Will the Titans be able to defeat Superboy Prime?

The Titans long rivalry with Prime goes back to Infinite Crisis where Prime killed several Titans(Ex; Bushido, Pantha, Babywildabeast, and maimed Risk) but most importanly is Superboy. Superboy has recently returned to the Teen Titans and now so has Superboy Prime but he's not alone.


The Teen Titans have had a really hard time fighting Headcase, Jock, and Doll Face but Prime this is going to be a long arc.  With Spoiler Alert for Superboy #6 see dc comic the source for further refrence SPOILER! Wondergirl leaving the team the only two members powerful enough to even leave a scratch on Prime are Superboy and Raven. Conisdering Raven is almost never portrayed as powerful as she is it's unlikely that she will be in this arc.

With this happening in #98 I believe this arc will end at a double sized 100. Now the Titans will somehow defeat Prime good guys always win(Not complaining about that they should) how will they win? Also Who do you think will be part of Prime's team? Probablly some new characters Talon(Earth-3 Robin) I have always been a huge fan of Talon from TT and the Countdown one-shot and countdown a former evil robin from Earth-3 but I think he'll return evil(Mad about Duela's death) or as a traitor(Chances are if this one happens he'll get killed), Engima former Titan possibly from the Multiverse, and well I don't know.


So what I'm guessing for the fight is since this would be the second arc with Solstice in it as a member of the team so she'll probablly be able to use Red Sun radiation to depower Prime. Superboy will be the one who defeats Prime and his team and sends them to Earth Prime or something.


Sorry if I sounded like a troll.