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... I don't enjoy any of them really...

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Green Lantern


Star Wars Episode I - mostly

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No I'd rather that not happen;.

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Mine are Lazarus, Daredevil, Justice League/JLA,and Green Arrow

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Sokka, easily I believe

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Captain America, easy.

Thor was the worst.

Incredible Hulk was good, but not fantastic.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Richard Armitage, or Daniel Day-Lewis... Though that would be terrifying because that would mean we'd have a real life super villain.

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There's no point in continuing this discussion.

We have reported facts of what Batman in Arkham has done, but nothing to speculate how he would act in this situation. Because he has this equipment doesn't mean he will necessarily use it. Gameplay mechanics do not, have not, and will not count as feats. That's how the battle forums work, so really this whole argument is pointless.

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Yes there aren't any cutscene feats to say how much he can do. All we have are gameplay mechanics, so we can base the arguments off of that. Batman is bulletproof to a degree. And seeing as Black Widow has guns, and is a good shot, I see no reason for him NOT to disrupt her guns and leave her open to H2H only.

The OP didn't say how far they start from each other, so you don't know much of an advantage either of them have or know where they're fighting.

Batman has smoke pellets that he can drop on the ground and has the Batclaw to reel them in close. He also has Freeze Cluster grenades to immobilize them for a moment.

Green Arrow is the only problem in this match. Black Widow is a non-factor basically.

Except that gameplay never counts when it comes to feats. Gameplay lets us know that Batman has the various weapons, but we don't know what style of combat he'd choose upon not being under the player's control.

Batman is not bulletproof. Except Black Widow should be faster than Batman and it'll be incredibly difficult to "disrupt her guns"

They start twenty feet away I believe if the OP doesn't state.

He has lots of equipment but i doubt ARrow and Widow will give him the time to use it.

How on earth if a super talented, peak human with expert marksmenship skills, fantastic hand to hand abilities, electrical gadgets and great speed a "non-factor".

I will concede that Arkhamverse Batman vs Arrow would result in Batman winning 8/10 and Batman vs Widow would be Batman winning 8/10. But Batman vs the combined duo has no chance of taking a majority; his opponents are far too skilled.

Batman never takes down anyone of huge skill on his own in the Arkham games so far. The best I can think of is Ra's al Ghul. Who is defeated in a hallucination sequence that cannot count as feats.

Show me evidence that Batman is better than Widow and Arrow. You haven't so far. So do better.