Did Jean Really Have to Die Again in New X-Men 150 so that.....

Scott would be free to be with Emma, is Jean's character really worth that little disrespect????? What i got out of grant morrison's run is that Jean got her heart broken by Scott and then she died. i personally think getting your heart broken is worse than death. i know she's in a "better" place ie the white hot room but it was never that much explain about it. and now they use her as a plot device as in when scott mentioned to wolverine that jean never loved him that she was always scared of him in schism and wolverine of all people not scott, not xavier but WOLVERINE named the school after her.

plus..Wolverine will always have a soft spot towards her....she could do anything and he would forgive her

im starting to like the jean and wolverine pairing (if marvel goes though with it) because logan doesnt have any expections, she doesnt have to be perfect because he's not.

Isn't that why scott turned to emma in the first place because emma doesnt blame him for making mistakes???

well im glad she's back so she might have a second chance or third chance at life