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@xerox-kitty:  who like poor little ol me?
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more of their work dusted off .

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@BuddyBulson: is it me or is this lady listen to glen beck or what ? 
is she really that stupid ?
oh and dont forget about the copyright laws being broken here in clear view for all  to see. 
but I think that this lady is clearly a moron who lived under a rock . heck if she thinks thats bad then what is her stance on novels who almost use either more or less than what a comic book uses for its subject matter .
conan vs Wolverine

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people like this make me wonder what the world if were run by fools like this senator Nancy king and glen beck , or Sara pailin . I mean people like this makes a person want to either kill themselves because they want to people to live the way they already live and that is in fear and selfishness , not even having any real imagination  or a lack of vision . I mean novels are good and all but comic books in my view enhance an vocabulary  just the same as a well written novel or prose or a collection of  novellas written by the likes of Stephen king  . but this woman sees the future of america as either trying to become like herself a selfshish brainless political sheep who does what ever peoplelike herself or like glen beck eho is afreade of even his own hsadow aor like a person wtih

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well lets just say guys like savage dragon had a decent day job as a cop even as a bounty hunter for some time but you know he could have been a dishwasher in a fast food restaurant. 

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the classic never die ( that's funny that last comment listen up you screw heads sounds like the right it came from army of darkness )

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Little does this stupid lady know that even the most so called purest of heart so called hero's ( comic book superheros or not IE the military ,police , firefighters  etc) Mind if I could ask this question are superheros so post to be perfect flawless goody two shoes with holy-er than thou morals ( be in truth no one is perfect not even in movies ) sorry but its people like this that make me wonder what would happen if they paint everything they deem evil with a broad brush .makes me wonder whats next on the chopping block the bible (and how evil the people were in that epic saga of human life , no body is perfect not even in this so called real world )  so don`t blame comicbooks .


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@daak1212:  dooms vengeance will not be inpeded by a meek  little mutant who could use nature as her weapon .
now doom will fix a deli sandwich and go watch my life time soaps. 
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@sinigang: so far so good . can`t  wait to see the colors when its done (it looks stunning )
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@Decoy Elite:  well that is if you gave him a soul then he would spare you (well if you don`t  you can spend the rest of eternity having your skin ripped off over and over and over with rusty old chains in the deepest darkest pits of hell ) put penny wise hell no maybe if I could screw over leather face or chucky  . but  pinhead you   need to have your plan together I mean I would set them all up for pinhead thus sparing my life in the process. end of story ( because I am smarter than all of them if I had prior knowledge of their true weakness for me to play with . hell I would do a ash Williams and battle each one of them with a chainsaw and a boom stick  and plenty of holy shotgun shells . one word groovy !