What if Saw belong to comics? (game)



JigSaw captured the most unscrupulous villains of the Marvel and DC and carries with them a game that could change their lives!
The place is a hugeabandoned warehouse, but with all its exits blocked and reinforced walls. The only way out of each game is to do exactly what
JigSaw ordered!

"Hello, i want to play a game"

Trap No. 1: Irony of fate:

- JigSaw Recording: "Red Skull! You have always been considered a symbol of Nazism, and hated even by other villains. His life philosophy was responsible for the sacrifice of thousands of blacks, Jews and other races and creeds considered inferior by the Aryan race! Well, now you must dive to survive through this underground passage with a black boiling glue, the trip takes about 1 minute, every second you take the glue gets even hotter and more level rises, flooding may all your current room made the trip impossible. If you do, your skin will look like black people hate you forever, for this special glue will burn all your skin replacing it with the rest of his life. Another consequence is that breathing and see again, you need to get the knife across the room and open space for their eyes and nostrils.

- JigSaw Recording: "Joker! You are a clown who aims to make life of innocent cry, now it's your turn to shed tears for their survival. The walls of his office will begin to close up to squeeze his bones, the only chance to survive is to fill the container at your side with the amount of tears shed in a normal adult one hour of continuous crying, the difference is that you have just 5 minutes to accomplish this task. The container has a system that identifies tears, so cheating will do nothing.

- JigSaw Recording: "Carnage! For many years you have caused to many innocent suffering of others and always showed contempt for any form of life that was not yours! Now the only thing to survive you need to do is get the key into those super speakers, the difficulty is that is playing "Spiderman Theme Song 'Ramones loud volume and a frequency that will disintegrate before your take the symbiont.

- JigSaw Recording: "Wilson Fisk! Your search for riches never had limits. His love of luxury and power that money has always been providing superior to everything and everyone. This game will provide you the chance to achieve a union with their wealth never before achieved: you should eat 5kg of coins, but to help them are bathed in the blood of innocent victims of his lust for power! You have one minute to do this before the explosive chip implanted in his stomach explode killing you!

JigSaw Recording: Lex Luthor! Your jealousy caused by the power of others misery and suffering for those who were on their way. His goal was to get through walls with ease, as well! To survive you have to get through the wall next to destroying it with his own fists. The wall is made of an alloy of cement slightly more dense than their bones, and barely larger than a common wall, to break it you certainly need to break some bones in your body! See that your legs are stuck and you have only two minutes to break the wall before the air in your living room is empty.

* Consider characters in their classic stage.


*Which one would pass to the next trap? which one would die?

Please, explain why..

Live or die, make your choice!


PS: sorry about the mistyping.



This is new to me, i´ve no clue at all about what i´m supose to write or subscribe, so anyway, i´ll start with a subject that i like the most: MOVIES.

So let´s start with the brand new Avengers trailer:

What do you think about it? who you think will appear at the end? I think Thanos or the Skrulls could apear..