Vine Prime: Izaiah

Note:  This is woefully incomplete, a work in progress.

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Code Name:  Izaiah.
Real Name:  Hadrian Atarxia / Izaac Alexander Drake.
Aliases:  Twilight Man, The Wanderer, Chons, Iah, Son of Tomorrow, The Lunar Legend, Son of Two Worlds, Ghost of the Future, Scion of the Frozen Heavens, Tocatl ('Spider' in Nahuatl).
Nicknames:  Wando, TW, T-Man, Izzy, Taxi.
Azataron Atarxia/Jason Drake (father),
Marie Drake-Osborn (mother, deceased),
Jenny Drake (older sister),
Matthew Drake (older brother, missing),
Sicarius (maternal grandfather),
Tzuryash Atarxia (paternal grandfather),
Atzyrias Atarxia (cousin).
AffiliationsThe Symbols.  Previously, We Are Legend, Champions of Peace (Guardians and Champions Squad).
Base of Operations:  Washington, DC.  Previously, Los Angeles, Champion City and Coyolxauhqui (unreachable at present).
Universe:  Vine Prime.


Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
Identity:  Forgotten Public Knowledge.
Citizenship:  Citizen of the United States and of Heliopolis (Empire of Xantro).
Marital Status:  Single.
Occupation:  Agent of the Symbols.
Religion:  Judaism (semi-devout).


Nature:  Biologically Altered Human/Nitari Hybrid.
Place of Birth:  New York City, New York, United States.
Age:  19 (born on March 4, 1993).
Height:  5' 11" (180 cm).
Weight:  155 lbs (70.3 kg).
Hair:  Black.
Eyes:  Green.
Unusual Features:  None at present moment.
Description:  Izaiah is moderately tall with a fairly athletic build, short black hair, facial stubble, green eyes, and medium skin tone.  There is an Indigo Tribe tattoo on his right shoulder, but it has faded since he regenerated slightly after the revocation of his Hekai (powers gained in the Xantroan Rite of Illumination).  Thanks to said regenerative ability, most battle scars have similarly faded.  His clothes typically include a hood, and follow a red/black or blue/black color scheme (with some variation).  Items he's rarely seen without would be the Deathbringer Blade of Hezion (in battle, anyway, it only appears when the wielder wills it) and his Xantroan Sigil Ring.  Prior to being deprived of his Hekai, he used to be able to manifest Zaron (a semi-corporeal animal spirit frequently assuming the shape of either a peregrine falcon, or a snow leopard) and a Wadjet (a glowing facial mark appearing when one's Hekai are active).  His uniform also used to feature a cape prior to losing his Hekai.


The Beginning: Izaac Drake



Second Persona: The Son of Tomorrow

The Elemental.
The Elemental.


Third Persona: The Wanderer

 The Light Reborn.
 The Light Reborn.


Fourth Persona: Tocatl

The Spider.
The Spider.


Abilities & Weaknesses

Inherent Powers

  • Omnilinguality:  Ability to adapt to any language instinctively, written or spoken alike.  Written Xantronese is the only language that has given him trouble.
  • Regeneration:  Triggered at severe injury, Izaiah (like everyone else of Nitari descent) can lapse into a death-like comatose state, preparing his body for a complete (or mostly complete) regeneration which will often occur hours, or even weeks after the event.  Common side effects of such a regeneration is the development of a new 'Persona', which entails that his appearance, Hekai and animal spirit (when applicable) will be slightly altered.
  • Extended Lifespan:  Izaiah's natural lifespan is unknown, he might possibly live for many centuries without succumbing to death of old age.
  • Telepathy:  All Nitari are capable of low-level telepathy, transmitting (but not broadcasting) messages across a large city, and reading a person's mind with their consent.
  • Danger Sense:  Due to his close connection to the element of time, Izaiah can sense the approach of danger.  His dreams may sometimes project likely futures, though in ways not easily interpreted.

Serqet's Gift

Some time after losing his Hekai (classic powers, gained in the Xantroan Rite of Illumination), he was given new ones by Lady Serqet of Heliopolis.

  • Superhuman Physical Attributes:  Izaiah's natural strength, agility, speed, reflexes, durability and equilibrium have all been enhanced.
  • Wallcrawling:  Ability to scale walls through bioelectrical force.
  • Spider's Eye:  Ability to use a primitive sort of telepathy to control spiders, and see through their eyes.
  • Healing:  Ability to instinctively sense the presence and nature of impurities/injuries within human (or similarly structured humanoid) bodies, and to temporarily project aspects of the natural Nitari regenerative ability onto them (enhancing and stabilizing the person's natural healing abilities).  Particularly severe injuries may require regular healing sessions to achieve a sufficient result.
    Izaiah is capable of using this ability on himself (note that Nitari self-regeneration, as mentioned above, is only triggered in really severe situations, and never at will), but it causes him pain and is only around half as effective as on others.


The Deathbringer Blade of Hezion:  A weapon forged from an unknown metal alloy with seemingly magical properties.
  • Has two different modes: one tangible and absurdly sharp (default mode); and one physically intangible (though visible) that can freeze anything it passes through, if the wielder wills it.  Its basic form can be altered by its user's will, its most common forms are khopesh (Egyptian sickle sword), typical sword, or spear.
 The Blade of Hezion.
The Blade of Hezion.
  • Legends surrounding it suggests that it can capture the soul or 'life essence' of whomever it kills (provided the killed one is sapient/sentient, destroying a primitive robot with it wouldn't have any such effects), although Izaiah has no intention to find out the truth value in that claim. It has demonstrated the function to expel foreign consciousnesses from possessed individuals however.
  • The blade can appear and disappear based on the user's will.  If an unauthorized person were to attempt wielding it, it would disappear, and thus be available for an authorized wielder to summon it back. 
  • Certain events seem to suggest that the Deathbringer can only be broken (and never irreparably destroyed) using a similar artifact, or by someone who is about to die within the next few minutes.  However, it can be repaired by its wielder, or someone with a close connection to the 'element' of death.
  • The blade's paranormal properties (sharpness, intangible mode, responding to summons, disappearing when attempted to be used by non-wielders) can be counteracted by advanced magic or science, specifically by generating anti-magic/anti-dimension-shifting/anti-etheric energy fields in the object's present location.  However, the nigh-indestructibility of the blade would still remain in such circumstances.
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Xantroan Sigil Ring:  A multifunctional device of Xantronian origin, it takes the form of a platinum ring with a thunderbolt insignia.  While its nano-technology has been programmed to accomplish virtually anything, Wando has yet to figure out any advanced uses for it, since it requires input in Xantronese (the one language he has had difficulties to decipher).  Despite that, he has managed to program a few simple uses for it:

  • Effortless flight, activated and guided by thought, and controlled by will.  (Previously accomplished by duplicating the natural force field mechanism surrounding his body whenever he uses telekinesis to fly.  Would in theory work for anyone else, even those without natural flight abilities; however, it cannot seem to duplicate the natural flight for those already capable of it, the ring merely triggers said ability.)
  • Instant costume switch, activated by will.  (The first function he managed to activate.)
  • Sending and receiving transmissions on the WAL communicator frequency (basically, rendering the communicator useless).  Also, accurately converting Izaiah's telepathy to sound that can be transmitted.
  • Attaching his symbol/signature/autograph on things he needs/wants to sign, or simply projecting his symbol onto a flat surface.  Ironically, the ring has a thunderbolt insignia (since the time Setekh owned it), which is not at all a symbol of Izaiah's.
  • Retractable webshooter devices on wrists.

Since the ring is coded to Izaiah's DNA and finger prints, it cannot be used by anyone else, unless he has personally approved the person attempting to use it (assuming said person knows enough Xantronese).


Useful Notes:  [Unknown.]
Theme Song Ezio's Family - Jesper Kyd.
Quotes:  "I'll save the day tomorrow!" - Izaiah.
Random Facts:  
  • Izaiah has a tendency to name his possessions (and alike) after Lunar deities.  Coyolxauhqui (Aztec moon goddess; remote island used by Izaiah as private quarters), Luna (Roman moon goddess; The Deathbringer Blade of Hezion), Selene (Greek moon goddess; the A.I. of his residence at Coyolxauhqui).  More significantly, Izaiah's previous code name, The Wanderer, is the English translation of the name he used in a previous reincarnation, Chons (who was regarded by ancient Egyptians as a moon god).
  • Izaiah can't spell, and will blame dyslexia if asked about it.  (In reality, it's because his omnilinguality interferes with his ability to read; it renders any and all sentences as instantly readable but doesn't let him recognize individual words.)
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