Death of ultimate spiderman warning "SPOILERS "

Well i told you it has spoilers so  continue if you want to.

Mary Jane tries desperately to reach Peter over the phone to no avail. She suddenly sees a bolt of lightning flash in the direction of Peter's house and panics. Her mother attempts to stop her from running out of the house. Meanwhile Peter carries Aunt May and Gwen to safety as Osborn attacks. After ordering Gwen to get Aunt May away from the battleground, no matter what, he rushes off, ignoring May's pleas. Osborn and Peter trade punches. Losing blood and stamina, Spider-Man makes a last ditch effort to defeat Osborn by waking up Johnny, who is lying unconscious. The Torch attacks Goblin, but as the Goblin's powers are fire based, he manages to absorb Johny's flame right from his body through their physical contact and repels him. Johnny apologizes before drifting off into unconsciousness again.

The Goblin then attempts to finish Spider-Man off, but is stopped by MJ, who rams a truck into him. Peter and MJ embrace in the middle of the battle before he throws her (literally) out of harms way and webs her up safely.

Using the last of his strength, Peter bashes Osborn, finally finishing him by throwing the truck on top of him. MJ begins to cheer him on, but the truck suddenly blows up in Peter's face, throwing him away. The onlookers stare in horror. An awakened Johnny and MJ run up to him. MJ pleads with the onlookers to call an ambulance after rebuffing Johnny's offer to fly him out of there (as they can't move him due to the severity of his injuries). She finally calls one herself as a defiant Aunt May and Gwen come running over. Aunt May hugs Peter and weeps, begging him to hold on.

His strength gives out and Peter Parker finally dies in the hands of his Aunt with a smile on his face after uttering the words "I did it".

Johnny then checks Peter for a pulse and shakes his head. Aunt May begins crying uncontrollably and MJ begins weeping while cradling his lifeless body...

Finally, in the midst of the flames, a smirking (now human) Norman Osborn also dies.


i  dont know why  heroes come  die and come back to life it gets pretty annyoing  you have to admit almost every super  hero has died and come back to life  pointing mostly to flash who is dead for the longest time well not exactly dead but years later they bring him out of the blue also my fav super hero spiderman died once  to  well  the amazing one came back to life   yeah   and the ultimate one died and the  series ultimatumly  failed me i dont  like the art really but  about  ultimate spiderman im excited for his series coming soon but anyways back also superman  the sadest one to almost everyone on earth  it was sad kinda im not really a superman fan but or well but  who death was epic was nightcrawler  he will be remembered well   some die and come back and some dont  all i have to say is  rip to some  
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