Just Got BAck From Florida!!!!

Ok I just got back from Florida, I had a great time and I had fun. I finally conqueared my fear of Rollercoasters. The list below shows all of the rides I rode

1. Test Track
2. Mission Space
3. Soaring
4. Rockin Rollercoaster
5. Tower Of Terror
6. Hulk
7. Dr. Doom
8. Some Water Rides
9. Mt. Everest something Something
10. Thunder Mountain Rollercoaster
11. And Some other Stuff

Next year Im requestion our school to go to Bush Gardens!


Skatey died so iVi33k0 was born

You guys may have known me as the Skate Kid or maybe even the Avatar Fan Boy but that guy died a long time ago. His soul survived and mutated to a monster. Now he goes by the name of iVi33K0, If your wondering why I changed my profile and name just PM dont give me Blog Comments.

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