Death of the Endless (DC) vs Oblivion (Marvel)

Death of the Endless (DC)
Death of the Endless (DC)


Oblivion (Marvel)
Oblivion (Marvel)

Set up: Death of the Endless is having a nice walk and stumbles upon the abstract know as OBLIVION!!!!!!!! Oblivion falls in love with here and hits on her (Like Johnny Bravo style hitting) but Death finds him rude and a douche, so she slaps him cross the face then Oblivion gets angry and........... Yea you know the rest.............

Set up:

  • Battle takes place in the void.
  • Both are bloodlust.
  • Both there morals are off.
  • Both are allowed to use there minions.
  • Win by KO (because they can't really kill each other).

Who wins and why?