Top 15 Justice League Unlimited Episodes: THE MOVIE (15-10)

Hey, remember that Top 15 Justice League Unlimited Episodes blog I wrote... 
You don't?  Well then that's even better, because I just decided to take that concept and work it around into a video series!  That way, when I actually talk about some of the nonsense that goes on in the show, you can physically SEE it.  Neat, huh?   
In fact, here's part I right now! 

Fairly happy with the way it turned out, although the voice over track is a bit low, and I suppose I coulda made it a TAD more entertaining. 
Well whatever, that's for you to decide.  So how about it, Comic Viners?  How does the Top 15 JLU Episodes look in video form.  Comments of any kind are welcome. 
Until next time...