The Scrap Book

Hi, I'm iLLy, you probably know me from such things as just generally being one of the cooler individuals who used to frequent ComicVine, or as that one dude who manages to annoy Courtney. There's a few of you that know that I'm a writer, but probably more as that one guy who annoys Courtney, but there's no money to be made in annoying Courtney so I thought maybe I should further establish myself as a writer on one of the forums I'm more fond of. So less annoying Courtney and more writing, right? Wrong. More annoying Courtney and more writing, but seeing as how I don't want to put time into full fledged projects in the fan fic board, I'm going to start up a weekly or bi-monthly blog, depending on how much time I'm devoting to it and how much time I can devote to it.

Without further ado, I present to you the Scrap Book.

In these weekly/bi-monthly blogs you will find conceptual notes/detailed descriptions to ideas for possible books I have/had that just don't appeal to me anymore or aren't possible inside of their universes, anymore. These ideas will almost always involve one of the bigger companies properties/characters since I'm very overprotective of my own personal work and concepts. So, in short, I will be posting ideas, however stupid they may seem in my head for stories that would fit [or no longer fit] into Marvel's canon.

What you can expect in the immediate Scrap Books:

Fantastic Five: A book that has little to do with Reed Richards. Spoiler alert, the Fantastic Four disband and five people take their place in a book about families. A community of super-people, I guess. Yup.

Flash Thompson, Spider-Man: Flash Thompson as Spider-Man. Venom's involved. In fact, it's a book about a really in depth insight about Flash Thompson and Venom both as separate characters and the evolution of both characters. It's also a book about how Peter Parker isn't the center of the universe.

The Punishers: A Punisher book. The idea behind it that makes this one unique is that...the Punisher will seem three dimensional? Maybe. It delves a bit into Frank's path, gives him new reasons to kill criminals, blahblahblah. Also, more Punishers. Punisher cults. Maybe Alves will reappear idk.

New Avengers: New Avengers will be a book that is kind of a spiritual successor to Young Avengers but it's an outdated idea maybe with the new Young Avengers book, maybe.

And much more.



We'll see.

Expect the first Scrap Book soon.