahuman population subservient, while boosting your campaign for the President of the United States."

Lex smiled "I am a genius, why would I not do such a thing"

J'onn remarked "Although I must admit, as mischievous as you are, there is some good in you. I also know that you have good intentions as President this time, unlike before. The anti-poverty program intended to target areas such as Suicide Slums is rather kind"

Lex chuckled "I know you didn't come here to give me compliments. You don't trust me, You came to stop me"

"You're right Lex, I don't trust you as inside your mind is a man who is conflicted between who he once was and who he wants to be. You have a love for humanity, but that love for humanity is rivaled also by the love you have for yourself. I also know that your greed and ambition for power will corrupt you once you become President, something that fears me"

Amanda Waller smiled "And that's why I intend to run as Luthor's Vice President to keep check over him, and intend to find a more suitable successor for Director of Project CADMUS."

General Eiling grunted "You guys are just going to let this green mutant impede on our business and tell us what we have to do"

J'onn smirked and with a flick of his fingers lifted General Eiling and sent him flying through the wall, leaving a large crater as if he was nothing.

J'onn sent a message to Eiling's mind "Sleep"

Amanda Waller stared in amazement

"I've see you've developed new tricks, Martian Manhunter"

"He won't be sleep for long, besides it gets tiring to use my powers and as I continue to use them more, and in rapid effect, I grow weaker"

J'onn continued "As I was saying, I don't trust Luthor, but at the same time I don't intend to stop him"

Amanda Waller eyed Martian Manhunter confused "You don't?"

J'onn shook his head "No. I know that after Luthor's return from the Source Wall, he's gained immensely powerful by receiving some of Brainiac's intelligence, that's allowed him to develop AMAZO like technology suited for his own body based off of Brainiac's abilities. I know that if I tried to stop Luthor his mind would not only be too advanced to even breakdown but he would only mimic my abilities as Luthor can memorize the abilities of those he's in contact with, and make them even more powerful while eliminating any weaknesses. Only someone greater than me can defeat Luthor. He truly is a god. Just a god smart enough to know that if he were to directly take over the U.S. by force, the probability of his downfall would increase. The tortoise way is always the best way"

Luthor smirked "So why is it that you came?"

"I only came to pay a visit to Wonder Woman. I assumed she would be here"

Amanda Waller's phone started beeping and she pulled it out. It was a message from Guardian.

The officer spoke with urgency "There's invaders in the Gulag"

Luthor shook his head "How in the hell can there be invaders, when no one has any abilities"

"Batman is here"


The Gulag

Superman and Batman both stood face to face in the prison yard. All of the metahumans in the yard all backed off in awe at the world's two most legendary superheroes staring at each other. Batman was now equipped in his new suit which he used to scale the wall, and land in the prison yard. He chose not to surrender as if he surrendered his Batsuit would be confiscated, rendering him unable to communicate with Gear and Oracle. All soldiers except Gear, his generals, and the ones who didn't go to the Gulag such as the Titans, all surrendered themselves, so that they can break free once the stasis field was negated. The rest were all floating undersea, breathing water with bubbles produced by Aquaman. This was going to be a difficult mission as Gear no longer had his superhuman intelligence. Luckily he had Oracle's help, along with his computer experience in High School to pull this off. The prison yard was enormous to accommodate the world's metahuman population and the island was even larger. The statis field was marked by a light red surge that extended inside the walls of the prison. The Gulag also had a teleportation system similar to the Watchtower, that allowed prisoners to be transported more faster and efficiently. Instead of walking, they would simply walk to the pod outside their cell and teleport to the yard.

Although it would've been logical for Aquaman or anyone else to destroy the prison from the outside, Batman was a man of strict moral code who did not want to endanger any lives.

Clark smirked at Bruce "You know in the past, knowing you I would figure that all of your forces surrendering, while you weren't is just a ruse but then I figured you're the only one delusional enough to never quit. You just never give up, do you?"

Soon CADMUS guards appeared with their lasers and weapons "Want us to take care of this boss?"

Superman waved them off "I got it"

"No, I don't."

Batman wasn't trying to win, he was just going to stall Superman, so that Gear could get enough time to remove the technology before he finally defeats Superman with his new suit. Superman was still wearing his typical uniform, albeit with the solar suit under it. His powers were too neutralized, but even then he was still more physical superior to Batman.

Batman threw a punch as the prisoners started cheering for him. Superman caught the punch and used it as leverage to throw Batman to the ground. Batman landed on his feet a few yards away from Superman.

"This is going to be a long day"


The Computer Room

No Caption Provided

Gear had managed to make his way to the computer room. Although his powers were shut off, that doesn't mean the equipment he developed was. He was able to make it past all the guards using his Zap Packs leaving a heap of bodies on the trailer to the room.

Although his intelligence was diminished, he was confident that he could get this task completed. The world depended on him.

He sat down in the computer room, amazed at how complex it was. A room like this was going to be more difficult to hack than a typical lab in Dakota. Gear plugged in Backpack to the computer system in the room, hoping to send a signal to the Outsiders HQ.

He beeped Oracle "I'm in the Gulag's system"

No Caption Provided

Oracle responded "I'm in also. This system is out of this world. My best hunch is that it was designed by Luthor. Without your abilities, it's going to be extremely difficult to hack, but knowing CADMUS they wouldn't have this at the expense of heroes on their side, there's a way to disable this"

Gear continued to type searching the database


Batman and Superman were both sweating underneath their uniforms. Even though Batman was the more skilled martial artist, Superman had years of bench pressing the moon that his athleticism and physique was far superior to Batman's.

Without his powers, the two were near equals.

Batman had disabled the functions of the suit to give Superman a fair fight and to ease suspicion. The crowd were still mostly in his favor as these were all prisoners by MRA. The few Superman supporters were those that were rogues of Batman.

Batman was panting heavily "You're not that bad farmboy"

Superman laughed "I'm even better" and ran towards Bruce.

Bruce countered by kneeing Superman directly in the nose, a classic Muay Thai technique.

Superman cringed in pain as he grabbed his nose. Batman followed it up with a spinning back kick that sent Superman flying to the ground.

Green Arrow yelled "Let's go Bats!"

Superman landed with a nice thud on the floor of the yard, cringing in pain while still motioning the guards to allow this fight to continue.

"How does it feel to be human, Kryptonian?"

Superman stood up and cracked his knuckles "Don't get too cocky". Superman got into a boxing stance "Come get me"

Batman smirked under his black suit "My pleasure"


The computer room

Gear was still struggling with the computers. "I still can't get it, this system is hard to decode."

Oracle replied "If I can crash the statis system with a virus, maybe it can work"

Gear shook his head "I doubt that will work, Luthor would've made it more difficult to decode than that"

Oracle smiled "Not if I found, Luthor's own plans for it. Don't forget, I have Luthor's system in our hands."

Gear wiped off the beads of sweat off his forehead. "Let's do that then."


The Gulag

The fight had began to shift. It was obvious, Batman's physical shortcomings were catching up to him, especially after still recovering from his injury. Superman still had the physical advantage because while his powers (even his super strength) were shut off, he still had Kryptonian DNA, leading to longer endurance than a normal human.

Batman was on his knees panting as Superman walked towards him.

"You're my friend Bruce, just give up. It hurts me to fight you like this"

Green Arrow yelled at Superman "Don't kill him, Remember who we are!"

Batman with parts of his facial mask chipping away but not enough to show his face, stood up.

"Your ruined my new suit"

"Why didn't you use it instead of fighting me barehanded; or was that you trying to show off again?" Superman legitimately asked

Batman smirked "It was all part of the plan. I knew if I were to quickly defeat you, my plan would be stalled, After all I'm no idiot. I know that CADMUS knows I'm here, so I had to stall you".

Superman befuddled "Stall me for what?"

Batman responded to Superman indirectly "Gear and Oracle, are you finished"

Simultaneously, both of the technologists said in unison "In 10 seconds"

Bruce grimaced "That's good enough for me"

Superman stood still in bewilderment as he heard Gear and Oracle count down











The light red stasis field signal disappeared as suddenly every metahuman in the prison, regained control to much delight, with some transforming back to their superpowered forms.

Batman grinned "It's time for the end"

Superman's anger was quickly dissipated by the rebirth of his abilities. His eyes flashed red



To Be Continued...Civil War # 15: The End Pt 4: The Final Battle, & Civil War # 16: Epilogue

DC Civil War Omnibus

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In my DC Civil War fanfic that was made in the aftermath of JLU I made Superman as Pro-Registration and Batman as Anti. Even though Batman distrusts metahumans and Superman prizes his identity, Batman is also extremely rebellious and Superman is extremely loyal to the American people. If the people called for registration rather than CADMUS which is what happened in my book, Superman would side with them.