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Did storm hit any of sentinels with lighting ? I remember she hit that thing they come out of

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The Bad: This movie isn't too good to Storm.She had about 4 lines I believe,one in beginning where she seem says "Bobby" when seeing him and two at the end when the sentinels are approaching "No,but we can slow them down" and is everyone alright" ? after the magneto through the x-jet at the sentinels while storm fry it with lighting

The Good: The effects are off the charts when it comes to her power!!from her eyes to the thunderstorms,to the lighting bolts. Halle Berry really work it when it come to the wire work while pregnant.The little time she did had made you wanting more from her

When I stop and think about it all the X-men who didn't time travel(beside beast) hardly got any screen time if your going to movie to see only storm or any mutants who isn't Prof X,Magneto,Wolverine or mystique I recommend you watch the first 5 mins and the last ten minutes

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@oceanicus: It might be somewhat slow but it does spreads and once it hit Hulk all Konoha 11 have to do stay out the way and wait for the black flames to engulfed hulk so the to the point where he can't see pass the flames

If that plan doesn't work Kiba can cut him in half or Team Ino-Shik-Cho can use formation E but instead of chouji they use neji to hit Hulk in his vital points (Heart/Brain) seeing how the Gentle fist bypass the external

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if it wasn't for Hulk healing factor,Konoha would win with easy anyways I'm surprised no brought up sasuke's amaterasu couldn't he just lit Hulk on fire and just leave it as that Its not like Hulk moves that fast to the point sasuke couldn't see him

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Why do I get the feeling Temari is getting down played here. Neji and Temari both seem each other fight before during the chunnin exams so she knows to keep her distance Half a mile is more than enough space for her to fully swing her fan to cut down the forest,

Once the trees start coming down Neji will no other option but to move about to defend himself from the falling trees.Once she spot him she follow up with Wind Net,a technique strong enough to cut the 3rd Raikage. A man with who has one the strongest durability in the series the only way he can be harmed is by hurting himself

After a long battle of cat and mouse Temari wins

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Blink teleportation

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I need more details, how close are they to each other and what about knowledge.But,I'm thinking team one might take this while Shino isn't really a close up fighter Torune however is,He can easily just charge at one Hyuga have one of them touch him then infested them like he did Tobi while Shino summon/control more bugs for back up

Round 1 Hyuga

Round 2 Aburame

Round 3 Aburame