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The only reason Cloud stands a chance is because Sephiroth wanted to prolong Cloud's suffering as much as possible, which backfired when Cloud's most powerful limit breaker came out.

The first time he beat Sephiroth was against a mentally exhausted Sephiroth who had already defeated a powerful foe, and was blindsided by a sword to the back, and even that didn't defeat him, he had to bleed out for like a half hour out of a wound that covered the majority of back, and even then Cloud BARELY was able to overpower him :P

The second time was when Sephiroth had already been defeated by several people, and where Cloud and Sephiroth were in a place where Sephiroth's enormous speed, strength, durability, and reflex advantage was taken away from him (aka the Lifestream).

And the third time Cloud was all but dead, and had it not been for Zack and Aerith saving his sorry butt throughout the last 20 minutes of the movie, would have died instead of gaining his limit breaker!

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Thor one shot him, Ghost Rider one shot him, WBH one shot him, Dr Strange one shot him, Wally West one shot him, Doreen Green erases him from existence and solo FF universe for the lulz

I will debate Sephiroth against Thor any day of the weak, and I already debated Sephiroth against WBH, and only lost that match by a single vote. Doctor Strange is also heavily debatable. Wally West obviously would win, and Doreen Green is unbeatable, so there's no shame in that.

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if ifs and buts were candy and nuts...we'd all have a merry christmas.

Cloud, I say.

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man...this is the way the vine is going? Posting clips from the cartoon as proof of argument? really? REALLY?

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silly people that don't know Superman DOES get stronger with time...he doesn't even have to be enraged or anything...he just...y'know, needs to stand there

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Physical attacks will not work on ST, Broly can blow up everything he wants...it won't put ST down.

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A bloodlusted Silver Surfer and Bloodlusted Thor will take it

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@xeon1cs: no i mean superman is it silver age? or current we dont know.

Battle forum rules state that if no version is provided, we should use the most current one. It's New 52 Supes.

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there is no way Godzilla could actually put ice man down, the dude is immortal.

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Spite. Superman destroys both under these conditions. This isn't even fair for Naruto and Goku.

abslolutely correct. Under these conditions Superman would be about 300 times more powerful (if we follow the Our Worlds at War story in which he sundipped for 15 min. and became 3 times more powerful).