ARABIC FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL ?? .. "Jugglery never appealed to me, whether in London or in Orofena," replied Bickley .. Orofena —> Orphic mysteries? .. Do not fill your head so full of other people's ideas, that there is no room left for SIMPLICITY and for YOUR OWN IDEAS —> Nothing so strong, nothing so persuasive, as simplicity! —charles wagner .. [wagen = to dare, risk, venture] .. The greatest things are those which gain the most by being said most simply, since thus they show themselves for what they are: you do not throw over them the veil, however transparent, of BEAUTIFUL DISCOURSE, nor that shadow so fatal to truth, called THE WRITER'S VANITY —> Arabic without pomp and power, but du génie et des ressources .. .. .. .. Question: Would you know [him]=[Arabic from the time when Mankind Was Young] again if he were to come to you?" asked the stranger .. Answer: "Hardly by his face," replied the peasant —> But [he =(Arabic, the Thief)] has a mark about him, A BIRTH-MARK on his shoulder, that looks like a [bean (فول ful)] .. .. Through Arabic phonetic, Bean lead to Elephant —> Phonetically speaking, Bean is to link with Elephant .. .. .. .. [Allan & the Ice-Gods] —> ARABIC FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL, une langue dont le génie et les ressources nous sont encore étrangers —Jacques-Paul Migne .. TIME IMMEMORIAL? —> Men then lived in a world of dreams. AND THAT WORLD STILL ATTRACTS US, for the simple reason that happiness chiefly consists in dreams —Lafcadio Hearn .. .. .. When the World Shook——

"You tell us, Lady Yva," I said, "that you slept, or should have slept for two hundred and fifty thousand years." Here Bastin opened his eyes. "If that was so, where was your mind all this time?"

"If by my mind you mean spirit, O Humphrey, I have to answer that at present I do not know for certain. I think, however, that it dwelt elsewhere, perhaps in other bodies on the earth, or some different earth. At least, I know that my heart is very full of memories which as yet I cannot unroll and read."

"Great heavens, this is madness!" said Bickley.

"In the great heavens," she answered slowly, "there are many things which you, poor man, would think to be madness, but yet are truth and perfect wisdom "


"Jugglery never appealed to me, whether in London or in Orofena," replied Bickley in a sour voice as he extracted from his pocket an end of candle to which he set light.

"What is jugglery?" asked Bastin, and they departed arguing, leaving me alone with Yva in the sepulchre.

"What have I seen?" I asked her.

"I do not know, Humphrey. Everyone sees different things, BUT PERHAPS SOMETHING OF THE TRUTH"


All vanished away and Yva, appearing to wake from some kind of trance, smiled, and in her natural voice asked if we had seen enough.

"Quite," I answered in a tone that caused her to say:

"I wonder what you have seen, Humphrey. Myself I do not know, since it is through me that you see at all and when you see I am in you who see." .. ..

H.G. Wells: The writer whispers beside him: "This is our inheritance" + "HE IS A LITERARY BEDOUIN" —> That is Comical! .. That seems like a sly subterfuge! —> [this is our = first person plural] .. [HE≈a stranger] .. .. The inquisitive reader discern subtle hints —> The Authorship of The Outline of History by H. G. Wells is open to suspicion? .. .. People who come from the countryside, like BEDOUINS, have negative connotations! —> bedouin ≈ un bougre d'idiot ≈ Ignorant ≈ lacking knowledge and experience —> bedouin ≈ [one having inadequate understanding] .. .. On the contrary, people who come from a town (citizens as opposed to bedouins) are supposed to have elegant manners, des bonnes manières .. .. Zum Spass, H.G. Wells likened to [a bedouin in the capital بــــــدوي قي العآصمـــة] .. .. Would you know a [Science-Fiction Enthusiast] if he were to come to you? .. Hardly by his face! --> The face of a [Science-Fiction Enthusiast] contrast with The face of A Bedouin! .. The expression of the face is caused by THE TENDENCY OF THE THOUGHT! .. .. Since "bedouin" is Arabic! --> the purpose, der Zweck, of the use of the word "bedouin" might be a covert reference to Arabic --> That is logical! .. .. Strategically speaking, introducing Arabic, under a lowly guise, "bedouin" proved to be an "efficient disguise"! .. .. Other authors make different subtle disguised references to Arabic .. For example, Conan Doyle: STREET ARABS, MOST RAGGED that ever I clapped eyes on .. .. WHY THEN THE SLOW GUISE of "street Arabs" or "bedouin"? .. —> AYESHA UNVEILS: So they crucified their Messiah because He came in "lowly guise" .. Here is a Parallel with the Messiah! —> They would care naught for any God if He came not with pomp and power .. .. .. The story and aim of the outline of history — The standing of the present writer, however, who is by nature and choice as remote from academic respect as he is from a dukedom, enabled him to interest the public in history without any such sacrifice of dignity and distinction, such risks from hostile criticism, as a recognized authority would have had to incur. It was his happy privilege to offend inaccessibly; HE IS A LITERARY BEDOUIN .. .. What is [claimed*] here is that the witness (=our bougre de bedouin!) does to the best of his ability a fair and honest general account from his point of view of THE GREAT SPECTACLE OF TIME and FATE that has [unfolded itself before him] ≈ [riding through TIME, with wild-looking, haggard eyes] .. .. Here is a parallel between [ A BEDOUIN lost in wonder during his visit in the town ] and [ A TIME-TRAVELLER lost in wonder at the sight of THE GREAT SPECTACLE OF TIME and FATE ] .. .. .. By the way, [riding through TIME, with wild-looking, haggard eyes] suggest a metaphorical explanation of the name: "Rider Haggard" .. .. But in contrast, Rider Haggard make no disguised references to Arabic! .. .. .. .. The writer is just a guide who brings his reader at last to the present edge, the advancing edge of things, and stops and whispers beside him: "This is our inheritance" .. .. HISTORIC and PREHISTORIC ARABIC .. .. Arabic back To PREHISTORIC TIMES, in the dim and distant past .. .. Die Vorgeschichte der Arabic_Language, in grauer Vorzeit! .. .. .. Whether you ever get this letter or not is point of little

importance, as I write altogether for MY OWN AMUSEMENT — Mellonta Tauta .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [omen (fel)] are considered as decisive indications of future events, good or bad .. .. Omen betrachtet als Auslöser für schwere Zeiten, as Trigger for Hard Times .. [omen (Le présage)] comme signe déclencheur de contretemps .. .. .. PHONETIC CONNECTION between [Elephant (فيل fil)], [bean Bohne (فول ful)] and [omen (فال fel)] .. .. .. Omen in the story ofUDEA .. .. ..

'But we told you so particularly,' said the eldest brother, 'never to eat anything without sharing it with the cat.'

'Yes, but I tell you I forgot,' answered Udea


'What are you eating?' asked the cat.

'Nothing,' said she.

'Open your mouth, and let me see,' The girl did as she was told, and then the cat said 'Why did you not give me half?'

'I forgot,' answered she, 'but there are plenty of beans about, you can have as many as you like.'

'No, that won't do. I want half of that particular bean.'

.. [There are plenty of beans —> but the cat want half of that particular bean] —> Hence [particular bean] become [ominous bean]≈[portent bean] .. .. Therefore [beans] become suspected to be a reference to something else, to Omen .. Omen bezeichnet eine Verknüpfung zwischen zwei Ereignissen .. Omen correlate one event with another —> Hence, through ARABIC PHONETIC, [bean (فول ful)] become evocative of Arabic [omen (فال fel)] .. Verwechslung von Ursache und Korrelation .. .. The fallacy comes from the cat. Because Udea acted unintentionally! Since there are plenty of beans! .. .. .. .. .. 'Wait a minute! The string of my sandal is broken!' The camel caught the word 'string' and knelt down at once, and the men came up and found a dead girl lying on a bier, with a ring on her finger .. .. Parallel between "Omen" and "string"? .. "Omen" is comparable to "string" .. to string together = correlate two events together, zusammenverbinden, miteinander verknüpfen .. ______ .. .. .. .. Whatever are you two doing? .. Zum Spaß — An explorer was going through the jungle. He had gone a very long way along a narrow track when he saw an elephant sitting quite still with its front feet together, very upright and quite quite .. He went by it cautiously, but it never stirred .. Many miles farther on he came to another elephant, with its back to him, but in the very same attitude as the first .. He was so surprised that he said aloud, "Whatever are you two doing?" .. "Hush," said the elephant, "Don't disturb us, we're playing at being book-ends." — K. M. Briggs - The two elephants .. .. .. .. [book-ends] can mean (≈the beginning and the end) of [The History of Arabic] ? .. .. .. .. The nagual said there had been another time, when mankind had been on the third point, which,

of course, had been the first point then. But after that, mankind moved to the place of reason .. .. The nagual stated that mankind had spent the longer part of its history in the position of silent

knowledge, and that this explained our great longing for it .. .. The old nagual went on to explain that humanity was on the first point, reason, but that not every

human being's assemblage point was squarely on the position of reason. Those who were on the

spot itself were the true leaders of mankind. Most of the time they were unknown people whose

genius was the exercising of their reason.

— When silent knowledge was the first point the same condition prevailed. Not every human being's

assemblage point was squarely on that position either. This meant that the true leaders of

mankind had always been the few human beings whose assemblage points happened to be either

on the exact point of reason (=second elephant?) or of silent knowledge (=first elephant?) .. .. The rest of humanity, the old nagual told don

Juan, was merely the audience. In our day, they were the lovers of reason. In the past, they had

been the lovers of silent knowledge. They were the ones who had admired and sung odes to the

heroes of either position .. .. Connection of ideas between [Silent Knowledge] and [Mircea Eliade's Nostalgia For Origins, Die Sehnsucht nach dem Ursprung] —> Eliade argues that traditional man attributes no value to the linear march of historical events? .. .. .. Der versteht die Sprachen am besten , der von den meisten Wörtern zu sagen weiß, warum sie so sind, wie sie sind, und nicht anders; der also weiß und lehrt, daß die Sprachen nicht willkürlicher, sondern notwendiger Art sind, nicht gesetzt- und rechtlos, sondern vernunftgemäss und gebunden .. .. [alles sei konventionnel] is A MISTAKE! —> because LANGUAGES nicht willkürlicher, sondern notwendiger Art sind .. .. Jurji Zaydan: [اللغة العربية كائن حي]=[Arabic_Language is A LIVING BEING] .. .. [living =كائن حي ≈ organisme vivant!] implying [notwendiger Art], as different from [gesetzt- und rechtlos], like Esperanto .. ..

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Jane Beach

JANE BEACH allude to THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (whose nature is immortal) .. .. It was by Jane Beach's help that you were to recover Outram, not by mine," and she laughed sadly .. .. "Don't talk like that, dear," said Leonard in a sad voice; "it pains me." .. .. Metaphorically speaking, [ The great kraal across the water ] allude to [AL AXIRA = THE HEREAFTER], hence THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN .. .. O Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, if, as I believe, my nature is immortal, I swear that such love as mine for you, however much it be dishonoured and betrayed, is still the most immortal part of it!—J. .. .. .. .. .. The abbreviation: [—J.] of Jane, allude to AL AXIRA? .. --> spanish J of Juanna [=x =arabic kh =خِ], correspond to [ english (J =dʒ) of Jane] .. .. Hence AL AXIRA is pronounced with [spanish x =arabic kh =خِ] = [J of Juanna] .. .. That's why, Juanna wore an Arab dress, that Soa had brought with them in preparation for this moment of trial .. [Arab dress] is associated with [Juanna] the Shepherdess of Heaven .. Shepherdess ≈ Wegweiser .. --> Juanna hinweist auf THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN = AL AXIRA, where X is pronounced like J in JUANNA

July 27th, 2016 .. Heureux, Glücklich, Happy qui, comme Ulysse? .. Nonsense! --> But happy who is able to know the causes of things .. Glücklich, wer den Dingen auf den Grund sehen konnte .. .... .. .. Felix = fecund, fertile --> henceHappy .. .. .. Happy as opposed to Waste Land, das Wüste Land .. .. .. .... The Adventures of Saïd, by Wilhelm Hauff .. [سعيد = Saïd = Happy], as opposed to [sad, traurig, triste] .. .. Saïd was armed by A FAIRY? .. The Fairy is evocative of Athena! --> ATHENA The Goddess of Warcraft! .. Saïd as Heracles? .. HERACLES ≈ BATMAN .. Saïd ist zum Waffenwerk erzogen, und seine höchste Freude ist das Kampfspiel, wo recht tüchtig gefochten wird, mit Lanze, Bogen und stumpfem Schwert .. .. Saïd riding an enormous dolphin .. The dolphin is Apollo in disguise? --> [Saïd سعيد] as the new-born solar king? .. .. Saïd's HAPPY ENDING, versus THE SAD ENDING of The Rose-Crystal Bell .. .. .. .. Saïd's Pfeifchen .. Pfeifchen = whistle .. .. WHISTLE suggest a connection with [Az Zumar 68ونفخ في الصور] --> Hence WHISTLE allude to AL AXIRA = THE HEREAFTER ≈ THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN .. .. Similarly, JANE BEACH allude to AL AXIRA .. .. It was by JANE BEACH's HELP that Leonard were to recover Outram, not by Juanna .. Through the phrase: [my nature is immortal] --> JANE BEACH become personating AL AXIRA = THE HEREAFTER --> O Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, if, as I believe, my nature is immortal, I swear that such love as mine for you, however much it be dishonoured and betrayed, is still the most immortal part of it!—J. .. THEREBY [To recover Outram by JANE BEACH's HELP] could be taken two ways, and, of course, the covert meaning would be: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ≈ [the great kraal across the water], metaphorically speaking .. .. .. .. .. .. .. And it was by THE WHISTLE's HELP, that Saïd was rescued .. .. .. .. Parallel between the situation (circumstances, Lage) of [Outram + Saïd + Hänschen-klein] .. .. .. Sieben Jahr Trüb und klar. Hänschen in der Fremde war .. .. WHISTLE suggest also a connection with BREATHING --> Hence THE ACT OF WHISTLING suggest THE END OF AFFLICTION, TRÜBSAL ≈DIFFICULTY BREATHING --> REBIRTH metaphor --> The Canaanite Heracles Melkarth (‘protector of the city’), alias Moloch as the new-born solar king, comes riding on dolphin-back towards the isthmus; and whose death, at the close of his four years’ reign, was celebrated at the Isthmian Funeral Games. Infants were sacrificed to Melicertes on the Island of Tenedos, and probably also at Corinth, as they were to Moloch at Jerusalem —ROBERT GRAVES, Athamas .. .. On the contrary [Bell] suggest [For Whom the Bell Tolls]≈[Sad Ending]≈[death]≈[disaster] .. .. .. Odysseus will not die comfortably of old age .. Death must strike him down in the traditional style which he thought to abolish: the New Year Child riding on dolphinback will run him through with a sting-ray spear .. Death came to Odysseus from the sea, as Teiresias had foretold. Telegonus, sailing in search of him, raided Ithaca and Odysseus sallied out to repel the attack. Telegonus killed him on the seashore, and the fatal weapon was a spear armed with the spine of a sting-ray —ROBERT GRAVES, Odysseus’s Homecoming ______ ________ .. .. .. .. .. "Don't you see, Leonard," his wife said almost fiercely, "it is most amusing, you made a mistake. Your brother's dying prophecy was like a Delphic oracle—it could be taken two ways, and, of course, you adopted the wrong interpretation. You left Grave Mountain a day too soon. It was by Jane Beach's help that you were to recover Outram, not by mine," and she laughed sadly .. .. "Don't talk like that, dear," said Leonard in a sad voice; "it pains me."

"How else am I to talk after reading that letter?" she answered, "for what woman can hold her own against a dead rival? Now also I must be indebted to her bounty all my days. Oh! if I had not lost the jewels—if only I had not lost the jewels!"

History does not relate how Leonard dealt with this unexpected and yet natural situation

.. .. .. The leichtsinnigkeit and lack of diligence of the fathers of [Saïd and Leonard] connects [The People Of The Mist, by Rider Haggard] with [The Adventures of Saïd, by Wilhelm Hauff] .. .. Leonard left Grave Mountain a day too soon .. Contradiction with the family motto: "Per ardua ad astra" ≈ Perseverance --> Leonard is to blame for his impatience! .. Leonard, likewise his father, did not follow the family motto: "Per ardua ad astra" .. Connection of ideas between and [The Rose-Crystal Bell] + [Saïd's Pfeifchen], in comparison with [Delphic oracle prophecy] .. .. The explanation of [Saïd reite auf einem Dolphin] is to derive (zu gewinnen) from Greek Mythology .. .. Saïd steer to the shore riding a dolphin .. reiten =to ride (a dolphin) .. .. .. .. .. Kaum hatte er sich mit leichterem Atem umgesehen, ob er nicht irgendwo Land erspähen könnte, als der Mast unter ihm sich auf eine sonderbare Weise auszudehnen und zu bewegen anfing, und zu seinem nicht geringen Schrecken nahm er wahr, daß er nicht mehr auf Holz, sondern auf EINEM UNGEHEUREN DELPHIN REITE .. What does the dolphin symbolize? .. Auf dem Dach des Hauses standen mehrere schön gekleidete Männer, und am Ufer sah Said eine große Menge Diener, und alle schauten nach ihm und schlugen VOR VERWUNDERUNG die Hände zusammen .. They stared in astonishment at Saïd riding an enormous dolphin .. .. The dolphin is symbolical of Apollo? --> for the dolphin was Apollo in disguise? .. .. .. .. Likewise Cadies, the Cretan brother of Yaps, when shipwrecked on a voyage to Italy, was guided by a dolphin to Delphi and gave the place its name; for the dolphin was Apollo in disguise —Arion, ROBERT GRAVES .. .. .."I was your mother's friend," answered the fairy, "and am also yours, Saïd. If your father had followed my advice, you would have been spared all these unhappy experiences." .. "Ich war die Freundin deiner Mutter," antwortete die Fee, "und bin auch deine Freundin, solange du gut bleibst. Ach, daß dein Vater, der leichtsinnige Mann, meinen Rat befolgt hätte! Du würdest vielen Leiden entgangen sein." .. .. ROBERT GRAVES: Icadius’s name, which means ‘twentieth’, is connected perhaps with the date of the month on which his advent was celebrated .. --> Possible connection between [Icadius’s name] and [Saïd's twentieth birthday]? .. .. Benezar gave the wonderful whistle to his son: "You ought not to have had it before your twentieth birthday; but as you are going away, and I may be gathered to my fathers before you come back, I see no reason why you should not receive it now, though two years sooner than your mother wished .. .. .. BENEZAR: Deine Mutter beschwor mich, nicht zu spotten, weil die Feen leicht erzürnt ihren Segen in Unsegen verwandeln. Sie gab mir das Pfeifchen, trug mir auf, es einst, wenn du 20 Jahre alt seiest, dir zu geben, denn keine Stunde zuvor dürfte ich von mir lassen .. "Hier ist nun das Geschenk", fuhr Benezar fort, indem er ein silbernes Pfeifchen an einer langen goldenen Kette aus einem Kästchen hervorsuchte .. .. Benezar did thus not follow The advice of [die gütige Fee] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. _______ ________ "Pardon me, and I am selfish enough to add—do not forget me.


"P.S.—Why is it that an affection like ours, which has never borne fruit even, should in the end prove stronger than any other earthly tie? Heaven knows, and Heaven alone, how passionately I loved and love my dead child; and yet, now that my own hour is at hand, it is of you that I think the most, you who are neither child nor husband. I suppose that I shall understand ere long, but, O Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, if, as I believe, my nature is immortal, I swear that such love as mine for you, however much it be dishonoured and betrayed, is still the most immortal part of it!—J.

.. .. .. .. "Sam Kee, junior. My honored father passed to the halls of his ancestors five years ago. I could just say that he died—"black eyes twinkled—"but customers like the more flowery mode of speech. They think it's quaint." .. .. [flowery mode of speech] allude to [Arabic, through German]? .. because [passed to the halls of his ancestors] correspond to [zu meinen Vätern versammelt werde] .. Hence, we can suppose the existence of an original arabic expression, from which would derive the german expression: [zu seinen Vätern versammelt werden sein] .. Benazar von Balsora - Irak - "und ich gebe es dir in deinem achtzehnten statt in deinem zwanzigsten Jahre, weil du abreisest und ich vielleicht, ehe du heimkehrst, zu meinen Vätern versammelt werde" .. .. [The Rose-Crystal Bell – Robert Arthur] – .. [The Adventures of Saïd – Wilhelm Hauff] .. The Arabian Nights by Joseph von Hammer and Max Habicht appeared in 1823-24 and 1825 respectively, so Hauff had an immediate influence ??? .. A COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT! .. .. The boys encountered baffling, sometimes misleading clues and danger before finally solving the mystery --> Most mysteries were solved by Jupiter Jones, a supreme logician who implicitly used the Occam's Razor principle: that the simplest and most rational explanation should be preferred to an explanation which requires additional assumptions .. Jupiter --> Jove --> Medusa! .. Sherlock Holmes is associated with Jove and Medusa .. .. ..,_Jr. .. .. The series had one major theme: however strange, mystical, or even supernatural a particular phenomenon may seem at first, it is capable of being traced to human agency with the determined application of reason and logic ..​rubrik=6.. .. .. .. .. .. .. _________ "We think we want a bell," Dr. Williams chuckled. "But we aren't quite sure. You're Sam Kee's son?"

"Sam Kee, junior. My honored father passed to the halls of his ancestors five years ago. I could just say that he died—" black eyes twinkled—"but customers like the more flowery mode of speech. They think it's quaint."

"I think it's just nice, and not quaint at all," Edith Williams declared. "We're sorry your father is dead. We'd hoped to see him again. Twenty years ago when we were a very broke young couple on a honeymoon he sold us a wonderful rose-crystal necklace for half price."

"I'm sure he still made a profit." The black eyes twinkled again. "But if you'd like a bell, here are small temple bells, camel bells, dinner bells...." ____ CORRESPONDANCES between [The Rose-Crystal Bell – Robert Arthur] and [The Adventures of Saïd – Wilhelm Hauff] .. .. [a wonderful rose-crystal necklace] .. [necklace] correspond to [dieses Angebinde - eine Kette] .. .. [ein silbernes Pfeifchen an einer langen goldenen Kette] .. .. [Bell] is to associate with [ein silbernes Pfeifchen an einer langen goldenen Kette] .. .. [temple bells, camel bells, dinner bells....] .. [camel bells]? --> [Camel] point out to , hinweist auf [Arabic] .. .. [Twenty years ago when we were a very broke young couple] correspond to [und ich gebe es dir in deinem achtzehnten statt in deinem zwanzigsten Jahre, weil du abreisest - Ich sehe keinen vernünftigen Grund ein, warum du noch zwei Jahre hier bleiben sollst] .. .. ______________

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THE SOURCE OF STEVEN SPRUILL "RULERS OF DARKNESS" --> Connection of ideas between steven spruill [Rulers of darkness] and [Jules Lermina's stories] .. .. During one of fiercest windstorms he could remember, Merrick Chapman found himself driving down Katie's street .. Katie O'Keefe .. The patrol car drew alongside and the driver curtly signalled him to roll down his window.Instead, Merrick held up his badge. The cop's arrogant expression faded; he touched his cap in salute and drove on .. .. .. .. .. .. L'effrayante aventure - Ce matin, à quatre heures et demie, à l'heure où Paris désert appartient aux balayeurs et n'est sillonné que par des haquets d'arrosage .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. O'Keeffe in L' Effrayante Aventure .. Coxward, volant une montre à une heure du matin à Shadow's-Bar, dans un quartier éloigné de Londres ..

Pat O'Kearn, Irlandais, tenancier de la taverne du Shadow's-Bar;

«Mrs O'Kearn, née O'Keeffe


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Hands off! .. My property! .. Don't walk on my grass! .. ? .. Aufzurwahrheit! We mount to the summit ROUND by ROUND - J. G. Holland .. .. If you have knowledge, offer it to others; if they do not accept it, that is THEIR LOSS .. .. But the dreams depart, and the vision falls, and the sleeper wakes on his pillow of stone! .. [sleeper wakes on his pillow of stone]≈[Night-begotten-Names recalling the fragility and short-life of dew]≈[foam, Schaum] ≈ NICHTS! --> Hence [And the night reclaims]≈[فأما الزبد فيذهب جفاء] .. .. Swinburne: Many names and flames

Pass and flash and fall,

Night-begotten names,

And the night reclaims,

As she bare them, all.

But the sun is one,

And the sun's name Right;

And when light is none

Saving of the sun,

All men shall have light.

All shall see and be

Parcel of the morn;

Ay, though blind were we,

None shall choose but see

When that day is born .. .. E. Waller: When architects have done their part,

The matter may betray their art;

Time, if we use ill-chosen stone,

Soon brings a well-built palace down .. ..

Or les détails sont la pierre de touche (the foundation) des théoriesFrançois Arago .. .. A man sees things differently at different times in his life —> His [appreciating, estimates, taq-dir تَقْدِير] become more accurate as time progresses! .. .. Hippocrates : It is time which imparts strength to all things and brings them to maturity .. Genius is the product of a long habit? .. .. .. .. ..

.. "Are your prayers to the new god finished, Wi?" she asked. "If so, I

would learn whether its priestess gives us leave to eat of the food

which she has stored here, while so many who now are dead were

starving." Hearing these words, Wi bit upon his lip, but Laleela answered: "Aaka, all in this place is yours, not mine. Yet of that food, know

that I saved it out of what was served out to me, for a certain

purpose —> to store in my boat when I fled away from where I was not welcome .. .. .. Parallel between Laleela and Joseph .. Joseph advised Pharaoh to store [the fifth part =a measure, qadrقدر] of all the grain harvests stored for the next seven years .. Joseph's [out of what was harvested] correspond to Laleela's [out of what was served out to me] .. .. ..

.. The verb [قَدَّر =qaddara]=[to determine] presuppose, voraussetzt, ein Vorausschauendes Denken und Handeln .. --> Compare with la-cigale-et-la-fourmi .. .. .. .. At first, [FATE =al-Qadr] depend upon THE APPRECIATING of God =The [taq-dir تَقْدِير] of God --> because [God is who qaddara, then guides aright] [الذي قَدَّر فهدى] .. .. Secondly, APPRECIATING and FATE depend upon MEASURE (≈details) .. .. .. .. Les anciens concevaient en effet [Fate, Le destin] en termes de [qadr, partition, measure] .. .. La Moïra est la loi de partition qui impose à chacun une part de bien et de mal, de fortune et d'infortune, de bonheur et de malheur, de vie et de mort, qu'il est du devoir de l'individu de respecter .. .. [Le destin, Fate] c'est le lot [= qadr = a measure], la part de bonheur ou de malheur, de fortune ou d'infortune, de vie ou de mort, qui échoit à chacun en fonction de son rang social, de ses relations aux dieux et aux hommes .. .. .. Holmes: It was THE TOWEL which misled me --> Through Arabic Phonetic, TOWEL allude to [ATTOWEL الطَّوْل]≈[Tallness] .. .. --> Transgresser la mesure [= qadr] assignée par [Le destin, Fate =al-Qadr] est commettre l'hybris ≈[Attowel الطَّوْل]≈[Tallness]≈[Vermessenheit, Selbstüberhebung], die zu einem schlimmen Ende führen werden .. .. ..

Hérodote l'indique clairement dans un passage significatif :

« Regarde les animaux qui sont d'une taille exceptionnelle : le ciel les foudroie et ne les laisse pas jouir de leur supériorité ; mais les petits n'excitent point sa jalousie. Regarde les maisons les plus hautes, et les arbres aussi : sur eux descend la foudre, car le ciel rabaisse toujours ce qui dépasse la mesure »

.. .. ..

.. .. .. Holmes: The ideal reasoner would, when he had once been shown a single fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all the chain of events which led up to it but also all the results which would follow from it. As Cuvier could correctly describe a whole animal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer who has thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents should be able to accurately state all the other ones, both before and after .. Happy who is able to know the causes of things ..Glücklich, wer den Dingen auf den Grund sehen konnte .. .. .. .. Do you know how to decode English Literature? .. Basil Tucker: Don't say that - That can't be true --> But it is, you can bet your life! .. .. .. .. .. .. Wally's marketing THE HOUR OF THE WOLF? .. .. A Simile is a figure of speech by which we say that one thing is like another .. Byron provides us with a well-known example: The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold .. If we say: The Assyrian wolf came down on the fold, we have changed the Simile into a Metaphor .. Englisch perfekt! by T W MacCallum ..

WHEN THE WORLD SHOOK - Rider Haggard: "Look here," said the exasperated Bickley, "I admit that telepathy and thought-reading are possible to a certain limited extent. But supposing that you possess those powers, as I think in English, and you do not know English, how can you interpret what is passing in my mind?""Perhaps you have been teaching me English all this while without knowing it, Bickley. In any case, it matters little, seeing that what I read is the thought, not the language with which it is clothed

.. .. Murphy's Laws --> If anything can go wrong*, it will .. Hilary: just to be sure that this Warner Brothers thing (Warner= anything can go wrong* = was wir NICHT tun dürfen*) wasn't all a dream .. .. .. .. Aufzurwahrheit! —> Wally's marketing THE HOUR OF THE WOLF .. .. WOLF —> Wolfzeit : Brüder kämpfen, arg ist die Welt, Windzeit, Wolfzeit, bis die Welt vergeht — Und vielleicht kann das Studium verschwundener Zivilisationen und der Gründe ihres Untergangs uns etwas lehren: es kann uns vor Augen führen, was wir NICHT tun dürfen* — Charles Berlitz, Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds .. .. ..

Komm mit mir, ich zeige dir das Fischerhandwerk! .. .. 'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master — that's all .. The question is about [Attowel الطَّوْل]≈[Tallness]≈[to whom must bow every other Power and Dominion] .. .. God, [thu attowel]=[ذو الطول] .. .. [thu ذو ]≈[to whom belongs] .. .. .. .. .. .. "God of the Sons of Wisdom, God of the whole earth, only God to whom must bow every other Power and Dominion —The Chariot of the Pit .. .. .. You're a lucky dog? Can dogs defeat wolves? .. .. Weise lernen von Narren, Narren niemals von Weisen .. .. Weise ≈[sharp-eyed detective] .. Narren ≈[ox-like eyes]+[lucky dogs] .. .. Ah, champagne. What are we celebrating? .. The point is to be realistic! —> [The wine is poured, you should drink it]=[Le vin est versé, il faut le boire] .. Though men determine the gods (≈decree) do dispose: and oft times many things fall out between the cup and thwhich is to be master — that's alle lip —> Joseph Butler, On the Character of Balaam .. .. [Le vin est versé]≈[fate]=[things being not capable of being changed — irrevocable — Things being what they are!] .. .. "You're such a pessimist," Wally said. "A realist," she said. "Most people would have said, 'Ah, champagne. What are we celebrating?' But not Hilary Thomas." .. By way of opposites —> [Hilary≈cheerful, optimistic people] is associated with [cheerless, pessimist people] .. .. .. .. ORIGIN OF THOUGHTS .. .. [Things and actions are what they are]=[fate], and the consequences of them will be what they will be —> Why, then, should we desire to be deceived? .. à quoi bon ? .. Was nützt es wenn alles ist vorherbestimmt? ..

.. Do you know how to decode ENGLISH LITERATURE ? .. .. Murdoch: I am your subordinate under your roof .. Stackhurst: overlooking your insubordinate ways .. .. to make subordinate, to constrain أجْبَر —> ALGEBRA الجبــر —> MATHEMATICIANS .. .. E. Waller: When architects have done their part,

The matter may betray their art;

Time, if we use ill-chosen stone,

Soon brings a well-built palace down .. .. Truth and Falsehood went hand in hand .. The thing to be done was to winnow the chaff from the corn, and not reject the whole as worthless — Secrets of the Sword: “Molière’s famous maxim,—‘Hit and don’t be hit back,’—asserted itself triumphantly .. .. .. No one likes to work with a loser. But everyone playing the game wants to deal with the kind of person who can get the best table at the Polo Lounge — .. Whispers —Dean Koontz .. whisper≈suggest,flüstern,einsagen

.. .. [Attowel الطَّوْل ≈Tallness] as opposed to [Bescheidenheit] —> The metaphor of wolf/lamb, by Hans Sachs .. TAWIL: long طويل .. TAAWULA: table طاولة .. .. .. .. .. .. Truth and Falsehood went hand in hand .. The thing to be done was to winnow the chaff from the corn, and not reject the whole as worthless — Secrets of the Sword: “Molière’s famous maxim,—‘Hit and don’t be hit back,’—asserted itself triumphantly .. ▻ .. [Things and actions are what they are]≈[Le vin est versé]≈[fate], and the consequences of them will be what they will be: [why, then, should we desire to be deceived?] .. .. .. Don't say that - That can't be true - But it is, you can bet your life .. Don't tell me I'm sitting in the wrong train - That quite depends on where you want to go to /Basil Tucker/ .. .. .. What is the news at the Polo Lounge? .. What is the final problem? --> Decoding [English Literature] + [The past and present scientific revolutions] .. .. Hilary shook her head "Nevertheless, being seated at the best table doesn't mean I'm automatically a better person than the guy who gets second-best. It's no accomplishment in itself" .. TALLNESS ≈ATTAWEL =[being seated at the best table] --> Wally personate a [man of rank or ATTAWEL] .. Wally: It's a symbol of accomplishment, of position .. Hilary: I still can't see the sense of it .. Wally: It's just an elaborate game --> No one likes to work with a loser. But everyone playing the game wants to deal with the kind of person who can get the best table at the Polo Lounge .. .. [Wally's marketing 'THE HOUR OF THE WOLF'] + [He made her think of Cary Grant in movies like 'TO CATCH A THIEF'] --> suggesting that Wally is to connect with WOLF and THIEF, hence with SARRASINS (by reference to Charles Forster, the author of The Historical Geography of Arabia) .. [If HENRY FORD hadn't wanted to move up in life] suggest a parallel with [STAMFORD =ANCIENT SEA PEOPLE], and simultaneously with SARRASINS (by connection with Cary Grant's movies) .. .. .. ATTOWEL is suggested by [The best table] + [A symbol of accomplishment, of position] + [Although he was a small man (a reference to Tallness in a joking manner)] .. .. Holmes: but it has always been my habit to hide NONE of my methods from ANY ONE (≈quelqu'un) who might take an INTELLIGENT INTEREST in them .. .. .. Quelqu'un troubla la fête. Hudson troubla la fête. Again! .. .. Do you know who it was that we let into the house that day? It was the devil, Holmes. We have not had a [peaceful] hour since—not one .. The meaning of hud-son correspond to the translation into Arabic of [peaceful]=ruhig, undisturbed, calm .. 'hud'son is to translated by: to be 'calm', or to have a 'quiet mind'.. Example from /LeoTolstoi/ - Avdyeich's life had been changed. Formerly he used to frequent the tavern. Now all that passed away from him --> His life came to be [calm ='hud'son] and happy .. ATTAWEL is suggested by [Jack Prendergast carried his head very jauntily in the air, had a swaggering style of walking, and was, above all else, remarkable for his extraordinary height] + [I've got more pounds to my name than you've hairs on your head. And if you've money, my son – you can do anything] .. .. THE BOYS WE NEED - All honour to the boy who is a man at heart - Whose legend on his shield is this: / RIGHT - RICHTIG / always wins the day .. Heaven is not reached at a single bound; but we build the ladder by which we rise from the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, and we mount to the summit round by round - J. G. Holland .. .. Presumption avails nothing against truth [إن الظن لا يغني من الحق شيئا] .. .. Holmes: Now, I make a point of never having any prejudices [≈presumption ظَنّ : حُسْبان], and of following docilely wherever fact [≈truth الحق] may lead me .. .. The inspector remained, staring at me in silence with his ox-like eyes.

“Well, you’ve done it!” he cried at last .. .. [you’ve done it!] is to link with [I've found it! I've found it] .. .. From THE PHONETIC point of view ATTAWEL correspond to [TOWEL (=Handtuch, serviette)] .. .. Hence we may assume as A WORKING HYPOTHESIS that "ATTAWEL" is the one link between THE ADVENTURE OF THE LION'S MANE + THE REIGATE PUZZLE + THE FIVE ORANGE PIPS .. .. .. .. Watson: I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me that Holmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong (du long = at tawil) --> Hence ATTAWEL .. .. du long الطويل .. .. ATTAWEL الطَّوْل .. .. ATTAWEL ≈ [TALLNESS + HAUGHTY SPIRIT + PRIDE IN HIGH POSITIONS] .. .. TALLNESS is to link to ACCOMPLISHMENT OF FORMIDABLE DEEDS, hence [Triumphant issue + Europe was ringing with his name + Ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams + outmanoeuvred] .. .. .. ATTAWEL as PRIDE IN HIGH POSITIONS — But Challenger was all right. Four of them carried him shoulder high, and he went like a Roman emperor — Personally I felt shy and uncomfortable at this obsequious adoration, but Challenger expanded like a flower in the sun — The Lost World .. .. Haughty and conceited are characteristics of [Magnates + Mathematicians]? .. A magnate is a person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area .. .. HAUGHTY SPIRIT is to link to the characters of Sir Kay and Moriarty .. Sir Kay is tall .. Moriarty is extremely TALL .. Moriarty is a Mathematician .. .. .. Der entehrt sich selbst. Herabsetzen, herabwürdigen und erniedrigen wird sich schon derjenige, der macht, daß die hohe Meinung, die man von ihm hatte, herabgestimmt wird, der sich also nur zum Teil um seine Ehre bringt - Johann Baptist Mayer .. .. [Lyons, France] is to link with [the Lion’s Mane, Sussex] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. STUDY IN SCARLET .. [MODESTY, SUBORDINATION (≈ under me)] as contrasting with [AT-TAW'L] .. .. Stamford, who had been a dresser [under me] at Barts .. [under me ≈ subordinate], hence [to constrain أجْبَر], hence [ALGEBRA الجبــر] .. .. Murdoch: I am your subordinate, sir, under

your roof .. .. Stackhurst: It will certainly be the last of overlooking your

insubordinate ways .. [It will be the last]=[coercion, compulsion]=[جَبْر : إِرْغام] .. .. Murdoch: It is true

that I loved this lady, but from the day when she chose my friend

McPherson my one desire was to help her to happiness .. Murdoch constrained, zwingt, جبــر, his desire —> Hence ALGEBRA .. .. .. [Stamford had never been a particular crony of mine] —> WordPlay between STAMFORD and [Liebe]≈[Bread of Life + SYMBOLISM OF SALT] —> hence [Baker street] .. .. Through (Melampodes), CHEMISTRY is to link to LIBYAN ORIGIN (The lands of the Melampodes), (=Lower Egypt, the Delta) before reunification with Upper Egypt .. .. Melampodes ≈[ploughman, fellāḥ فلاح] .. .. Holmes' character is to associate with [STAMFORD SYMBOLISM OF SALT] .. Watson's character is comparable to Scotland Yard Agents —> Incredible imbecility! .. .. Robert Graves — 2. Pottery finds suggest a Libyan immigration into Crete as early as 4000 BC; and a

large number of GODDESS-WORSHIPPING LIBYAN REFUGEES from the Western Delta seem to have

arrived there when Upper and Lower Egypt were forcibly united under the First Dynasty

about the year 3000 BC. The First Minoan Age began soon afterwards, and Cretan culture

spread to Thrace and Early Helladic Greece .. .. The Egyptians were Melampodes (‘black feet’)

because they paddled about in the black mud during the sowing season .. Melampus was the first mortal to be granted prophetic powers ? —> these

stories of how Melampus understood what birds or insects were saying are likely to be of

African origin .. .. .. .. .. STAM ≈[to come from, to belong to] .. .. FORD ≈ fjord (seaside location) —> Hence SEA PEOPLE .. .. [fjord + fahren] are akin to [safarسَفَر =travel] .. —> STAMFORD could mean [origin of "Sea People"] .. .. .. THE ADVENTURE OF THE LION'S MANE .. Murdoch was well

content to act as their go-between .. By analogy, Stamford is the go-between [Watson] and [The unknown—X, Holmes] .. .. We conclude from the info of ROBERT GRAVES, that STAMFORD [the go-between] is of [Libyan origin] .. And Holmes remain [The unknown—X] .. .. Murdoch, the go-between [Maudie / THE HAVEN] and McPherson .. .. Metaphorically speaking, THE HAVEN can be paralleled with AL-AXIRA =THE ENDING, THE HEAVENLY FATHER'S KINGDOM .. —> Hence [Maudie] would mean [cursed damned, doomed for bad ending] .. .. .. .. What does STUDY IN SCARLET mean ? —> DEMETER'S NATURE AND DEEDS. The flowers which, according to Ovid, Core was picking were poppies. Poppyseeds

were used as a condiment on bread, thus poppies are naturally associated with Demeter,

since they grow in co fields; but Core picks or accepts poppies because of their soporific

qualities, and because of their scarlet colour which promises [RESURRECTION after DEATH] ≈[AL-AXIRA =THE ENDING ≈THE HAVEN]. She is

about to retire for her annual sleep .. .. [Physiognomy] is [farasa فراسة] .. .. [farasa] derive from [فرس]=[HORSE - STEED - ROSS] —> Hence [faris فارس ≈McPherson]=[knight - cavalier - caballero] .. .. What made a good knight? .. mediocre ≈[less trade] —> [Lestrade] .. .. McPherson is a mediocre knight .. .. .. On the contrary, Malcolm Ross is a good knight .. The Jewel of Seven Stars — "I know Mr. Malcolm Ross, miss. Perhaps he will remember I had the honour of working with him in the Brixton Coining case." I had not at first glance noticed who it was, my whole attention having been taken with Miss Trelawny .. [Brixton Coining case] is to link to BRIXTON ROAD, hence to STUDY IN SCARLET .. .. .. [Cyanea capillata] may be compared to [Nature], which not being intelligent, nor even a being, BUT AN ORDER OF THINGS constituting A POWER subject to LAW, cannot therefore be God — She is the wondrous product of His Almighty will: and for us, of all created things she is the grandest and most admirable .. The Lord St. Alban would say to some philosophers—"Gentlemen, NATURE is A LABYRINTH, in which the very haste you move with, will make you lose your way" ―Bacon .. .. ALL ILLS arise from THE ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE, which is absolutely perfect ― Would you wish to disturb SO DIVINE AN ORDER for the sake of your own particular interest? .. [THE WILL OF GOD] is everywhere expressed by [THE LAWS OF NATURE], since these laws originate from [HIM] .. .. [WILL OF GOD]≈[يريد] .. [THE WILL OF GOD is for AL-AXIRA]≈[والله يريد الآخرة] .. .. [For Heaven's sake - For Al-Axira sake - um Gottes Willen] .. .. And the will therein lieth, which dieth not. Who knoweth the mysteries of the will, with its vigor? For God is but a great will pervading all things by nature of its intentness, Man doth not yield himself to the angels, nor unto death utterly, save only through the weakness of his feeble will – Joseph Glanvill .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. The Lost World 1912 .. [these people have long memories for blood-feuds] + [to refuse conciliation and to be unyielding] are to link to [a lasting state of hostilities between families or clans marked by violent attacks for revenge]=[Hamia of ignorance حمية الجاهلية] .. .. Roxton expostulated on behalf of the wretched victims (≈commiserate), and he received nothing —> Hence his excited bravery and honor —> Hence his excited [Hamia حمية], a positive aspect of Hamia, this time! —> it was a revelation to me to find the excitement which was caused by his presence among the riverine natives, who looked upon him as their champion and protector. The exploits of the Red Chief had become legends among them —> [Red Chief] allude to [Hamia حمية] .. red ≈ hot ≈ angry —> [He then formally declared war against Pedro Lopez] ≈ [حَمِئ على got angry with غَضِبَ] .. .. .. .. .. Baker street ≈ Bread —> Bread of Life ≈ SYMPATHY for the distressed ≈ HAMIA, KINSHIP ≈ BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP ≈ CHEMICAL BONDS ≈ CHEMISTRY (al-kīmīā الكيمياء χημία) —> Hence Egypt .. .. .. .. .. Holmes and Moriarty were compared to a spider or a medusa —> Hence a metaphorical resemblance between Cyanea capillata, Holmes and Moriarty ? —> Hence [The unknown—X, Holmes]=[Who Is Behind Conan Doyle] may be a Non-human creature!? .. But [the go-between] is suspected to be of [Libyan origins] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Analogies between [Hama حمأ =black mud —> Egypt —> Chemistry] and [hamia حمية =resentment and desire for revenge] .. .. .. .. Holmes had no doubt that he had twenty banking accounts —> Moriarty ≈ die Reichen, the rich —> Hence The Reichenbach Fall .. .. .. .. .. .. Sherlock Holmes: 'Pray take a chair. I can spare you five minutes if you have anything to say.'

"'All that I have to say has already crossed your mind,' said he.

"'Then possibly my answer has crossed yours,' I replied.

"'You stand fast?'

"'Absolutely.' — The Final Problem .. .. .. .. What fate impose, that men must needs abide;

It boots not to resist both wind and tide .. .. Look at every way closely — Then ask yourself alone, one question — Does this way have a heart? — If it does, the way is good — if it doesn't it is of no use ― Carlos Castaneda .. .. Geschichte ins ,rechte' Licht gestellt! .. History revealed in a new light! .. .. ________ ______ .. .. The idea of "Sherlock Holmes" stammt nicht von Conan Doyle? .. The idea isn't his? .. .. The mind of the great detective is the product of a long-established habit! —> His [estimates, taq-dir] is the product of a long-established habit! —> [To learn the art of detection]≈[To learn a craft so long] .. .. Parallel between [the art of healing] and [the art of detection] .. Parallel between [a medecine man (≈ the Physician Douban] and [a great detective] .. .. Conan Doyle's Authorship become suspected .. .. .. More than 50% of [GUTENBERG LITERARY STORIES] contain allusions to Arabic —> Hence of dubious origin ? .. .. There is AMPLE EVIDENCE of [allusions to Arabic] derived from stories old and new —> Together [these stories] make a cumulative force! —> Therefore THE HISTORY OF IDEAS should be reexamined! .. .. How writers turn history into story, and story into history. Rewriting History .. .. .. .. .. The intellectual history subject to doubts? .. A History not to be relied upon? .. A suspicious History? .. Eine unzuverlässige Geschichte? .. ..

As a first consequence, [Arabic] become essential, unentbehrlich, to enable a satisfactory understanding of obscure meanings, puzzles and conundrums in some ENGLISH LITERATURE —> Since Reading and Thinking in [English exclusively] turns out to be insufficient to enable [THE CORRECT and RIGHT UNDERSTANDING فهم سليم] of the intended meaning! .. .. .. BUT THE ONE THING THAT HAS COUNTED SO FAR IN PHILOSOPHY is that a man should SEE things, see them straight in his own peculiar way, and be dissatisfied with any opposite way of seeing them. There is no reason to suppose that THIS STRONG TEMPERAMENTAL VISION is from now onward to count no longer in THE HISTORY OF MAN'S BELIEFS .. .. Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking ― Wallace Stevens .. The dervish: "But I have lived long and alone, and I can find ample scope for observation, even in a desert" —> He can SEE things, see them straight in his own peculiar way .. His [Accuracy of determination, or Accuracy of taq-dir تَقْدِير] is the product of his long-established habit of [his peculiar way of making observations] .. .. .. The history of THOUGHT turns out to be FALSH und UNGEWIß .. .. A history of CLEVERNESS and SILLINESS ?? .. .. THE LESSON OF THE WOLF MOTHER — "I wish there were some more mussels," said Pag, licking the shell .. .. [mussels]= [صَدَفَة sa-da-fa] .. .. [sa-da-fa صَدَفَة ] allude to [al sod-fa - الصُّدفة]= [CHANCE, ZUFALL] .. .. MEINST DU, DAS GESCHIEHT SO AUS ZUFALL? .. BIST DU NÄRRISCH ? .. .. Scientifically and theologically speaking, [CHANCE - الصُّدفة - ZUFALL] does-not-exist .. .. Philosophisch ist die Stellung und Bewertung des Zufalls von Bedeutung, der im Schicksals- und Vorsehungsglauben häufig als göttliche oder schicksalhafte Fügung verstanden oder gedeutet und teils – wie im konsequenten Determinismus – als nicht existent abgelehnt wird („es gibt keine Zufälle“) .. [القدر al-Qadr]=[FATE, Destiny, Schicksal] stammt from [qadrقدر] meaning [size, height, dimension, Größe, grandeur], hence [a measure, a portion, a certain quantity] .. .. .. There seems to be a connection between [qadrقدر = a certain portion] and [FATE =القدر al-Qadr] .. What makes you think that? .. Wie kommst du darauf? .. .. .. Schneewittchen, weil es so hungrig und durstig war, aß von jedem Tellerlein /ein wenig/ = [qadrقدر] Gemüs' und Brot und trank aus jedem Becherlein einen Tropfen Wein; denn es wollte nicht einem alles wegnehmen .. .. /Da geschah es/ = [Schicksal القدر al-Qadr], daß sie über einen Strauch stolperten, und von dem Schüttern fuhr der giftige Apfelgrütz, den Schneewittchen abgebissen hatte, aus dem Hals .. .. ___ Analysis of [qadrقدر =size] in connection with the story of [Allan and the Ice-gods] .. .. "Laleela" is linked up with [qadrقدر = size, height, dimension] .. Because "Laleela", through [qadrقدر = size, dimension], become mentally linked up with the phonetic of [Lailat al-Qadr ليلة القدر] .. .. .. .. In Arabic, [FATE القدر al-Qadr] + [CAPABLE قادِر Qadir, fähig, vermögen], derive, stammen, from the root word: [qadrقدر =size, dimension] .. [qadrقدر =size] is the key, or master word of the constellation of words of the same philological family: [FATE + CAPABLE + DETERMINE + ESTIMATE + [POT, Kessel (cooking pot)] .. .. .. Both Aaka and Laleela were tall, and neither of us [could tell] which of them it was .. .. The correlation between the heights of Aaka and Laleela, is to link up to [qadrقدر =size] .. And [could tell] is to link up to [determine, qaddara قَدَّر bestimmen] .. .. _____ .. .. Libyan Sands: Travel in a Dead World —Bagnold .. On such rock south of Dakhla, Egypy thus attracted us. Under it was a snake engaged in swallowing a small bird, and under it also we found the spear and clothing of some unfortunate man, left there evidently before he made a last effort to reach water – A day's marsh to the north on our return journey we came upon a skeleton – these things are impossible to date .. .. [taq-dir ≈ impossible to date, or Prophesy*] —> Prophesy* upon these bones —Ezekiel .. bones ≈ skeleton .. .. ENGLISH explained through THE INTELLIGENCE of the etymological sense of Arabic Words .. —> through the relation between [unfortunate man ≈ fate* ≈ to find his fate* or death لقي قدره ] and [taq-dir, or qaddara قَدَّر ≈ could tell, determine, bestimmen ≈ impossible to date] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Many stories in ENGLISH and GERMAN LITERATURE are deliberately intended on explaining the sense of [etymologically related arabic words], through wordplay! .. Therefore Arabic become indispensable for a better understanding of GERMAN LITERATURE .. .. In other words, [the nature or ground or Boden] of many stories from GERMAN and ENGLISH LITERATURE, remain far from being satisfactorily understood .. .. They become fully understood, when we make reference to Arabic .. .. Metaphorically speaking, Arabic is, then, like a [Key - Schlüssel], that unveils concealed ideas and decipher riddles .. Especially it can help us better understand the moral or implied lesson of many weird, funny, bizarre, or obscure stories .. .. If you have no key —> You cannot easily understand the intended meaning! .. .. _____ ___ .. .. "Is it poisoned, Aaka?"

"Why do you ask that, Pag?" she answered.

"For two very good reasons, ≈[قَدَّرَ]" said Pag. "First, because I never

remember the day that you offered food to me out of kindness; and

secondly, because you hate me, Aaka" .. .. "You may think that, Aaka, or choose to say that you think it ≈[قَدَّرَ], but why

waste breath in telling such a tale to me, who know it to be a lie?.. __ ___.. .. .. .. Hätte das Arabische nicht eine so wankende unzureichende Schrift, es würde, auch ohne Vokale, trefflich dastehen, wenigstens ganz anders als jetzt .. Die Erforschung der Wurzel aber ist an sich kein leichtes und hinsichtlich der orientalischen Sprachen nicht selten Ungemein schwer .. p. 234 .. Worte sind Dinge, sagt er; wer »die Namen versteht, kennt auch die Dinge .. .. Der versteht die Sprachen am besten , der von den meisten Wörtern zu sagen weiß, warum sie so sind, wie sie sind, und nicht anders; der also weiß und lehrt, daß die Sprachen nicht willkürlicher, sondern notwendiger Art sind, nicht gesetzt- und rechtlos, sondern vernunftgemäss und gebunden .. daß manche — voraus die Franzosen — das noch nicht einsehen, sondern wähnen, alles sei konventionnel, könnte auch ebensowohl ganz anders sein als es ist .. Das beweist nichts, als daß, wer sich zu weit von der Natur entfernt, in eine leidige Blindheit verfällt .. Jahrbücher der Literatur, Bände 15-16 von Matthäus von Collin,Friedrich von Gentz .. .. ____ .. .. Und nun müssen wir warten, bis er vollends aufgeschlossen und den Deckel aufgemacht hat, dann werden wir erfahren, was für wunderbare Sachen in dem Kästchen lagen —> THE GOLDEN KEY TO ARABIC REFERENCES opens many doors of unsolved questions! .. Da scharrte er den Schnee weg, und wie er so den Erdboden aufräumte, fand er einen kleinen goldenen Schlüssel .. .. [den schnee scharren] ≈ [shattata شَتَّتَ] —> from there comes [WINTER الشتاء]=[Zur Winterszeit] .. .. .. [scharren ≈ scheiden] ≈ [to dissociate, separate, BREAK, divide]=[AUSEINANDERSETZEN] ≈ TO EXPLAIN فَسّر or INTERPRET the meaning of words, actions, etc. .. .. ___ UNDERSTANDING THE HISTORICAL ETYMOLOGICAL CONNECTION between [افترس =fressen, to devour] and [فَسّر =to explain], or between [WAR-like nature of man ≈ Ferocious Spirit ≈ (حيوان مفترس beast of prey ) —> derived from (افترس fressen)] and [EXPLANATION تفسير or فَسّر —> hence (For my part)*] .. .. It was the opinion of that poetical philosopher, Lucretius, that war was the original state of man, whom he described as being, primitively, a savage beast of prey, engaged in a constant state of hostility with his own species, and that this ferocious spirit was tamed and ameliorated by society. The same opinion has been advocated by Hobbes; nor have there been wanting many other philosophers to admit and defend it.

(For my part)*, though prodigiously fond of these valuable speculations, so complimentary to human nature, yet, in this instance, I am inclined to take the proposition by halves, believing with Horace, that though war may have been originally the favorite amusement and industrious employment of our progenitors, yet, like many other excellent habits, so far from being ameliorated, it has been cultivated and confirmed by refinement and civilization .. __ .. —> Hence we have the key why [explanation تفسير from فَسّر to explain] suggest a derivation from [The Science of Physiognomy علم الفراسة], hence from [فرس] .. —> .. Hence it become clear why MALCOM ROSS' STORY make recourse to the different meanings of [Auseinandersetzung]=[examination - analysis - confrontation], that assume, voraussetzt, ausgeht von [shattata شَتَّتَ]=[to break compounds into elements - to decompose] .. __The transition from SCHARREN to [WINTER الشتاء] orientiert sich nach Arabic_Language .. Because —> the sense of the word [WINTER الشتاء] follow strictly the meaning of the corresponding arabic word for SCHARREN .. .. Hence KEY would point to AUSEINANDERSETZUNG —> And next to EXPLANATION [تفسير], and KÄSTCHEN to ARABIC .. .. .. .. .. The deduction of Hibernia from the Latin Hibernus is one of the meanest and most frivolous etymons —John WHITAKER .. .. [scheiden schütten shiver] are evocative of the arabic etymon [shattata شَتَّتَ] —> The keyword [GESCHEIT] = INTELLIGENT CLEVER SENSIBLE, become thus associated with [WINTER الشتاء] and [SCHARREN ≈scheiden] .. .. .. A bohemian = A silly man .. .. [DUMMHEIT or BOHEMIA-HEIT] and [GESCHEITHEIT] are diametrically opposite to each other .. .. Shakespeare's Winter's Tale is about [Cleverness & silliness]? .. Night, shadow, loud winds, winter—these were inimical; with these came the death pack, stealthy and untiring, following for ever the trail of the defenceless - Gone to Earth .. __ .. .. .. He that has his portion last, must have it lastingly — [lastingly = وابقى] .. .. .. [AL-AXIRA] meaning [THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN] Matthew 22:2 .. .. Simone Weil: THE DETERMINATION to seek first [THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN] or [AL-AXIRA] —> The reward of [AL-AXIRA = das Ende] is [THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN] —> because [das Ende] is of the last importance! .. [das Ende] ist von der äußersten Wichtigkeit! .. —> hence .. [والاخرة خير وابقى]=[and DAS ENDE is better and LASTINGLY]≈[und AL-AXIRA ist besser und BLEIBEND für EINE LÄNGERE ZEIT] —> For SHE was made TO LAST! .. .. .. On the contrary, [DUNYA is SHORT-LIVED and TRANSIENT] .. Denn DUNYA bleibt nur EINE KURZE ZEIT! —> We are [THE PASSING DWELLERS] in a petty world! —> [لبث = to dwell] —> [قال كم لبثتم في الأرض عدد سنين قالوا لبثنا يوما أو بعض يوم فاسأل العادين] .. .. .. ___ David Hume: OH, SONS OF EARTH! ARE YE IGNORANT OF THE VALUE OF THIS CELESTIAL-MISTRESS _____ _ .. THE INTERPRETER —John Bunyan: PATIENCE will have to laugh at PASSION —> because he had his

best things last .. .. For FIRST must give place to LAST, because LAST must have his time to come: but LAST gives place to NOTHING, for there is not ANOTHER to succeed .. .. He, therefore, that hath his portion FIRST,

must needs have a time to spend it —> but he that hath his portion LAST, must have it lastingly .. .. [وابقى = lastingly] —> [والاخرة خير وابقى] .. .. .. Better, though difficult, the right way to go,

Than wrong, though easy, where THE END is woe .. .. [Haste = Eile] is often associated with [wrong way], where the end is woe .. .. .. What Really Happened at Mount Sinai? .. Instead of waiting faithfully for The Return of Moses from Mount Sinai —> The israelites menaced Aaron and followed the advice the bad Counsellor Samaritan, who fashioned for them an idol —> A CALF .. .. .. .. .. .. The word CALF in arabic is [عجل] seems to have been connected, in ancient times, with [عجلة] = [HASTE] .. it remains to be elucidated how CALF + HASTE + HAWA (≈ thin air, breeze) are inter-related .. The Grateful Prince .. Listen to me, my ball, my ball.

Be quick and change me into A BREEZE,

And make my lover into a midge – We must make all THE HASTE we can – for the old man will know us under any disguise .. _______ [THE END =AL-AXIRA الآخرة =THE LAST =THE HEREAFTER =THE LAST WORLD] as opposed to [THIS WORLD =AD-DUNYA الدنيا =THE FIRST الأولى =THE RAPID العاجلة =THE PRESENT WORLD] _______ [THIS WORLD =AD-DONYA] IS NOT OUR HOME ―Beatrice, Mind Amongst the Spindles .. ________ HARE and GAZELLE as metaphors of [THIS WORLD = DUNYA] .. .. TORTOISE as metaphor of AL AXIRA .. .. .. .. The Tortoise reaped the big reward ― The theme is clear here; slow and steady wins the race. If you do a bit of research on both Crocodiles and Tortoises, you will see that both have been around since the time Dinosaurs walked the Earth; hundreds of millions of years ago. This clearly tells us that their slow yet consistent approach to life is one that pays off with great rewards in the long-run - See more at: .. .. .. The story of the brothers of [The Barber of Baghdad] deal with the unlucky results of [Haste عجلة], hence derive the word: [العاجلة] connected with his brothers' [blameworthy inclination to seek easy fortune and easy living] without working .. .. _____ CHRISTIAN: Then I perceive it is not best to cover things that are now, but to wait for things

to come.

INTERPRETER: You say truth: for the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that

are not seen are eternal

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« Der Müller! Der Müller! »

Vandermeulen? .. .. Woher kommen die Ideen von Alan Maley? .. .. .. .. Milou was talking to himself as usual. He lived alone and there was no one .. .. ‘Right, now what? I’ve fed the chickens. I’ve washed the salad for lunch. I’ve chopped the wood. What’s the time? Only eleven. Too early for lunch. I know, I’ll have a look at the newspaper. Now, let’s see, what’s this then? “ Two Houses Destroyed by Fire”. Oh dear! “One, 3 kilometers from Najac had recently been restored by M. Vandermeulen.” .. — So he was Dutch then. I thought so .. .. “The other, outside Laguepie, was the property of M. Muller” .. — Yes, I thought he was German .. .. Oh well, that’s two less. Oh dear, I must stop talking to myself like this. It’ll get me into trouble one day. I know. After lunch I’ll go and look for fox’s burrow. He took another one of my hens last night. There I go again. Shut up and get your lunch .. .. ..

The nord-african Gauner-sprache: [Müller طحّان] .. Die Gaunersprache ist alt und weitverbreitet unter den Völkern ber Erde? .. Außergewöhnliche Verwicklung der deutsche Gaunersprache mit den Sprachen anderer Nationen .. Hans Stumme: Das Verlangen, sich innerhalb eines kleineren oder größeren Kreises

seiner Mitmenchen in einer Spezialsprache ausdrücken zu können,

die dem Nichteingeweihten unverständlich bleiben möge, ist alt und weitverbreitet

unter ben Völkern ber Erde; man darf sogar annehmen, baß Geheimsprachen unter allen Nationen bestehen, wiewohl eine

solche Annahme schwer als Tatsache zu beweisen sein würde, da zu solch einem umfangreichen Beweis schwer bie Belege zu beschaffen wären ..

.. Über die deutsche Gaunersprache. und andere Geheimsprachen .. .. [Müller طحّان]? .. [Müller طحّان ] may be summarised as a term of abuse, an insult, an invective, ein Schimpfwort, an ugly epithet, used to try to push someone down, pour rabaisser quelqu'un .. .. [umgangssprachlich, salopp]-Language --> jemanden schmähen, beschimpfen, herabsetzen, schlecht machen .. .. jemanden anschwärzen, using the word [Müller طحّان] .. .. schwärzen? --> umgangssprachlich, meist abwertend; Die Farbe Schwarz gilt seit jeher symbolhaft für das Böse und Verwerfliche (siehe hierzu auch "mit etwas sieht es schwarz aus"). Wer also jemanden "anschwärzt", weist ihm etwas Schlechtes, Lasterhaftes zu ___ Von Müller, The Historian of Switzerland, A NAME SO EMINENT in literature, before, at the

call of Napoleon, he exchanged the path of

" quiet and delightful studies " for the cares of

state .. Le compte d'Antraigues: Known him I have, but in his happier hour of social freedom, ill-exchanged for power ..

[ill-exchanged for power] is to link with feelings that accompany Anger, Groll and Indignation .. —> Hence [Müller طحّان ] .. .. .. The ugly epithet [Müller طحّان ] is used to push down AN EMINENT MAN! --> Usually, people shout [Müller طحّان] at someone, not only out of Indignation, but also, in order to degrade, disparage someone, pour rabaisser quelqu'un ..

___ This ugly epithet is also applicable to the young George Müller .. .. For his early life was not marked by righteousness – on the contrary, he was a thief, a liar and a gambler. By the age of 10, Müller was stealing government money from his father. While his mother was dying, he, at 14 years of age, was playing cards with friends and drinking .. .. _

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