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YO!, name is Miguel but you guys can call me Meeks or Mico. 8th grade student in IJG, I really wanna go to OHHS but I have a high chance of going to Friendly. I took my first look on earth in 9/5/94, Been breathing for 14 years. Im kinda goofy at times but tends to get serious, I like to laugh or make other people laugh as well. I love to hang out with my friends, Without them I wouldnt know what to do in life. Im about 5'4 and a HUGE dude[No Homo], I was born and raised in the Philippines for about 10 years..........I think?. Im preety cool with everybody. Im not a shoehead but I love buying shoes when I have money. I got tons of pacsun shirts[If you wanna buy me something the size is XL].LOL. I really like the color Green[idk why?], I like Cars, Clothes, Girls, Shoes, and Money.I sometimes dont like my Brother but we still have that Brotherly Love.