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Jason could be as young as 9 or 10 when his dad gets arrested for the last time, maybe even younger, his sibling could be Damian's age by now.

It's not hard to imagine a drug addict mother leaving the baby at the hospital and saying she miscarried,

By the way, the sibling could be that mysterious ginger stranger at Jason's grave.

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I'd much rather see this armor in the movie instead of what was debuted at Comic-Con

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While I'm so bummed the Mark VI has gotten so pricey [probably my favorite armor too] I did order this one, wanted something from the Avengers even though I'm not a huge Hot Toys collector. Not really at all, cept the Reeves Superman.

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Mos excited for the automated Mark 1-7 aspect of things. Give the old suits some play!

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Damian in my opinion is just Morrison trying to prove Jason could've been made to work. Too many similarities in the characters.

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Spoiler----you've been warned!

So the back-up story by James Tynion is this cute little origin of the batsignal story and on the whole it's nice. One of the big beats to it is showing off where every Robin was in their lives at the time the signal is first shined. Grayson or Drake play out fine but Jason they even think before they publish this stuff? Basically Jason is involved in a thrill seeker food mart hold-up with another guy. Jason showing off his good natured side, in his little red ski mask, tells the clerk not to worry they just need money for food and rent and that she won't be hurt....and that his name is Jason... His armed accomplice then calls Jason a moron for telling her his name and proceeds to blow the clerk's head off. They run off, where in a rage at his trigger happy buddy, Jason beats him down for lying to him because no one was supposed to be hurt. A cop then arrives and the implication is the accomplice will go down for the robbery homicide. Jason is later seen walking free, before he too encounters the batsignal for the first time....

Where the heck was editorial in this story? Unless Jason just murdered his fellow robber in front of this cop of which there's a whole new can of worms opened, you can assume said accomplice would implicate Jason in the murder as well. Every legal precedent you've seen in your whole life would've sent Jason away for complicity, whether or not he knew the gun was loaded, whether or not he did the shooting, he was there. That's it.

Must be the only food mart in Gotham without a video camera too huh?

You know, Batman has actually talked about stuff like this. Untold Legends of the Batman from the 80s has this great little spot where Bruce matches wits with a college professor about something just like this. The example was two boys steal a car for a joyride. The boy in the passenger seat asks to be let out of the car. Before his friend can comply, the car strikes an old lady and kills her. The question was should both boys be charged with manslaughter? Bruce says the passenger should only be charged with car theft but not manslaughter. The professor says he's wrong. Under the law, the second boy was guilty of complicity, as if he had been behind the wheel himself.