While I Was Gone...

My profile over here has been little else but Twitter feeds and status updates as of late (while I'm slowly working towards being the first person on Giant Bomb to hit 10K posts).  With the holiday season kicking in...and the fact that I work at a PC and Xbox 360 gaming center...it means that my time is spread pretty thin with all the new games that are being released *cough*MODERNWARFARE2*uncough*.  However, it doesn't mean I've been taking my comic reading lightly.  I just haven't been writing about it. 
A lot of that is because I'm still catching up on things that you guys have probably already gotten WAAAAAY past.  Here's a bullet list...because I like bullet lists: 

  • Blackest Night - Green Lantern Corps #41 was good.  Green Lantern #47 was really good.  Blackest Night #4 was eh.  I hate to say it, but I'm getting less interested in BN right now.  Maybe it's because I'm ready to start reading BN: Flash and BN: JSA...and BN: Starman.  I've also got BN: Superman #3 sitting around, but the shop STILL hasn't gotten copies of BN: Supes #2.  Grr.  HOWEVER, they finally got BN: Bats #2 in again, so I was able to finish off the BN: Batman set.  Gotta say...kinda disappointed by the end of that.  Thought it would play out better.  I haven't been reading the core Batman books, only Batman & Robin.  That's solely because they don't have all the issues from after Battle/R.I.P.  *le sigh*
  • Preacher - I'm continuing to plow through the trades on that.  Up to Vol.6 now.  Vol.4 was alright, but I didn't really care about side stories for Arseface and the hillbilly bumpkins of Jesse's past.  Vol.5 was excellent though.  The only thing I can say is "HUMPERDUMPER DIDO!".
  • Criminal - I finally picked up Lawless in singles, as well as the one-shots for Gnarly, Teeg, and Danica.  Those one-shots were some of the most gripping pieces of literature I've read in a long time, and Criminal has easily become one of my favorite books ever!  Hopefully, my Bad Night trade will make it to my hands soon.  I haven't started on The Sinners because I wanna finish up on all the previous stuff first.
  • Sleeper Season One - Got the trade for this, and man...it's a tough read.  Very disjointed timeline, which I like...but my sleep schedule means I'm usually reading comics when I'm half-awake, and this is definitely NOT a book to read when you are half-awake.
  • The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home - Picked all 5 singles up for $11.00 (three of the issues were in the $1 bin at the shop, SWEET).  I'll get around to reading those this week.
  • Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Homie at the shop let me crack open a used copy of the HC they got back (the dood complained about it being $35 and having few word bubbles).  Gotta say...that's a pretty fun book...but definitely not going to spend $35 on that damn HC.
  • The Marvelous Land of Oz #1- As G-Man has said...if you haven't picked that up yet...do it!!!  I was thoroughly impressed with the work that Shanower and Young did on Wizard of Oz, and this is no exception.  Suffice it to say...I might like this more than I did the previous!  Really looking forward to the big reveal in this book, as I think it'll shock some people who aren't familiar with the story at all.   hehehe  I'm also psyched that this is selling so well, as it means there is a strong chance that the duo will do Ozma of Oz, which is a GREAT book!
  • Fables - I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm going to be picking up the Vol.1 trade pretty soon (since it's only $10...thank God for Vertigo's cheap trade pricing).  I've heard nothing but good things about this series, so I gotta see what the hubbub is all about.
  • Scalped - Brubaker mentioned this in the back of one of his Criminal issues, so I think I'm going to have to check it out...since that guy seems to have pretty good tastes.
Sadly, though, I'm gonna have to start slowing my roll on comics for a bit.  That just means I'm not going to be able to buy as many per week.  hehehe  My car ('93 Mustang) has had a cracked head since July...which if you know anything about cars, that's just damn near insane and impossible to believe!  Still runs like a dream, lawl...but now that I've written this, I'm sure that I've jinxed it.  Nonetheless, a remanufactured head would run me about $300, but I found a 302-carburated with a transmission...only 33k miles on them...for $600!!!  That's two months of saving, but the guy is going to hold onto it for me until I've got the money together.  I can't wait.  My dream has been to get this car some performance going, and personally...I don't believe in global warming.  I believe in fast cars.  I'm from Texas.  = D  From there, I'll probably be spending more time dumping money into my car finally so I can take it out to the amateurs at Ennis and/or local drags at Prairie Hill.  Hopefully, this is the start of what I've been waiting for. 
Until next time, piece.