Best Non DC/Marvel Titles

Great books that aren't from the big 2 publishers. Every bit the quality of anything the big 2 produces, these books are must reads and Fury favorites!

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Edited by MadeinBangladesh

haha Knew Lazarus was gonna be #1 for you since you have the same cover profile pic. I would add a lot more to the list. I read alot of non Marvel and Dc titles lol. Do you read Valiant? You should give some of them try. I turned my back on them all these months, but I love every single title I read from them!

Posted by Jake Fury

@madeinbangladesh: Just read Lazarus so its my favorite right now. Haha. I have some other stuff to add as I go along.

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great picks you should get chew it's a fun book

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Lazarus is one of the best series out the now, let alone which isn't DC or Marvel, so I'd also easily place it at top.