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My plan:

(Assuming everything goes well)

  1. Start in the Heroes Universe, and kill Molly Walker. Use her ability to find and kill the bed ridden, Arthur Petrelli. After that go to Hiro and steal his powers. Now with teleportation and insta find, i basically possess Instant Transmission now. In the following order i would go steal or kill, the Cheerleader, the Invisible Guy, the Haitian, Sylar, Maya, DL, Nicki, Micah, Matt Parkman, Issac Mendez, Nathan Petrelli, Ted, and Elle. Now I'm super human OP.
  2. Next proceed to Dragonball Z (Saiyan Arc) right at the moment Krillin almost kills Vegeta, and proceeds to kill everyone there. Beat up and weakened, i end their lives quickly. So in the end, Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan's skills and attributes are mine. Let Yajirobe live. Now I'm over 9000.
  3. Next proceed to post time skip One Piece outside Kyros's house right after the defeat of Doflamingo. Again while most of the folks there are battle weary and resting or drunk, I proceed to finish them off by going all exploding man and nuke the house. Now I have Luffy, Law, Zoro, Robin, Usopp, Franky, Kinemon and maybe Sabo's abilities. Nuclear fire trumps regular fire, right? Now I'm Op-Op.
  4. Next proceed to Danny Phantom's universe and just outright destroy either him or Vlad. It doesn't matter which. Now I have Ghost powers.
  5. Next proceed to Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie universe and kill random cartoon character with acid dip. Now I have Toon Force powers.
  6. Next proceed to MCU Universe (Doctor Strange's story) and possess him as he is constantly killed and brought back against Dormammu. The Zenkai boost from those alone should bring my power level to close to current DB Super levels. I just needed the boost so I just leave when I'm done. I let him live too. Now I'm really over 9000.
  7. Next proceed back to Dragonball Z (Cell arc) and proceed to kill Perfect Cell. Next proceed to Android Arc and kill Mecha Frieza and his army. Now I can regenerate from basically anything as well breathe in space.
  8. Next proceed to One Punch Man universe and just blow up the planet, Frieza style. Now I'm super hero satire OP.
  9. Next proceed to the Star Wars universe (Episode 1) and blow up Coruscant. There, I would've killed the Jedi Council and Palpatine. Now I have the regular Force too.

After all that, I think I'm done. I should be at least galaxy busting. Don't want to get too greedy.

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Out of the options above...then Batman Warehouse Scene.

But I like this one too. Kill Bill 1 Kiddo vs Crazy 88's

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I appreciate your input but i will have to disagree. Aside from the names of the victims (homage to the planeteers), i can't think of another monster/ghost/thing that kills their victims in that fashion. Granted, I was inspired by the cartoon, but my story (to me) is in no way the same as the show. There are no teens fighting eco-terrorist. No magic rings with powers that combine to form a super hero. It's just a scary lady in a black dress that uses the elements to kill her victims. If I changed the names of the characters, I don't think we would be having this civil discussion. I just used those names as easter eggs for those who may remember the old cartoon. But, alas, if you need me to write a new story let me know. I enjoyed it the first time, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it again.


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This is open to everyone right?

Here' my entry.

Location: Fancy vacation home in the mountains of Alaska. Night time.

Bzzz.... (Door Bell)

"Come on in." says Mr. Ma-Ti. (President of Geo Inc.)

"Thank you for inviting all of us, sir. We really appreciate it." replies Mr. Kwame. (Vice-President of Geo Inc.)

"No problem. No problem. Let me show you around." says Mr. Ma-Ti.

The house was gorgeous. Built right in the middle of the forest, and it even had a live tree in the middle of the house. Over 5000 sq. ft. of exquisite living. Probably the most beautiful house in Alaska. The best money can buy. And the money will continue to come in now that the court has sided with their company. In the last 100 years, the NaKota tribe has never lost their land a court battle. But this time was different. A different generation of judges that don't mind loosening their morality if it meant their bank accounts get larger.

"A very beautiful house you have here, sir." says Ms. Linka (Chief Legal Advisor)

"I know right, you're gonna have to let me borrow it later." says Mr. Wheeler (Chief Financial Officer)

"Not too shabby. Are you not worried about being so close to the protestors? They did say that the court wasn't their only way of protecting their land." say Ms. Gi (Chief Research Officer)

"Those guys, no. What can a bunch of villagers do? You don't really believe all that mumbo jumbo about their ancestral mother protector. Or whatever. " Mr. Ma-Ti exclaimed.

"Gaia" Ms. Gi answered.

"Never mind that and never mind them. Let me show you the rest of the house."

Mr. Ma-Ti wasted no time giving his board of directors the tour of the place. Safe to say they were all impressed. And that's just the reaction he was going for. Mr. Ma-Ti was going to take his company to the top. His new oil pipeline was going to make him one of the richest men, if not influential, in the whole world. And Mr. Ma-Ti liked that the thought of that.

"Everyone get yourself settled. And let's meet in the grand dining room in an hour for dinner."

Ma-Ti settled himself in the library. Kwame made his way to the kitchen. Ms. Gi and Mr. Wheeler took a walk outside together. And Ms. Linka took her leave in her upstairs bedroom.

Kwame likes to snack before dinner. So it was no surprise that the kitchen would be the first place he'd go after getting settled. "Hmm....what to eat? What to eat? Why is there no junk food in this million dollar kitchen. Well, I guess I'll have to get my stash from my car." Kwame made his way outside to where he parked his car and started fumbling for his keys when he thought he heard a whisper in his ear. It said to him, "Earth" ( in a woman's voice).

"Who said that?" as he turned around. No one was there though. "Earth." the voice whispered to again."

"I must be hearing things." Kwame said. He found his keys and popped the trunk. Suddenly, he felt a violent tug on his feet. Looking down, he found himself being dragged into the earth. "Somebody help me. Help." His struggle became fruitless though. There was no help coming. Kwame was swallowed up.

"You hear that?" Gi asked.

"I didn't hear anything." Wheeler replied. "If you wanna go check it out, go right ahead. I'll stay here, warm, in front of the fire pit."

"Fine. Be back in a bit." Gi replied.

"Women!" Wheeler exclaimed. "Get spooked over something like that. Just when we were about to get things heated up too. Her loss then."

"Fire." a voice whispered.

"Fire." the voice whispered again.

"Who's there?" asked Wheeler. Looking around Wheeler couldn't find who or where the voice was coming from. When he turned back around he found that the fire had died down. "Great." Wheeler started stoking the fire back to life when suddenly the fire leaped from its pit and enveloped Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler didn't even have time to scream before the flames took him.

"Such a lovely view." Linka said to herself. And it was. Standing up on her balcony over looking the Alaskan skyline, what else could anyone think.

"Wind." the voice softly spoke.

"Wind." the voice spoke again.

Suddenly Linka's room became the what could only be described ground zero of a tornado. Anything that wasn't bolted down became a projectile being flung towards her. The gusts of wind became so powerful that it picked her up and threw her off the balcony. "Somebody help!!" she cried. Her cries for help never made it to her companions. It was lost in the wind.

"Now I know I heard that." Gi said to herself. The first noise turned out to be nothing. This noise sent a chill down to her very bones. She returned to the fire pit only to find the crisp remains of Wheeler. Screaming in horror she made her way back to the house. Unfortunately, she never made it.

"Water." the voice spoke to her.

"Water." the voice said again.

The voice spooked her and caused her to trip and fall into the pool. Frantically trying to swim up to the surface, she felt a two hands grab her and pull her back down. Struggle as she might, the water was not forgiving. Gi was claimed by the water.

Mr. Ma-Ti was sitting in his library listening to his music and relaxing in his favorite chair when his record player suddenly went silent. The record was spinning but no music was coming out.

"Heart." the record player said.

"Heart." the player said again.

All of a sudden the room grew dark and the lights died. Jumping out of his seat, Ma-Ti ran for the door but it wouldn't open. He ran for the window but no luck there either. It wouldn't open. A black shadow slowly grew out of the wall. It came to stand in front of Ma-Ti and took the form of a tall lady in a black dress. Her dress was as dark as the night and she had eyes as bright as the moon. "What do you want from me?" he cried.

With an expression as dead as the night, the lady reached out with her hand.

"Heart." the lady asked with a smile.

Fade to Black.

The End.

So what do I win?

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The only answer is Bulma. Just pop one of those capsule corps pills and bammm...instant mansion with food, furniture, etc... We'll be camping in luxury.

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Sure. Put me in a shower scene with Kate Beckinsale, I'll do it.

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I don't know about a fighting game...but for me, I would play a rpg type game. Create a hero and roam around the world picking up heroes in my quest to do whatever. Fighting games are cool for a bit but eventually gets boring. Give me a final fantasy type world to traverse and i'll play that for hours and 5 years later probably play it over again.

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So many choices...i guess i would pick. Zach Morris from Save By The Bell.

Here's why:

  1. Kelly Kapowski
  2. 80's and 90's was probably one of the best and safest times we've had in awhile.
  3. I can use a "time-out" whenever I want.

If not, I would like to be the main character from the manga, "The Gamer". He's so OP in his universe.

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Just going by the pics, then Benoist. I mean, look at that smile.