New Cast For The Avengers Sequel

As has already been repoted Joss Whedon, the director of the soon to be out Avengers film, has said that in the second movie, there will be a few changes to the teams roster. Now hopefully Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth,and Robert Downey Jr. are going to be in the next movie but what about Hulk? In the comics Hulk left after the second issue. Could that be the road he goes down now? After his business is done with S.H.I.E.L.D maybe Hulk jumps away to feedom. Sadly, I must say that on the team, Black Widow an Hawkeye may be replaceable. Personally, I hope that at he end of the movie or in the second film that the team gets off of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s pay roll. Think abou it, Tony can definitely finance the team and that can usher in the Avenger's Mansion. I like Nick Fury as much as the next guy but... come on.

And then there's the subject on everyone's mind. Giantman/Antman and Wasp. I mean, they were two of the five founding members of the team. I knew that they wouldn't be in the first movie but now there is a huge oppurtunity to introduce these two. Plus, introducing Hank Pym could lead to a possible villain for the second movie. Ultron. He is one of the more higher Avengers nemisis. And lets be realistic, Loki mst likely wil not be a part of the next film. Thor 2 possibly, but the most he may get in the Avengers sequel would be a cameo. Ultron would be a pretty awesome villain for the team to fight. I would like to see that.Another Avenger I've been thinking that could show up would be the Vision. Introducing Ultron could also lead the way for this hero as well. Maybe the Black Panther, too? That would be pretty interesting. There aren't a lot of other heroes who would make a huge impact otherwise. Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Beast could not at all be a part of the team due to their affiliation with the X-Men movie franchise. Same with Spider-Man and Wolverine.

So what do you think? Not just about the cast or team members but the story overall, even Avengers 1.