Big, Green, Mean, What's not to love?

For me it's a toss up between WWH and Mr. Fixit.  Mr. Fixit was the first Hulk i knew when i started reading comics, so i will always have a place for him. He was a total badash, had some great dialogue, and had me rooting for him whereas i pitied the savage hulk when i started grabbing back issues. 
  Now Hulk the King (with all apologies to Conan) is a whole different thing.  This is a smart, cunning tactician who is capable of one thing all other Hulks before were not, Leadership.  The Warbound followed him because they needed him, but he lead them because no one else could.  I'm just sorry that it had to be one who called him brother that took everything from him. 

The king is dead, Long Live King Hulk!

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