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Name: Levina Young

Age: 17 (When transformed into Hi Voltage, appears to be in her mid 20's)

Hair: Blonde (Brown as Hi Voltage)

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: Draper, Utah

Powers: Electricity Manipulation

Levina is your typical geeky girl, she's a high school social outcast with only a couple of guy friends who really understand her geekness, doesn't do too well in school other than her art class and indulges herself in video games and anime. She's constantly being picked on by the more popular students in school, calling her names and having insults slurred at her daily, and with her broken family, this didn't help upon that. With her failing her classes, being made fun of daily at school and growing in a unstable household caused the teenager to become depressed to the point of her wanting to take her own life.

She got into a bathtub and filled it to the rim with water and with metal forks and tinfoil wrapped around her arms and legs she injected two full syringe of epinephrine mixed with potassium. Her heart began to beat furiously in her chest as she could feel it almost burst within her chest, but she wasn't done yet, she wanted to make sure that there was no bringing her back. Grabbing her blow dryer she flicked it on and dropped it into the tub, causing a massive wave of electricity, adrenalin and potassium to pump through her entire body within a matter of seconds and for a few seconds... Levina was truly dead.

But upon waking up, she was looking right back up at the surface of the water. She was still alive? After all that effort and planning and actually going THROUGH with it, it didn't work!? She was angry, pissed off and the world and blaming a God she didn't believe in for her continuance of living. Not realizing what just happened to her, had changed her life forever.

The next day she went to school, anger in her eyes the slurring insults from her popular enemies didn't even phase her as she met up with her little geek squad and told them everything that happened. Of course her friends were terrified of what their friend had did to herself, but at the same time, their minds began to wonder what happened. Joking around they began to say that maybe she was really a mutant, or a super hero and didn't even realize it till now. Still angry, after school Levina and her friends walked over to their typical hang out place, an abandon park, filled with trash, rusted, old playground equipment and the local bums that roamed the area.

With her friends still making jokes at her, even after explaining that she tried to kill herself, her anger inside finally was let loose. She turned to them and began to yell, furious, crying, over emotional and suddenly, as soon as she slammed her foot on the ground in anger, a blue flash of electric plus exploded from her body, causing her friends to be pushed back and temporarily blinded. When the flash finally died down, their once typical geeky friend... didn’t' look so geeky anymore. Her once short brown hair was now long, and her dull blue eyes were now a crystal aquatic blue, alive and full of power. Her body was shaped like a fighter and clothed in a black suit with a golden lightning bolt upon her chest.

Her friends gasped in surmise at the sight of the transformation of their friend. They began to poke at her, asking what happened, how she did that, something she couldn't explain herself. It was then quickly discovered that she had powers of creating and controlling electricity. The group of geeks became quickly excited while Levina became scared, she wasn't sure what happened, or why it happened to her, but her friends made her feel like it was a way of life giving Levina a second chance. They told her that she had to use her powers to protect people, just like she grew up reading in the comics and playing in the games, but of course, with a secret identity, and thanks to her costume and transformation, it made it pretty easy to keep her identity a secret, there was no way people would think that SHE was a hero.

Her friends then came up with a 'superhero' name for her, Hi Voltage. Even though Levina didn't care for it, she figured it would be the least she could do for them if they were going to keep her secret. But since then, everyday after school, the group of three would go to the park and practice using her powers, never really going out in the open with them, afraid of people finding out who she was. But she quickly managed to get the basics down with her powers. Now she struggles to figure out what to do with them, become a hero that she see's on the news, or keep them hidden for her own selfish gain?

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Hi Voltage really only has one power, but from this power, is able to have powers associated with her electrokinesis.

Electrokinesis- able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power.

These are sub powers that are associated with her Electrokinesis. But since she is still new at using them, this list is most likey going to grow as time goes by.

  • Shoot bolts of lightning.
  • Wallcrawling by using static cling.
  • Power electronic devices.
  • Draw power from electrical devices or thunderstorms.
  • Ride electrical currents.
  • Create shields of lightning.
  • Charge objects with electricity, heating them and/or turning them static.
  • Draw in power from lightning storms to increase one's electric abilities.
  • Pass their electric power through water like an electric eel.
  • Shoot concentrated balls of electric energy.
  • Add electricity through a blade to increase sharpness via vibration.
  • Use electricity to stimulate nerves for increased agility, speed, strength and reflexes.


These are a list of weakness for Hi Voltage

  • Since her powers are tied to her emotions, this can cause accidental discharge.
  • If standing IN water while using her powers, it can cause them to circuit.
  • If Hi Voltage becomes exhausted, she will need to recharge her powers through absorbing electricity from objects.

*Powers will grow with experience

'Voltage Team'

'Team Voltage' is the 'team' name for Daniel, Levina and Micheal that Micheal came up with just for kicks. Every time Levina goes out on a mission or battle Micheal will yell out 'Voltage Team Go!'. Their 'headquarters' is located in Daniel's garage.

Daniel Herling

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Daniel Herling has been one of Levina's best friends since the 7th grade when the two had an argument about Teenage Mutant Turtles. Daniel is your typical comic book and video game geek and is always trying to live as a hero by doing whats right. This causes him to be constantly be caught up in fights when he tries to defend other people being picked on, and usually ends with a black eye. However, what Daniel lacks in fighting skill and strength, he makes up for in technology. He is an experienced hacker, and has his layout in his garage. This also just so happens to be the 'teams' HQ. Daniel is always pushing Levina to do the right thing with her powers and was even the one to push her to become a super hero in the first place when they first discovered them. Daniel is a bit envious of her powers and sometimes even questions why she received powers and not him. There was even a moment when Daniel was thinking about attempting the same suicidal attempt that Levina did to see if powers would manifest in him. But after weighing out the good and bad... decided not to go through with it.

Micheal Spenny

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Micheal Spenny is the last member of 'Voltage Team' and has been a friend of Levina since the 9th grade when Micheal accidentally walked into the Girls Locker Room while trying to run away from football players. Micheal is the goofball of the group, he's not the brightest, or skillful but he helps balances out the seriousness in Daniel and Levina. He usually never cares about the constant bickering between the two and is usually seen as a laid back kind of person. His 'geekness' comes from not reading comic books, or playing video games, but from his obsession with female super heroes. He's always seen going on 'sexysuperfemales.com' or constantly looking up stats of his favorite female hero. To his disappointment however, he's had to extend his search to male heroes as well. He is also constantly trying to build new things out of... well anything, which usually ends up either blowing up in his face or catching on fire.

Everything below here happened on Prime CVU

The Youtube sensation

Finally getting fed up with Levina not doing anything with her powers, Daniel pushed the new hero into challenging a hero to a friendly spar to get herself not only known, but to gain experience. First pick was to be Maya Lopez, well known hero and past student of none other than the battle queen herself, Ziccarra. Reluctantly she agreed and with the help of Daniel, posted a message on youtube challenging Maya Lopez. But with Maya busy at the moment of her challenge, it was picked up by another hero, Morning Dew. The battle went out for a few hours and was seen by millions over the internet. Once the fight was finished, Hi-Voltage became an internet sensation literally overnight. People making a music video using clips of the fight, making posters of her from screenshots of the fight, and some even going as far as trying to reenact the battle themselves.

While attention wasn’t what Levina wanted, Hi-Voltage got it.

Hi-Voltage vs Morning Dew

Into the Trinity

The AoA II (coming soon)

Future Hi-Voltage
Future Hi-Voltage