Earth-691 - What became of 616 characters

Earth-691 diverged from Earth-616 in the 20th century (Marvel Two-in-One #69, Nov 1980). Also referred to as 'The War of The Worlds,' the Martians attacked and conquered Earth. Many popular heroes and villains were defeated or fled Earth in the process. The Martians would later flee and the Earth would be conquered again by the Badoon. Thus formed the Guardians of the Galaxy to combat them.

As with all alternate realities, readers want to know what their favorites were doing and why they aren't around. As a fan service, many characters back stories were thrown in to the mix.

This list compiles those small passages and appearances of prominent 616 characters and what became of them. Brief descriptions are provided as well as notes to direct your searches if you are interested. I've tried to add more expanded versions (if available) to the character pages where I found it necessary, so for more details check the alternate reality sections of the characters page.

Still a work in progress...

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