Marvel vs. DC (no, it's not what you think... it's a blog)

I'm going to write a three part blog on the "Big 2" this upcoming week and this is obviously part 1.
Before we start, lets look at this Wednesdays (April 22) new release list.

Amazing Spider-Man #592
Amazing Spider-Man #592 Wolverine Cover
Astonishing X-Men #29
Avengers The Initiative #23
Daredevil #118
Daredevil #118 Wolverine Cover
Dark Avengers #1 3rd Print
Dark Avengers #3 2nd Print
Dark Reign Elektra #2
Deadpool #8 2nd Print
Fantastic Force #1
Ghost Rider #34
Ghost Rider #34 Wolverine Cover
Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Hulk #11 Art Adams Cover
Hulk #11 Bad Guys Cover
Hulk #11 Good Guys Cover
Hulk #11 Wolverine Cover
Immortal Iron Fist #25
Incredible Hercules #128
Incredible Hercules #128 Wolverine Cover
Kick-Ass #6
Marvels Eye of the Camera #5
Marvels Eye of the Camera #5 Black & White Cover
Mighty Avengers #24
New Avengers #52
New Avengers #52 Variant Cover
Secret Invasion Chronicles #2 (of 9)
Skrull Kill Krew #1
Thor #601
Thor #601 Djurdjevic Cover
Thunderbolts #128 3rd Print
Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #1 3rd Print
Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #2 3rd Print
Wolverine #71 2nd Print
Wolverine Anniversary
Wolverine First Class #14
Wolverine First Class #14 Wolverine Cover
Wolverine Origins #35
Wolverine Weapon X Files
X-Force #14
X-Men The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #3

Azrael Deaths Dark Knight #2
Battle for the Cowl Arkham #1
Detective Comics #853
Detective Comics #853 Variant Cover
Justice League of America #32
Outsiders #17
Sgt Rock the Lost Battalion #5
Supergirl #40
Trinity #47
War That Time Forgot #12

Hellblazer #254
Jack of Fables #33
Scalped #28

Ex Machina #41
Wildcats Worlds End #10

Marvel: 25 NEW Books
              11 Variant Covers
                7 Reprints

DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm:  14 NEW Books
                                             1 Variant Cover
                                             0 Reprints

42 vs 15. Why does this matter? Simple. Many people across the country are losing their jobs, and others are holding onto their money and trying to cut back on the non-necessities. One industry that takes a beating during this recession is the comic book industry. Now, we didn't take as hard of a hit as we thought we would this past year, but we are definitely not doing as good as past years. People are weary with what they pick up now. I, myself, was reading 30-50 books a month, now I'm down to 15, just so I make sure I have enough to pay off the bills. Many people complained about DC getting rid of many of their ongoing books. These books had a strong fan base, but in my opinion, they didn't have strong enough numbers to ensure that DC made their money back from the printers, in order to pay off all the talent. In my opinion, it was a smart move. Yes, I was really sad to see books like Blue Beetle, Robin, and Nightwing go, I loved all of those books. But, to ensure DC's future as a company they needed to essentially "trim the fat".

So, lets go back to the numbers... 42 vs. 15. This is where Marvel proves to the American public, they essentially don't give a sh!t about you or your financial stability. They'll toss out any crap book onto the shelves hoping the passer-by Marvel Zombie will pick it up, especially since it has a variant cover of Wolverine. I understand some of these reprints (Wolv:OLM, Dark Avengers, and Deadpool). These are high selling books, and if the demand is still there, why not reprint? But, do we really need 4 variant covers for Rulk? Do we need 6 Wolverine variant covers? Do we need 4 new issues of books with "Wolverine" in the title? No. It is the responsibility of Marvel Comics to assess the financial situation of America, and to decide if putting out 25 new books each week is really worth it? Especially when a handful of those books are just plain bad. And lets not forget the $1 increase they've started on most of their new series.

I'm not saying boycott any of these great companies by no means. I'm not saying write angry letters. I'm saying be financially responsible. Don't encourage a company, who obviously isn't paying attention to what is going on in this country, to put out this many books. Think before you buy. Don't buy four Wolverine books just because you like him. Don't buy all of Battle for the Cowl's tie-ins because you like Batman. Buy what makes sense to you. Look who is writing and drawing the books. Do you like them? Do you like the current story? Do you like the character? If you answered yes to all three, go nuts. But lets not throw our hard earned money down on the table just because of some variant covers....

Later in the week:
Marvel vs. DC Part 2: Characters I can't relate to.