Fury of Firestorm : the Nuclear Woman

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the Idea for this one came to me one night after listing to steely dan and watching the final season of Superfriends and reading a random back Issue of Firestorm vol two [ and it had got me thinking what if Firehawk :Lorraine Reilly had Merged with Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein to create an Composite Firestorm . the Idea kinda came from me thinking about How Rebis /Negative Man was Created in Grant Morrison Doom Patrol . and say with if the original Ongoing series would been like if Grant Morrison would gotten ahold of it and did his Surreal Deconstructing magic on it to the main character . if that would have Happened maybe the series would have not been canceled in the [ Post-Crisis DCU ] maybe this wild composite Fem Firestorm would have became an Member of Grant`s Doom Patrol ,who knows this is just me spit balling an crazy idea that might have worked in the Late Eighties DC comics . other than that I really do like Firestorm as an character since I was a Kid . the early version seemed so strange [ being a nigh powerful elemental ] yet familiar [ kinda having the complicated school life of Spider-Man /Peter Parker ] in a way I wish that Firestorm had his own Animated series just to himself so all that stuff could truly be explored . instead of being a guest star like in brave and the bold . -_- anyways this pin up I was trying to channel mid eighties DCU visuals inspired by Firestorm Co Creator Al Migrom for my composite Firestorm : the Nuclear Woman .

be enough of my randomly collected thoughts enjoy the fury of Firestorm .

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@j1ml33: That's a cool take on Firestorm. Sorry I missed this one.