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The New Mutants # 17 0

The New Mutants travel to Limbo in search of an abducted Pixie, and encounter Project Purgatory's solution to demonic menaces to Earth-616, a ten-mutant strike force known as the Inferno Babies.    The Good  The entire issue is fulfilled with suspense, action, and intrigue, as the New Mutants encounter the infants that they had rescued years before during the events of Inferno. I really enjoyed the art by Leonard Kirk in this issue. He did a good job of visualizing Limbo, and the demonic inhabit...

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X-Men: Second - Revelations: Hellbound #1 0

X- Men : Second Coming - Revelations : Hellbound #1 Following the events of New Mutants # 12, Cyclops entrusts Cannonball to assemble a team of X-Men to rescue Magik from Limbo after she is attacked by Bastion's forces while protecting Hope Summers. While some are more willing to help than others, Cannonball is successful in recruiting Gambit, Dazzler, Northstar, Trance, Pixie, and Anole to aid in the rescue effort. The majority of this issue focuses on convincing the various muta...

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X-Men Unlimited # 37 0

"Sacrificial Worlds" is one of those stand-alone issues that successfully manages to tell a most profound tale within a limited amount of space. Kaare Andrews writing is both sharp and emotional, and infuses the appropriate amount of action with the restrictions imposed on it. Worlds tells the tale of Hutch, Illyana Rasputin's son from an alternate reality, who is cursed to live between realities, or risk destroying all creation. There are a number of differen...

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Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way # 2 0

NOTE * " Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way" is not a guide to breaking into the comic book industry. It is a showcase of different up-and-coming artists interpretations of the Marvel Universe, akin to the Millenial Visions title. This review focuses on one story in particular from "Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way # 2", entitled "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"    Holy S@#t! Jonathan Hickman and Gabriel Hernandez Walta present an alternate real...

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Nation X # 3 0

Big Boy Pants Kids! What are you going to do with them? You can't really teleport them to a nightmarish pocket dimension when they misbehave. Oh, wait! That's exactly what Magik does when Anole complains how farming work is beneath the mutant race. Victor obviously was not aware that Illyana spent the first part of her life on a farm in Siberia. For five days, Magik leaves Anole in Limbo to contemplate his statement alone, while mere mo...

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The New Mutants: Truth Or Death # 1 0

During a blackout in the past, the New Mutants decide to play a game of "Truth or Dare". Sunspot challenges Magik to accept a dare, and the team finds themselves teleported into the near future. There, Magik learns that she will die of the Legacy Virus, and the race is on to find a way to prevent her demise, regardless of the consequences that it causes to the future. "Truth or Death" asks the question, "What would YOU do if faced with your own mortality?"  ...

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The New Mutants # 73 0

No One Promised A Happy Ending...  The events of Inferno draw to a close, and the life of Illyana Rasputin will never be the same, again. The New Mutants and their new friends the X-Terminators battle demons in search of Magik, who is quickly losing her humanity to the darkness within her own soul. A brutal battle wages on the streets of New York City between Illyana ...

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Uncanny X-Men # 303 0

The Legacy Virus claims it's first victim in a profoundly emotional tale of loss by Scott Lobdell and guest artist Richard Bennett, told through the perspective of Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee. Jubilee and Kitty Pryde do their best to comfort Illyana Rasputin as she quickly succumbs to the virus, while Professor X and Dr. Moira MacTaggert clamor to find a way to slow infection.   At the time of it's printing in June of 1993, Illyana Rasputin f...

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Marvel Super-Heroes Spring Special # 1 0

NOTE: This review focuses on one particular story in the issue, entitled "Who Wants To Live Forever?”, an untold tale of Magik, featuring Illyana Rasputin of The New Mutants. Writer Sue Flaxman and artist Rodney Ramos treat readers with a profound, albeit brief, exploration into the world of Illyana Rasputin that introduces a previously unknown disciple of Belasco named Maire O'Connell. Five hundred years ago, while still the demon sorcerer's student, O'Con...

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Marvel Fanfare # 55 0

The Battle Of P.S. 87   P.S. 87 stands for Public School 87. It is located in New York City, New York, and also happens to be the same school that the Power children attend, also known as the Power Pack. When an Asgardian demon working for the Enchantress seeks vengeance against Illyana Rasputin for banishing her to Limbo following The New Mutants: Special Edition # 1, the young mutant just happens to be shopping in a very public place with fellow New Mutant, Warlock. The Power children ...

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Mystic Arcana: Magik # 1 0

This issue of Mystic Arcana takes place during New Mutants # 32, when Magik and Mirage escaped to ancient Egypt via a teleportation disc, and met Ashake, an ancestor of Storm, as they battle the evil sorcerer, Heka-Nut. This is a stand-alone entry featuring Illyana Rasputin, and only further serves to add to prior history. With the exception of including Magik as a piece of the Marvel Tarot, it does not expound upon her current history in the Marvel Univ...

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New X-Men # 41 0

The "Quest For Magik" concludes, as the Darkchilde seeks vengeance against Belasco for resurrecting her without her soul, and casting her out of Limbo to fend for herself. Meanwhile, the students of the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning are being tormented by the demonic sorcerer, who demands to know where Illyana Rasputin is following the events of House of M.  Darkchilde attempts to teach Pixie magic, in order to create a ...

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Exiles # 26 0

Illyana Rasputin joins the Exiles team for her first mission in a world where practically every super hero is for hire, and the first clues to her unpredictable and homicidal nature comes to light. This is an extremely fun issue, as Chuck Austen leaves Magik's morals and ethics at the door, in favor of mindless bloodshed. When the Tallus informs the Exiles that they must kill the Avengers in order to move on to the next world, the team struggles to find an answer to their dilemma. Magik, however...

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X-Infernus # 1 0

A non-official sequel to the Inferno story arc, X-Infernus seems to be focused at one particular group of readers in the Marvel Universe, those familiar with the complicated and prolific history that belongs to Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, also known as "Magik". Resurrected by the demonic sorcerer Belasco, the Darkchilde searches for both her Soulsword and the Blood Stones, pieces of her soul that have been corrupted by her former mentor and placed inside the Beatrice Medallion. Following the ...

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X-Men: The Return Of Magik 0

  She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! If you're an existing Magik fan, or a newcomer to the X-Men universe, you'll want to pick up this one-shot, collecting three titles serving as the springboard for the return of Illyana Rasputin, also known as Magik. First, in “Dying Inside”, from X-Men Unlimited #13, Illyana struggles with the guilt of being unable to use her vast mystic knowledge to prevent the Morlock Massacre by the Marauders beneath the streets o...

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The New Mutants # 9 0

 The details surrounding Illyana Rasputin's resurrection by the demon sorcerer Belasco come to light following the events  of the "Quest For Magik" story arc in the New X-Men, but what does it mean for everyone's favorite team of mutant super heroes? According to Illyana, it means the summoning of the Elder Gods, and the end of all life as we know it. When Emma Frost questions Illyana regarding her intentions, Illyana reveals that she spent years following her departure from Utopia after X-Infer...

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Magik: Storm And Illyana # 1 0

Truly a ground-breaking addition to the Marvel Universe, Magik: Storm And Illyana is the series responsible for turning me  on to comic books in the first place. It tells the story of Illyana Rasputin, the little sister of X-Man Colossus, of her abduction from the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning by the sorcerer Belasco, and her subsequent training in the otherdimensional realm of Limbo by alternate reality versions of X-Men Kitty Pryde...

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