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Int. Cave, tunnel

Dara held his breath for a split moment when Grey was in the process of passing the map to him, seconds before a Spaniard intervened, grabbing the cowboy’s neck and had subsequently stabbed him in his lower abdomen. The sudden realisation that Dara might not be able to obtain the map left his heart empty. He stood very still as he watched Grey and Jack fend off the intruders. Jack’s quick response to the increase of enemy men by alighting the cave’s entrance with fire, proved to be helpful, but only for short term purposes, Dara concluded. Plus, it now meant that the group had one less light and heat source to share between them.


Dara’s body ached because of the stress put on his skin. He hadn’t had to move as quickly before as he was now through the cave. He limped heavily and quickly, wishing he could either slow down or move the way he would wish he could. The sound of dying men behind him alerted his senses greatly that he was able to hear water ahead of him too. Dara was very anxious that his mind immediately assumed the possibility that at the end of the cave they would be met with an ambush; and this anxiety took over, transforming into adrenaline, and to an extent numbing the pain in his wounded leg.

Dara gave a small jump when he was suddenly given the map. He felt like a young boy whose parent had suddenly given him the freedom to buy anything he wanted in the candy shop. His eyes devoured the textures and prints on the map. He quickly checked the inside contents; for the date, names, descriptions and the paths that would lead you to the treasure. But he was soon interrupted by a flurry of bullets; Grey and Jack’s words echoed through the entrance of the cave as they all prepared for the second wave.

‘Yes…Right!’ Dara managed to say in response to Grey’s offer. Dara leapt towards the horse and pulled out the rifle. The weapon felt heavy in his hand and he didn’t think it would end well if he chose to shoot the oncoming Spaniards. How would that make him look?

Dara, dropped behind a boulder and steadied his weapon. He spent more time aiming and watching Grey and Jack finish the job, rather than pulling the trigger himself. He took one shot.

Ext. Black Rock Prison

Idyll didn’t try to correct his own explanation of what he meant, but instead allowed the sergeant and officers in the room to speak for him. He was glad he had done this, despite feeling a moment of ridicule from the sergeant- a sceptic or arsehole? Either way, Idyll had found a new victim to question: the overly talkative officer. Idyll followed her out of the trailer


‘So, pirate treasure? I thought I possibly made that up. I’m glad I didn’t.’

Idyll walked with the female officer, as he tried to get her to talk more about the history of the place through conversation.

‘You seem to know a lot about this history- how come? Do they teach you it here…? Well, maybe not since your boss didn’t know. Wouldn’t the Spanish have found a way to stop pirating?’ Idyll cajoled her to get her to engage in the topic.

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Int. Cave

Dara sat quietly while his thoughts marinated inside his head; and assented with Jack’s summary on how difficult the trip would be. He cradled his drink in his hand, as he pulled out a tiny voice recorder from his bag, examining it in deep thought. How was he going to pull this off, he pondered to himself.


Dara’s thoughts were soon interrupted by the sudden attack. Bullets flew dangerously close by him, forcing him to quickly return his drink and voice recorder back inside his bag, before he pushed himself to move to safety; using the horse as protection.

‘Toss the maps to me,’ Dara called out to Jack and Grey. ‘The horse can take it to safety.’

Dara watched as he only imagined how many people were outside shooting at them.

Int. Black Rock Prison, Trailer

Idyll nodded and thanked the sergeant before standing up to leave. He had noted the man’s much vaunted opinion about the prison, but something else made him dislike the man. Perhaps it was the feeling that he thought that the sergeant hadn’t believed him. Why would he not know about the archaeological site?

‘I have one question, actually,’ Idyll recalled the sergeant before he had left. ‘Is there…Does this place, by any chance, have a history about lost, forgotten treasure, or, gold piles?’

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Int. Cave

Dara sat fixed in his spot, cuddling in the warmth provided by his clothing and the fire. He grimly listened to the two men, who were talking about him as if he were not in the room. This made him uncomfortable and more hyper-aware of his situation. Dara nurtured a cynical belief that the two men were forming a secret partnership, consciously excluding him, which he desperately wanted to be involved in. It would’ve made him feel safer, even if they only bonded for a brief moment while proactive over the same goal.

‘You won’t need to worry about that,’ Dara begun to say. His tone edging towards defensive. ‘I’ll keep up.’ Dara soon chastised his own words. He wanted to befriend them, in a sense; for protection, not to pit them against him.

Dara waited for the men to finish discussing about the eminent Jest, of whom the two shared an acquaintance with; and soon he would learn that Jack was Jest’s long-lost-son, before proposing a discourse about the famed treasure they each sought out for:

‘Do any of your maps show you where the treasure is?’ Dara asked the men. ‘The ones that I heard the story from neglected to give me one…Do you know how to get to Black Booze Hill?’

Int. Black Rock Prison, Trailer

‘Black Rock?’ Idyll said, with a quizzical look. It took a moment for him to remember that this was the name of the island. ‘What do you mean by that: whether the site has any relevance to the prison or to the island as a whole? Well, the archaeological site is at Tall Trees, and I don’t know if it is connected to anything at all. The information I have about it is that they have found a skeleton buried with a valuable item of some kind….Gold- they say. But, I plan to visit the site today to learn more…Do you not know about it?’

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Int. cave

Unscrewing the top off the hip flask, Dara rested the head between his lips and took a decisive swig. The alcohol tickled the back of his dry throat. He then cleared his throat before taking another drink, as he quietly listened to the two men.

‘The good, the bad and the ugly,’ he said with another short suppressed laugh, after they had stopped talking. ‘Perhaps, I am a drinker after all.’ Dara gently waved his flask in front of his face. ‘I’m looking for that treasure too…for myself that is. I don’t know who Jest is and I’m no bounty hunter or killer- whatever the difference is…’

Dara tried moving his leg so he could stand, but he was in too much pain that he stopped and stayed seated. He wanted to find that treasure. It was the reason he was here. And having them as protection would help greatly, he believed. The question was: would he be able to convince them to go as a three?

‘The good. The bad…’ he said, pointing at Grey and then Jack respectively. His fingers in the shape of a gun, before placing his index finger to his temple: ‘And let’s be honest: the ugly…Can we agree to all of us going?’

Int. Black Rock Prison, Trailer

Idyll was already finding the situation peculiar, especially when the officer randomly came in to close the ammunition closet. Idyll didn’t care much about the fact that they had an ammunition closet (considering that this was a prison, albeit a militaristic one) but it seemed like an odd action. Perhaps, he was tired and overthinking things.

Idyll was about to take his seat when the sergeant appeared, but further stood up as he greeted the man with respect. He then later joined the sergeant at his desk, sitting opposite one another.

‘I came here to find out more about the history of this prison. Perhaps, even tying it to the archaeological site nearby. Would this be possible?’

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Int. Cave

Dara gave a supressed laugh once he finally realised why those two men had come together, but immediately winced at the throbbing pain from his leg. He felt his face muscles tightening up as well. He had used them far too much in the last few minutes that he needed to rest them. Dara recovered his body with the poncho he wore, in order to keep himself warm.

‘Ha. You two: like a Miguel and Tulio double-act.’ Dara laughed louder. A hint of mocking. ‘You’re both here in search of the treasure of Black Booze Hill?’ His laughter had died down to a soft chuckle. Dara’s left eye grew in size, alive with laughter, while his hands and fingers had spread themselves wide, gesturing to the two men that he understood that gold was what they were after. They were after the legend of gold and rum. He stared at them through the fire:

‘For a wee bit of your own El Dorado?’

Int. Black Rock Prison, Trailer

Idyll checked his phone for a signal while he stepped through the trailer’s door, entering inside the space. He observed the room, noting what was inside, while he patiently waited for the sergeant.

Why the sudden meeting? Was this procedure, or, a personal matter between him and the person he was meeting?

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Ext. Black Rock Prison

‘Ah! It’s a pass for the excavation site…’

Idyll tried to inform the officer but, he doubted his words had any real effect to be helpful. Idyll simply nodded when the officer told him to follow. He wondered why the change of mind. Was it the skeleton? Well, it seemed the sergeant had already asked to meet with him before the skeleton was brought up. Idyll was nervous, but he was sure it was normal procedure. Although, he secretly wished for it to be over as quickly as possible, so he could go and see the site again in hopes of hearing about new discoveries.

Idyll observed the surroundings, the building and security, as he walked in silence with the officer.

Int. Cave

While the two men chuckled and joked between themselves, Dara felt the feeling of embarrassment looming over him. No, perhaps not embarrassment. He felt that they were patronising him. This made him angry, defensive and ridiculously emasculated. He was forty-two years old and these two were making him feel like a helpless cabin boy. Forty-two years old, who got married and had three kids; a husband and father, was being treated like rubbish. They had the audacity to make him feel insignificant, disrespected, and forgettable—

Dara’s thoughts raged through his mind, distracting himself from the men, and drowning the noise of their laughter, comments and happenings that their sudden questions startled him, snapping him out from his trance. He turned to look at the cowboy to answer:

‘Uh…sort of tall…’ Dara stumbled on his words, as his mind argued on whether to trust them or not, while he tried to invent a real image of his non-existent cousin. His eyes flitted everywhere before landing back at the cowboy. ‘Dark hair. Kinda slim. Gaunt face. Well, maybe not tall. Average, but lanky.’ Dara doubted that he sounded convincing, as he tried picturing a person he used to know as a point of reference. He hadn’t had to invent a person for a very long time.

‘Look, understand this,’ Dara pressed on. ‘No, I’m not sure that I can trust either of you. And you must understand that. I mean, you have weapons and I do not. I am injured and neither of you are. I think it’s only fair that I learn more about you two before I share any more about me, no?’ Dara looked between the two men, hoping from them some mercy and compassion. He turned to address the cowboy. ‘You: your name is Grey? Grey, what? First or second name? I have been travelling a very long time. I’m tired. Please, at least tell me this: what year is it now?’

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Ext. Black Rock Prison

‘I’ve got a press pass for—well,’ Idyll rummaged through his pockets before pulling out a press pass attached to a cord, ‘you might have heard that a skeleton has been exhumed by a team of archaeologists over at Tall Trees. So, I suppose, because it may interest your institute, if you could give me the contact details for the higher office that would help me a lot, thanks.’

Idyll felt more relaxed after the initial introduction-dance was over. Despite their intimidating act, which it was: an act; they were just doing their job, and the officer he spoke to was considerate and informative. Idyll made sure to sound co-operative to the officer. However, he wasn’t sure whether they would give him the contact details, but if he could convince them that they might be interested in the skeleton story and benefit from it (which they could considering how many criminals they have hauled up in there, it would be no surprise if the skeleton did belong to one of them from many years ago), it may help himself with his own investigation.

The only thing Idyll had heard about the skeleton was that it was found with an item of historic importance. Some whispers in the air say that it was gold, but, then again not many reporters were allowed access. Only a selective few, which either means that the archaeology club were desperate for any publicity or there was a story worth digging up.

Int. Cave

As the knife went inside the wound to remove the metal, Dara clenched his jaw so tightly that he thought his top set of teeth would bit through his chin. He tried looking for something to bite on, but it was already too late, as the cowboy had already pinched the bullet out, along with words that sounded more like a quip than information about the status of his leg. He nodded at the good news. He was thankful for the news.

However, Dara found something odd and curious about these two men, especially when they obviously tried to hide the fact that they were treasure hunters. Dara almost felt like face-palming. After all, the newcomer had just stated that he was looking for treasure, only moments ago, and he would help the cowboy with the search. But, neither one of them would be able to dwell on it any further when the cowboy proceeded to tend to the wound by placing a red-hot-metal on it in order to seal it, before adding alcohol:

The pain was excruciating! Dara gasped for air as he clenched his jaw and groaned in pain. Perhaps it didn’t help that his leg was already in terrible condition due to the same injury that was inflicted to his face, and the rest of his body. He felt his spirit slowly dying. His masculinity in tatters. A shell of his former self. He choked before he could reply to the cowboy’s question.

‘I was hiking with my cousin,’ he started to say. ‘We got lost. I lost him. So I searched for shelter.’ Dara suddenly felt uncomfortable being around these people. He didn’t trust them any longer. ‘I’m sorry, but who are you two? I mean I know your name is Jack but I don’t know yours,’ Dara was getting defensive, as he pointed at Jack before pointing at the cowboy. ‘I mean, you shot me and I don’t even know your name. What’s your name? And treasure hunters? What? What year is this?!’

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Ext. Black Rock Prison

The security’s hyper-awareness and action brought a sense of nervous energy to the table. And Idyll wasn’t sure whether their behaviour was due to precaution or a form of scare tactics. Whatever the real reason was: it worked. Idyll already felt intimidated by the force of only two officers. The hasty decision of resorting to the use of their guns didn’t help either.

‘I’m a reporter,’ Idyll conceded, standing still like a statue. ‘My name is Ian Idyll. Reporter from Inbhirwick. I was curious to learn more about this prison and its history. Is there someone in there I could talk to?’ Idyll remained in his little square box of land, afraid of stepping out of it in fear of being burnt by imaginary lava. Was this even a good idea, he questioned himself. A bit late for that. Would this investigation even give him the answer he needed to find the cowboy who had saved him? A train of thought he never imagined himself thinking up.

Int. Cave

‘You must have a good nose,’ Dara was saying to the newcomer. ‘Either that or lucky to have found him in this condition.’ Dara turned his attention back to his bleeding leg. ‘Shit- this needs to be treated as quickly as possible, or, I’ll lose a leg.’

True enough: the bleeding wasn’t slowing down, and Dara felt himself losing any feeling in the leg. Before the sudden interruption by Jack Beastly, Dara had tried to explain to the cowboy that he was not sure how deep the bullet was in his leg, but that he could see a bit of it sticking out between flesh and blood.

‘What are you two talking about? Treasure Booze? Who are you two?’

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Ext. Black Rock Prison- Spring 2012

Stopping to read a plaque on a map board, Idyll quickly absorbed information about the prison and the areas that surrounded it. Despite the prison’s grim reputation, Idyll found the architecture and the atmosphere of the land to give off some magical quality, a sensation he would experience during his visits to the Highland Glens back in Scotland. A mix feeling of reality and myth. However, its security appeared daunting.

Idyll headed towards the guarded access point in search of an authoritative figure he could speak with.

Int. Cave

‘Dara!’ The man quickly responded in pain, as he pushed back his hood to reveal his face. ‘That’s my name.’ He spoke with a Scottish accent.

Dara’s head and face was severely scarred, as if his face had been blown off. With a scabrous bald head, the skin creased and folded, and looked as if it were made of clay that someone had ruined by poking their fingers all over it. It was easy to imagine the man behind the damaged skin, but it was also clear that the man had not, and will not ever, recover from the trauma. He also appeared to have a fake glass eye on his right side, most likely caused by whatever inflicted the injury to his whole head. Dara peeled a layer of clothing to reveal his bulletproof vest, which he proceeded to remove the bullet from. He winced again in pain.

‘I—I was looking for shelter,’ he begun to tell the cowboy. ‘The cold- you see- the cold stiffens the muscles. I couldn’t call out, you see.’ Dara ripped a bit of clothing so he could wrap it around his leg and to add pressure to the wound. ‘Do you have something to dress the wound?’ he said, gritting his teeth in pain.

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Int. Cave

The figure gave a loud cry and groaned when the bullet connected with his shoulder. The figure hardly imagined that he was going to be shot the moment he stepped inside the cave. The bullet’s force brought the figure down to the ground like a sack of potatoes. There was hardly any time for the figure to open his mouth, let alone plead for mercy. The second shot to the lower leg hurt more, bringing the man to let out another cry of agony while he grasped his leg in shock.

The first bullet remained lodged inside his bulletproof vest that was worn under his clothing, but, the full impact was only barely prevented. If the figure was not bleeding from an open wound in the shoulder from the penetration of the bullet, he was likely suffering from internal bleeding and bruising. Perhaps a broken scapula or the clavicle, due to twisting from the fall. However, it was the leg the figure worried about.

‘I’m safe,’ the figure garbled from the pain. His face was hidden from inside his hood that protected his face from the wind. ‘I’m good—I’m not dangerous. I’m a friend.’ The figure said, between breaths as he gritted his teeth because of the pain he was in. He could hardly think, let alone string a coherent sentence properly. ‘Help me. I’m a friend not an enemy. My wound. I need to—‘ He winced from the pain. He slowly looked up at the cowboy. The first time either men’s eyes had locked together.

Ext. Awekamian Forest- Spring 2012, 1:45 PM

It was the following day and Idyll had made his way through the Awekamian forest towards the place that the Black Rock Prison was built on. He wanted to know if the prison was still standing and whether he could learn anything from it.

As Idyll walked, he surveyed the surrounding looking for any landscapes that would jog his memory, and show that he was near where the cowboy had saved him. He looked for cliffs that reflected the one he had fallen off, almost crashing into the icy waters before waking up back in his cabin.